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Brussels, 2 April 2013 Dear FEDEMAC Members

REVISION OF THE DIGITAL TACHOGRAPH REGULATION – LATEST DEVELOPMENTS State of play on the EU decision-making process on the European Commission proposal relating to the digital tachograph (Council Regulation 3821/85 of 20 December 1985 on recording equipment in road transport). In July 2011, the Commission (EC) submitted a proposal amending Regulation 3821/85 of 20 December 1985 on recording equipment in road transport and also relating to the elements of the Regulation 561/2006 of the European Parliament (EP) and of the Council of 15 March 2006 on the harmonisation of certain social legislation relating to road transport. Since then the European Institutions have been negotiating with a view to finding an agreement on this dossier that aims amongst others to introduce a new “smart” tamper proof digital tachograph in the EU. The purpose of this document is to update IRU members on the latest developments concerning this dossier as a preliminary agreement has been reached. Since the beginning of 2013 a number of technical and official meetings have taken place under the Irish EU Presidency (January - June 2013) with a view to reaching a ‘2nd reading agreement’. The last trialogue between the Council, the EC and the EP was organised on 20 March and according to the unofficial information available to us via the IRU Secretariat a compromise has been found on all but two issues. The Council Presidency will try to resolve these two issues (please see below) at a later stage without organising another official meeting with the EP. From the FEDEMAC point of view, perhaps the most problematic issue - EP 1st reading requirement to retrofit all vehicles with a new ‘smart’ tachograph by 2020 - has been resolved by agreeing to a 15 years retrofit deadline for all vehicles used in international transport. Providing that the Regulation enters into force in 2013, the time period of 15 years would start counting from 31 December 2017, i.e. by 2032 the European vehicle fleet would have to be retrofitted with digital tachograph with specifications according to this new Regulation. It is to be remembered that this represents a major concession on the EP part because the original amendment requested strict (national and international) retrofit by 2020. The 15 year requirement also provides for relatively long period taking into account the rate of natural fleet renewal, certainly in international haulage. The EP dropped some of the other problematic amendments (such as call in the ‘1st reading’ to widen the scope of the Regulation so as to include all vehicles over 2.8 t or the weight sensors to monitor loading and unloading). The last two issues that are still to be resolved in order to close the final deal between the Council and the EP are harmonisation of training and certification of enforcement officers and possible exemption from the tachograph requirement for vehicles that operate up to 100 km from the base and where the driving is not the main activity of the driver. The former can be supported but any exemptions from Regulations 561 or 3821 should be opposed by FEDEMAC and the FEDEMAC Members Associations. Providing that a compromise is found on these two remaining issues, the final approval will be voted on by the EP Plenary that is preliminarily scheduled for October 2013. Tony Richman European Affairs Representative

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