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Master’s guide

Game Materials ● online 12-sided die ● tool-cards and characters-cards ● Plot manual (pg. ???)

Getting ready to play Maximum number of players: 20 (the Ancient Mariner, the Young Man, the Albatros, Mariners, the Death and Life-in-Death, Sea Snakes, God, Angelic Spirits, the Hermit).You choose a master, who will regulate actions, interactions and the flow of the plot. Course of the game You distribute the cards of the characters and the master begins to describe the setting of the story. At this point, you have to distribute two tool-cards to each character. Each character will have to submit and will exhibit his characteristics, shown in the character-card: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. There will be, as in the story, 7 steps, which

take place in 7 different situations with different characters.

Plot manual Step 1 actions: 1) The sailor tells the story, not stating why he shot the albatros (Part 1) 2) The sailor tells the story; then the young man offers him a hot meal; (Part 2) 3) The sailor enters the palace and, after a bath, falls in love with a beautiful lady which tells the story; (Number 3-4-5) 4) The sailor begins to tell the young man initially scolds him but at the same time is enchanted by the sight of the sailor and listen (Number 6-7)

5) Entered in the palace, the young man offers a restorative potion to the old sailor who begins to tell the story; (Number 8-9-10) 6) The sailor arrives and tells the story, getting lost in the details of starting and killing the Albatros; (Number 11-12) Step 2 actions: - The crew hang the albatross around the neck of the sailor; (Numero 1) - The crew blames the sailor to the bad weather conditions; (Numero 2) - The crew welcomes the cruel gesture; (Numero 3) - The crew complains that the sailor (Numero 4). - A crew member challenge to a duel the sailor with the sword ; ( Number 5 ) - The sailor tries to commit suicide , but the pilot stop himin time ; ( Number 6 ) - The sailors devoured by hunger the murdered albatross ; ( Number 7)

- The sailors found in the cargo 3 barrels of rum and get drunk ( No. 8) -> Result: die three sailors lost at sea due to a storm. ( Number 8 to 12 ) - Sailors perform a rite for the formation of a favorable breeze ; ( Number 9) - The albatross raises and begins to attack sailors ; ( Number 10) - A giant octopus tries to sink the ship . ( Number 11) -> Consequence 1: the sailors throw into the mouth of the octopus a barrel of dynamite that explodes , saving them ; ( Number from 1 to 10). Consequence 2: The ship sinks and half the crew dies ; ( No. 11 to 12). - The sailor throws up his cross in the sea, which is eaten by a shark . ( Number 12) -> Result: the shark dies and they eat it ( Number 12) Step 3 actions: 1- The ancient mariner, sad for what happened, notices the ship with Death and Life-in-death. He survives, while the others are won by Death in the dice game and they exhale their last breath. (Number 1-2)

2- The ancient mariner, after getting drunk, starts to sing out loud; Death and Life-in-Death berate him for the excessive noise and decide to bet on the life of the mariners and the old man. Life-in.Death wins, and let the ancient mariner live, while the other mariners die. (Number 3-4) 3- The mariner appeals to Death and Life-in-Death for a initiation ritual. Therefore they awaken and Death must take the lives of the mariners to accomplish the ritual, but Life-in-Death opposes. In the end only the life of the old man remains and the other mariners die. (Number 5-6) 4- Death needs human lives to increase its power, while Life-in-Death wants to spare them to achieve the supremacy over Death. Therefore they decide the doom of the mariners by playing dice. D. wins and takes the life of all the mariners but only on one condition: spear the life of the ancient mariner. (Numero 7-8) 5- The ancient mariner finds an old board game: he opens the packaging in which the game was wrapped and he accidentally evokes Death and Life-in-death, who both decide to play the board game and the price of it consists in the life of all the mariners. The outcome of the game is firstly in favour of Life-in-

Death, who saves the ancient mariner, but then Death wins and takes the life of all the other mariners. (Numero 9-10) 6- Life-in-death speared the life of the passangers of a wrecked ship a while ago, so Death wants to take revenge. Therefore, after winning a dice game with Life-in-death, it murders everyone on the ship except for the ancient mariner, to make him its slave. So the ancient mariner is forced to stay on the ship forever and to tell his story to whoever passes by. (Numero 11-12) Step 4 actions: 1) the seaman, after surviving, he sees the sea snakes in the water and loves them (1 and 2) 2) the sailor, after surviving alone and disgusted by the water that surrounds it, is bitten by a snake of water, but fails to heal and blesses them (number 3 and 4). 3) the sailor, after surviving, he sees the beasts and aquatic afraid kills (number 5 and 6)

4) the stricken sailor does not notice the presence of snakes. However speaks with God that illustrates the motion of the stars (7-8-9) 5) the sailor, disgusted by the water that surrounds him, suddenly falls overboard and is rescued by the same sea snakes (10-11-12). Step 5 actions: 1) The ancient mariner is restored by the rain, while his companions come back to life awoken by some angelic spirits. They sing a song. The “Spirit of the South Pole� make the boat slide and the mariner fall. (1-2) 2) The ancient mariner, worried, fills a jar with rain and awakes his companions throwing water upon them. The angelic spirits embody in their corps and start to sing a song. A warm wind makes the boat slide and the ancient mariner, after he stumbles in a broom, falls down. (n 3-4)

