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The objectives of recycling are: -Preserving or energy savings. -Preserving or natural resource conservation. -Reducing the volume of waste to be disposed. -Protection of the environment.

For the general public, recycling is the process by which waste products are re-used. However, the collection is just the beginning of the recycling process.

Here are some things we can do just recycling:

A pretty accurate definition tells us that recycling is any "process where waste materials are collected and processed into new materials that can be used or sold as new products or raw materials." Another definition might be: "It is a process that aims to recover, directly or indirectly, of the components contained in municipal waste."

Almost 90% of household waste is recyclable, so it is important that we separate in our house and deposits the waste in suitable containers. There are containers of paper and cardboard, organic materials, glass, brass, aluminum cans, tin cans, etc..

we can recycle: You can recycle paper of any kind,Consequences of not cans, cardboard, recycling: magazines, plastic, organic The pollution of the atmosphere, waste, for The greenhouse effect, acid rain, soil example: all pollution, water pollution. vegetable and fruit peelings to throw in the kitchen, we could use as fertilizer for plants or flowers that we had at home.

Made In Colombia -Save resources -Reduce pollution. -Extend the life of the materials even with different uses. -Save energy. -Avoiding deforestation. -Reduce 80% of the space debris to become litter. -To help make it easier to garbage collection. -Try not to produce tons of garbage daily that end up buried in landfills. -Living in a cleaner world.


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