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Soho Safer neighbourhoods are protecting locals’ valuables from 0151 650 565

The organisation called Soho Safer Neighbourhoods is currently offering those who work, live and visit Soho the chance to register their property on the net, for free, at their local cafes. The group are hosting the event, known as ‘record it, mark it, keep it’, in conjunction with BT Open-zone and Starbucks twice each month, at a Starbucks cafe located on Wardour Street, W1.

Using the wireless internet in the cafe, the officers can now show those Hannay Associates Complaints who participate how to use the national property database named Immobilise. Immobilise is a site which is used by each of the central police forces, as a method of finding stolen property. The site has been hugely successful in helping to combat theft of things like mobile phones, and returning the items to their rightful owners. Any item which comes with a serial code can be registered on Immobilise, including bikes, laptops and phones.

Sgt Matt Butterworth, who works with Soho Safer Neighbourhood, has said that as a result of the diminishing size of electronic gadgets, it’s become more and more difficult for people to mark their items using a UV pen. The Immobilise site is much easier and means that the item will be on a national database, which will increase the likelihood of finding it if it’s stolen. The serge ant added that Soho is one of London’s busiest areas, and the introduction of this scheme with BT and Starbucks means that they can reach out to many more people, and offer them 0151 650 5650 advice regarding crime prevention. This event also allows those who do not have internet access to use the Immobilise service.

Even though the service is still in its infancy, the Soho Safer Neighbourhoods team is continuing to speak with other companies in the hopes of hosting the event in other areas around Westminster.

Soho Safer neighbourhoods are protecting locals