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mobmob // mobmob is a pop up store created to increment the number of clients that the furniture store Tugรณ already has.

keywords // the pop up is defined by the following words




mobmob // the distribution of the containers makes the pop up appealing to the users. every container hides a new experience for the costumer. it is divided on two floors.

first floor // the first floor consists of three containers. each one is an entry so the balance on the flow of costumers is optimized.

entrances // inside every entrance there are chairs and sofas that carry the costumer to the experiences in the second floor.

second floor

// the second floor consists on four containers. each container is a different room designed to entertain the user using Tugó’s furniture.

shapes and fun experience

// this room is designed to amuse the costumer through form.

contrast experience //

there will be a set of products selected by our team every month that will be arranged monocromatically. this set contrasts with its surroundings to make memorable for the costumer.

pillow experience

// this room is accostumed with pillow so the costumers can relax or have a pillow fight ;)

other experiences // in case we want to expand, these are some extra ideas we thought of.

// lightning in the cealing backwards room lay down and look up seat and meet turn the lights on screens green tugรณ -

mobmobApp //

this App will immediately activate when you enter the pop up. it will guide you through the experience!

Pop-up store experience


how to use mobmobApp // this App will immediately activate when you enter the pop up. it will guide you through the experience!

the App will give you details on the experiences, the people in them and the furniture you see.

you can enter the Tugó camera option to visualize the price and color options of the product you’re seeing. it will even show you which products will match it! complements

EAMES chair

the App will also show the experiences and the exists of the pop up.

it will also give you the opportunity to make your own room by saving all the items that you liked. you can also se other people rooms, like them and share them!

steps to follow at mobmob // there’s a few steps to follow to get the most out of the mobmob experience.

First, enter through one of the three entrances.

Second, check your phone. it will enter automatically into mobmobApp.


third, choose a chair, sit on it and enjoy the ride! it will take you to the second floor.

once you’re in the second floor, feel free to visit the other experiences!

don’t forget to make your own spaces through the App, see other’s, like them or even buy them!


EAMES chair

finally, whenever you feel done, search the exits on the App and exit mobmob.


// these are some of the trends we followed.

Hatsu style

No more catalogs

Museum - park experience


tugรณ has created an experience fo

april1 june1


or you. be there.

16 17

invitation cards

// for our most valued costumers an invitation will arrive to their house in the form of a notebook or a post it notebook with the cover as shown.

why this idea?

// Experiences make up all of our memories, these memories are linked to the people and the objets we come across with every day. This pop up was created to be remembered by the user as a pleasant and different experience. Through its design process we were driven by the belief that we could make such visually impacting scenarios so that the user would remember them. Furthermore, we were driven by the belief that in mobmob, everyone that enters it can have a whole different experience from each other and even meet new people in the process.

publicity // we intend to distribute banners all over the city with a strong visual image to intrigue the costumers. Next are the following banners.


// tugรณ has created an experience for you. be there.


// Def. to be attractive or interesting. Do so by going to our pop up store, we’ll be expecting you.


// Def. the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative. Searching for inspiration? go to our pop up store, we’ll be expecting you.


// Def. to communicate and react to the people you're involved with. Don’t be dull, come to our pop up store and interact with others.


// Def. an obvious difference between two or more things.

Be different, go to our pop up store.

who we are // we are a group of students from EAFIT universtiy and we are currently in the fifth semester of Product Design Engineering.


Juan Pablo

Juan Manuel