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Federica Dell’Antone


FEDERICA DELL’ANTONE I am a Visual Designer currently based in Venice, Italy. I love to research, sketch, learn and craft the experience for the user. In my experience I had the opportunity to work both with digital agencies, small start up and big corporation. When I am not glued to a computer screen, I like to run and to do stuff with my hands like screen-printing and etching.


Software Skills

2018 - Current Freelance UI/Visual Designer

Adobe CC Sketch InVision Figma

2018 AKQA Italia Junior Graphic Designer 2016 ICON Worldwide ZĂźrich Design Internship

Other Skills/Activities 3D Printing Screen Printing Woodcut/Linocut Photography

Education/Courses 2018-Current Interaction Design Foundation Visual Designer Learning Path 2016-2018 KEA Copenhagen Communication Design & Media 2014-2016 UCN Aalborg Design and Business

Mail Phone +39 34838123655 (ITA) +44 07761691361 (ENG)


KBHFF Food Coop



Web-app and website for a Food Coop in Copenhagen

App demo for the hospitality and travel sector

03 The Grown Up Chocolate Company

Personalised packaging concept for a chocolate company


Web-design for an Italian telecommunication company

01 KBHFF Food Coop Individual project



This academic project has been developed with the aim of promoting and improving the activities and values of KBHFF, a Food Coop based in Copenhagen, through a new web-site and web-app.

Design Process Research

KBHFF Web-Site

Ethnography ( Field-notes, Semi-structured Interviews, Participant Observation) Chain Research (KBHFF Database, Journals, books, publications)

The web-site has been conceived mainly for nonmembers. It aims to promote and introduce KBHFF’s activities and to give the information needed to join the community.


Definition of problem statement, Persona



Braindumping, Storybording and Sketches


Paper prototyping, User Flow, Hi-Fi Wireframes


Usability Testing

The web-app has been developed only for member use and focuses on helping volunteers to organise shifts, to manage orders and to promote events and community’s activities.


Sketch | Illustrator | Photoshop | InVision

About KBHFF KBHFF is a Food Coop based in Copenhagen whose aim is to provide organic food at a more accessible price, supporting local farmers. This is possible thanks to its volunteers who pick up, deliver and sell the food growth in farms nearby the capital.

Background KBHFF uses several different IT platforms for communicating with its members. KBHFF’s members use several different platforms to place orders, to manage their shifts and to get the information they need regarding activities and events. The system is completely managed by the community’s volunteers.


It is difficult for members to manage their shifts, orders and activities using the current system.

Through a survey (KBHFF 2.0 - Nov, 2017) it has been possible to spot the main issues encountered by the members by using these platforms, such as: problems in managing shifts and orders, lack of content in English and problems related with the IT System.


Da vid






Age: 27

- KBHFF’s website is mainly in Danish and it is difficult for him to get the information he needs.

Age: 46

- She complains about not being informed about KBHFF’s activities and events

Occupation: Student Education: Environmental Engineering at DTU

Bio David is a student from France. He is interested in sustainability and he used to be a Food Coop member also in his home country. He thinks that becoming a KBHFF’s member could be a good way to get to know local people.

- It is not very clear for him what he has to do for becoming a member and how the shifts system works.

Expectations - More content in English - To improve the IT system

Occupation: Shop Assistant Education: Gymnasium

- She had often problems in managing or swapping her shift



Nanna is a shop assistant in a home decor store in Nørrebro. She loves to spend her freetime hiking and doing yoga. She dreams about opening her own organic farm. She has been a member for 5 years.

- To inform members about news and events from KBHFF - A better, more strict system for managing shifts - To create cohesion among the teams

Information Architecture Our History Our Food Community

Our Values Your role at KBHFF

Vegetable Bag Products

Fruit Bag Our Producers

Main Home Page

Get Involved

Producer Section

Introduction Intro Meeting Calendar

Departments Map Contact

Producers Map

Newsletter Contact Form


Sign Up Form

Department Info Sign Up Form Send Message My Team/ Shifts


Login Form

Members Home Page

Weekly Bags /My Orders Member Resources/News Notifications Settings/Log Out

User flow/ Purchasing of a Veg-Bag

Prototype / Members Web App

Discover, Manage, Cooperate. A new way to experience KBHFF

Discover the latest News from KBHFF

Easily swap and arrange your shifts

Quickly place and manage your orders

Prototype / Website & App

02 ICONIC Demo App Individual project



ICONIC has been a project developed in collaboration with ICON, focused on developing a tailored application for travel and hospitality. The core value of Iconic is to develop customized, comprehensive products that can be integrated with existing IT system for a complete and personalized guest’s experience.



of travellers use a Travel Brand Application

In the last years mobile applications have become essential for tourists and travellers, helping them to explore new destinations, make reservations and organize holidays and trips.

Travellers need to use several different app to plan their trips

When it is time to plan an holiday or a trip, there can be a lot of pieces to pull together. This mean that a traveller may need several different apps to book a hotel, attraction tickets, restaurants and other services.

Information Architecture / User Features Our Hotel Accomodations Hotel

Dining Hotel Service Hotel Activities Offers Temperature

My Room

Lights Windows Secure Cam My Wishlist Art & Culture



Dining 1 Day Trip Swiss Things Family and Friends


My Reservation My Profile

My Holiday Plan My Team/Family Profile/Settings

The ICONIC Concept

Plan, Stay, Experience. Meeting the unique demand of “Destination” properties


Hotel Reservations & Services

Travel Planning

Notifications & Itinerary

Smart Rooms Controls

03 The G.U.C.C Chocolate Box Individual project

Packaging / UI


The Grown Up Chocolate Company is a young and growing brand, whose aim is to take chocolate, a product often related with childhood and create chocolate bars more in tune with the adult palette. Humour and hight quality ingredients are the key values of the company.



A new customized chocolate box available only on the The Grown Up Chocolate Company’s website.

The company wanted to promote a new product, a personalised chocolate box, where the costumer could customize the visuals on the packaging as well as the flavour of the chocolate bars, directly on The Grown Up Company’s website.

Proposal A funny, indulgent treat to give to someone you care about, to help them get through the day

The proposal design is a survival box inspired by WW2 ration boxes, mainly conceived as a gift. The “sender” can personalize the box, chocolate bars and upload a picture to insert in the tray. The tray can than be transformed in a photo-frame, thanks to an adhesive flap included in the box.

04 TIM Website Team Project

Web Design

2018 is one of the largest Italian telecommunications company which provides telephony services, mobile services, and DSL data services.

My Role My role has been to help taking care of the website maintenance, creating and updating responsive web-pages and banners for promoting TIM campaigns. I have been working in team, collaborating with designers, developers and project managers.

Tasks • • • • •

Landing pages desktop/mobile Maintenance of existing landing pages Creation of banners DEM Wireframes

Website Mail Phone +39 34838123655 (ITA) +44 07761691361 (ENG)