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By Nate Bloom, Contributing Columnist Editor’s note: Persons in BOLD CAPS are deemed by Nate Bloom to be Jewish for the purpose of the column. Persons identified as Jewish have at least one Jewish parent and were not raised in a faith other than Judaism – and don’t identify with a faith other than Judaism as an adult. Converts to Judaism, of course, are also identified as Jewish. Levine is Sexiest/His Bris Pack In November, People magazine named rock musician and The Voice coach ADAM LEVINE, 34, its sexiest man alive for 2013. 1998 winner HARRISON FORD, 71, whose late mother was Jewish, is the only other tribe member to be named “sexiest” since 1985, when the award began. Here’s the Jewish “411” on Levine: Levine, who identifies as Jewish, has been secular as an adult. His father is Jewish, while his mother is the daughter of a non-Jewish mother and a Jewish father (his maternal grandfather descends from English Jews and maybe some Sephardim). His Jewish step-mother is the mother of Levine’s two younger half-siblings. Levine told a UK Jewish paper that he was raised with only a little Jewish religious observance and, in light of that, he decided to decline his father’s offer to give him a bar mitzvah ceremony. He said he felt it was a serious ceremony that evidenced a spiritual commitment he hadn’t been prepared for. He thought it wrong that many of his Jewish peers had a bar mitzvah because they wanted a big party and gifts. By the way, Harrison Ford once seriously said that he wasn’t tattooed so he could be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Trust me: While Jewish religious law seriously frowns on tattoos, it is a persistent myth that Jewish cemeteries refuse burial to the tattooed. So, in case you were wondering and worrying – the “very tattooed” Levine could be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Not long after People honored Levine, his music manager, JORDAN FELDSTEIN, 35, the brother of actor JONAH HILL, 29, wed Francesca Eastwood (November 17), the daughter of Clint Eastwood, 83, before an Elvis impersonator. Reports say that they both were probably drunk while taking their vows and, on November 25, the bride moved to have the marriage annulled. An interesting 2012 interview with Levine describes his relationship with Feldstein. Details magazine says that Levine has a Los Angeles-based “Bris Pack of Jewish showbizzers” who have been almost lifelong friends. They have nicknames, and Levine’s is “the Bear Jew,” after a fierce Jewish commando in the movie Inglourious Basterds. Adam’s father was best friends during childhood with Jonah and Jordan’s father, and Adam refers to Feldstein, his manager, as “family.” Funny footnote: Back in 2004,

Clint Eastwood cried “Kinehora!” when a reporter queried him about the Oscar chances of his movie Mystic River. He then laughed and explained it was a Jewish expression meant to ward off a jinx. Maybe he should say it every time he sees Francesca. Super Jewish Women Israeli actress GAL GADOT, 28, was much in the news last month. Gadot is best known for co-starring in the original Fast and Furious movie (2009) and Fast and Furious Five (2011). The tragic auto accident death (November 30) of Fast and Furious movie series costar Paul Walker led media outlets to ask Gadot about his death. She, of course, expressed her shock and sadness about Walker’s death. Then, on December 4, she got some very good news. She beat out scores of other actresses for the coveted role of Wonder Woman in a sequel to Man of Steel, the hit 2013 Superman movie. The sequel will also feature Batman (played by Ben Affleck). Gadot’s resume and life history reads like the bio of a Jewish super woman. Born and raised in Rosh Hayin, a town of about 38,000 in central Israel, she grew up in what she describes as a very Jewish/Israeli family environment. In 2004, when she was 19, she won the Miss Israel pageant and represented her country at the Miss Universe competition. She continued to model, part time, as she performed her twoyear military service (2005-2007); she was a sports trainer for the military. In 2007, she got an Israeli film role and, since then, she has guested on several American TV shows. But wait! She’s also an avid high-performance motorcycle rider and a mother. She wed an Israeli businessman in 2008 and they had a girl in 2011. Gadot follows four other Jewish women who have played comic-book superheroes in movies or on TV (no others have had military training, however). Here’s my list: HELEN SLATER, now 49, title role in Supergirl (1984); ALICIA SILVERSTONE, now 37, Batgirl in Batman and Robin (1997); DINA MEYER, now 44, as Batgirl/the Oracle in the 2002 TV series, Birds of Prey; and SCARLETT JOHANSSON, now 29, as Natasha Romanoff/ the Black Widow in several films, including The Avengers (2012).

January 2014 Federation Star

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January 4 & 5, 2014 At Miromar Outlets

Larry Fox, Sculpture

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Free Admission & Free Parking – Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm Daily Located at Miromar Outlets I-75 & Exit 123 Corkscrew Road/Miromar Outlet Blvd. Sponsor of the Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization

Also a Youth Art Competition for Grades K-8!

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