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Destruction of the length of life

Nowadays actuaries consider the length of life as longer than before, forecasting a better lifestyle and a healthier old age, but facts are different for the vulnerable part of the society, nothing seems to be exactly as expected to be. This written is to explain in words what is the procedure that put an individual, challenged by the length of time, in a position of closure with its body life, with the others and itself, as a refugee of the world. Here what is meant to prove is, how a destruction procedure can lead an individual to reach a shorter length of life. A debilitation of the physical body as consequence of slow procedure, day after day verify that the body leaves down itself. Focusing attention not only on the reasons involved in the destruction procedure but taking into account the happening when a procedure starts working against the body, here is a description of the consequence. As mentioned in the destruction theory, important is consider our analysis without thinking about past or future, but focusing attention only about present. The individual challenged slowly and everyday by powered challenges, starts believing that nothing could modify the expected future, or at opposite if thinking of being able of any change finding occasion of fights. Isolation as a consequence, evidenced from external interactions, forges the subject in talking and behaving on its own, by itself. The feeling of needing lees features, leads the individual, initially satisfied of the choices, loosing parts of itself piece after piece, day after day, slowly until inside destruction of the body has completed. Disgrace, sadness, solitude, as continued research of something that can never realise, took piece after piece inside the individual the joy of life, until even the body lapse down itself into death. Afraid of our life style, the life length is actually shorting instead of lasting longer, and this, apparently, is not only because of the environments but other causalities need to be considered . The spread of this destruction behavioural is contaminating the sensible part of our society and its trend is expanding to other sectors as old fashion style, as a game. The procedure is helped by surroundings and environments , it starts with continuous isolation and research of the other, the abandon of everything considered not useful, distracting, teaches the unstoppable procedure of the research of equilibrium building the loop in search for perfection. Fact is that this procedure is contagious, people are not thinking in twenty years time, each other relationships disaggregation and aggregation put the individual in a sufferance position, and whether this is repeated for longer time or continued shorter, life shrink its length . It is a sort of suicide action, the body reacts to reversed actions against wanted conclusions, leaving itself slowly to death because of the sufferance in achieving equilibrium. Incidence of facts is interrupted and the individual feels the difficulty in reaching what really deserved, reacting as destroyer of itself. The manifestation of a casual event in space and time should be considered as good action of natural forces, even if violent sometimes, for the individual the feeling of not being able to control the course of its abilities leads to reactions reflecting on the body.

The efforts spent in life trying in achieving something that then is interrupted by external perturbations drive to cyclical trends, repetitive, the individual starts back over and over with no results. Forecasting the procedure in the long term the result is that the individual’s life is shorter than expected, several examples of this repeating procedure are evidenced in private and public environments. As said within the long term the individual abandons itself everyday a little bit more until the end, the causality of this repeating unstoppable impediments in achieving things of any kinds is mirrored in an internal destruction procedure, believing that contrasts are needed as exercises in a gym to understand life and people around. The individual looses itself in trying to find a solution, damaging social life and health. The principal cause is the lack of casual manifestations, so the awareness of do not have the power of changing things that are not wanted, the feeling of being abused in accepting decided pictures. Lacks of respect is a style, it seems like we need to fight each other even when is not needed to exercise each other playing a contrasted game. Fashion of today is talking about gym in terms of relating to each other without a solid reason, just for challenging, for fun, as a game, the game. The individual body suffers for fighting in any case even if has not expressed it openly, the feeling of something unusual, not natural, not expected brings the feeling of damaging the body. It starts as teens game then takes on older people, one bit each year for twenty or thirty year until death, and life is shorter. People that fight each other for unimportant reasons in work environments, for example, not regulated by human resources and governments leaves employees judging themselves in a fast changing management, helping people in thinking about a different reality instead of living its own because of the only way to free out of the loop. People is left alone fighting against the lack of meritocracy, trying to build things in adapted realities never close to casual, as cause of the impediment, an external input hits the natural chain of events modified and inexplicably changed to opposite direction, creating disaggregation, destruction of external gathering, then taking the internal part of the individual, absorbed in thinking about life changing instead of living. Lack of justice that spread widely and even faster thinking to worldwide connections, let the individual even more, if possible, shocked and damaged everyday for the rest of the life. This phenomenon is that we have not expected because of the better quality of the life and healthier foods, it is something that involves relationships among people damaging in the long term. The feeling that we could do something but it is not possible, takes something from our body, becoming like an internal illness. Depression is an expression of those impediments that in the long term cause physical damages. To do an example let’s think about having our house destroyed, damaged by a relative and be told that was fine because we deserved. We are not fighting to build a house but we are fighting to still someone else’s house when we already have one and we do not have the need of doing it. Enjoying sufferance, then expecting it back as a new life-style trend is to learn the ways of trying in having back the house. This is just an example if we do replicate the feeling of this in the long term in the whole society our life shortage.

Destruction of the length of life  

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