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"Fu tu re· of Work end the Role o·f Women E. ntreprel'leU r$

1 Women leader!> of today and t·omorrow building up the fut1.1re of work an.d e-ntrepreneur-ship• Loc:a tlon; Room AS·P 1C5- S.uropeal'l Parll am·ent

KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) is organizing a se minaron "Future of Work and the Role of Women Ent.repreneurs 1Women Leaders of today and tomorrow building up the futur·e ofwork and .entrepreneurship··- hosted by MEP Mrs. Gesine MESI SNER '[ALDE) on 19th June in the European

Parliament (Room ASP lGS) from 09:00 to 1:02 0.

For lurtbor dat111l.and rogluration · PlrMU' offlc• or I'JIEP Co lo., P-iEI$$N6Jl hi., IO<; ouroparl courop• <>U and A,.i¡Jt,., TEKIN O<ACrDEFI EU litopratttnliltr\IO) .adrh11n l•k•nt!lk gldor org

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19 06 2018 09 00 12 00  
19 06 2018 09 00 12 00