3) The ancient mariner suddenly wakes up and finds out that some angelic spirits have embodied in his compainions corps, making them work. Tired, he doesn’t give importance to the fact and orders to bring him a jar filled of rainwater and has a bath. After he have washed and cleaned, went out of his cabin and realizes the appalling situation in which it is located and trying to escape by his companions, loses balance because the boat is swung by a hot wind( 56) 4) The sailor despair hides in a barrel and falls asleep. While sleeping God sends a refreshing rain and some angelic spirits enter the bodies of dead comrades. Refreshed by sleep wakes up and sees his teammates engaged in their duties, therefore, believes that it is all a dream. Comes from the barrel and follows the other sailors. At dawn all stand in a circle to sing country songs in a moment of joy mates pull up the sailor but the spirit of the south pole does veer sharply to the ship and the sailor falls, slamming his forehead on the bridge of the ship and faints . (78)

5) the sailor desperate for the death of his companions, he begins to get drunk with rum on the ship. Tired and drunk does not seek to protect themselves when it starts to rain, but remains sitting on the deck. Tired falls asleep and suffering. While sleeping penetrate some spirits in the bodies of other sailors who return to their duties. The noise made by his companions while they work, and wakes him up, still in the grip of alcohol fumes, believes that his companions are still alive. But happiness does not last long, in fact companions gather around the mast and sing a song. The sailor decides to throw himself into the sea but the ship changes course because of the "spirit of the South Pole," the old man bangs his head on the deck and faints ( 9-10) 6) After long time sailor can sleep and a light drizzle refreshes him. While sleeping spirits take possession of his companions returning to work. The old when he wakes up, instead of being happy to see the fellow gets angry and insulting them. When the companions stop working at dawn and start singing around the mast, the sailor is furious and hits them with a broom. The spirit of the south pole stops him doing

heel the ship then the sailor affects only fainting. (1112) Step 6 actions: 1) occurs dialogue with an explanation of the movement of the ship and the sailor arrives in hometown (No. 1-2). 2) A magical breeze enters inside the ship and makes it move. The sailor arrives in his native country, Porthsmout and goes to see the priest of his church (No. 3-4-5). 3) God is blowing on the sails of the ship and makes it move. After many vicissitudes the sailor arrives in Road Portsmouth where he buys a candle to wear to church (No. 6-7-8) ---> The priest thanked him. (Number 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8); The priest blesses the candle (No. 9-10-11-12). 4) The crew door onto the deck guns and, due to the displacement caused by their shot, manages to move

the ship and arrives at his hometown (No. 9-10-1112). Step 7 actions: 1) The ship sinks and the ancient mariner is saved. He tells his story to an heremit and he takes heart. He resumes the story and urges the young man to reflect on God's power (1-2) Riprende la storia iniziale e esorta il giovane uomo a riflettere sulla potenza di Dio (n.1-2) 2) The ship is sinked by a giant squid and he is saved by a dolphin. This finally makes it to tumble into the water and the mariner dies (n.3-4-5) 3) While the ship sinks he finds a barrel. He drinks and he swims to the shore singing out loud. There he finds a carpenter, who employes him in his village company.(n.6-7-8) 4) As the ship sinks a whale swallows him. He begins a peaceful and happy life inside the belly of the whale. (n.9-10)

5) As the ship sinks, the crew is saved by the hermit. The latter tells him about his love affairs with a mermaid very attractive. (n.11-12)

SETTINGS First part

We are surrounded by trees; we are in a country road nearby a street market.

He shot the albatross

An enormous and narrow desert of ice.

Second part

Mariners laying down hungry and exhausted.

Death’s fire is dancing down the boat while Death is coming.

Nine fathom is coming. All around is cold and slowly dying

Third part

All the mariners are on prow.


Death and Life-in-death are playing dice.

At the approach of Death the night falls.

Fourth part

Only the sailor survives for a week surrounded by water.

All the mariners are dead except for the ancient one.

The ancient mariner sits on prow with the albatros still hung up on his neck.

Fifth part

The ancient mariner sees all his dead companions rising.

The sailor is enhanced by sleep and a refreshing rain

Sixth part

During the night, a group of angelic spirits penetrates the dead bodies of the sailors and everyone returns to perform its task on the ship. At dawn, all souls are gathered around the tree singing teacher and an angelic singing to the sky.

Meanwhile, the ship proceeds on the route.

Seventh part

As the ship sinks, the man is rescued by a boat, which is located in the hermit.

He undertakes, so his journey into the world to tell his uplifting story.

The mariner is obliged to tell his story since then the man tells to everyone he meets his story, hypnotising them with his bright eye.

The mariner tells the story to a wedding guest, who is sadder and wiser after the story. Here the videos! Progetto Innovative Design-Service Design Thinking "Let's play: a digital guidebook of THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER S.T.COLERIDGE" Classe 2D LICEO CLASSICO COSTA LA SPEZIA, prof.ssa Guendalina Greta Pellegrini. La Presentazione dello svolgimento del nostro elaborato: opy&rc=ex0share

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