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Subject: activities of control on transportation carried out by the Traffic Police in northern and central Italy - comment of President Paolo Uggè. In a press release of 10 April the Ministry of Interior - Department of Public Safety - road Service Police, has released the data of the inspections conducted by the Traffic Police and a task force during the weekend of March 27 to 28 and April 4 to 5, in the north-central Italy, on the transport of goods and people. In addition to monitoring compliance with the EC Regulation no. 561/2006 laying down the limits established for the professional drivers and psycho-physical requirements for the exercise of such activities, the Ministry points out that the other monitored phenomenon is that of unfair competition in the conduct of national transport by foreign carriers, the so-called cabotage. Abuse of this nature affect freedom of competition, by subtracting substantial market share in the sector of national road transportation. A total of 3,000 vehicles were checked, of which 2,700 trucks and 300 buses. 850 vehicles were not in good standing (790 heavy vehicles and 60 buses), of which 30% from the EU and 3% outside the EU, for a total of 1,227 violations to specific rules. In 30 cases, the ascertained transportations were illegal in 50 others, irregularities were found in the transport documentation. 340 the violations in terms of driving times and rest periods (sometimes even by tampering the recording instruments). 150 breaches related to the obligation of roadworthiness of the vehicles and various inefficiencies, and finally 90 transportations in overload conditions of the vehicles. A total of 21 driving licenses and 35 vehicles registration cards were withdrawn. Below is the comment of Mr Paolo Uggè, President of FAI-Conftrasporto. "Saying first that controls, for us, are an essential element to ensure safety and compliance with the rules (and just for this our organization requires them with determination), we learn to our chagrin that the activity of roadside inspection carried out in recent weeks by the forces of traffic Police, were not followed by checks carried out at the premises of the customers. As always, we stress the point that it is equally necessary to act jointly for the full implementation of the existing legal provisions, which explicitly indicate the cases in which operations should be extended to customers who are also involved as a result of joint and several liability. In a moment of difficulty it is hard for anyone to understand that we are not facing with targeted action to hit the road haulage. This is no good! We continue to clamor loudly that targeted checks are carried out towards drivers, but equally we wouldn’t stand idly, silent and passive, without experiencing the same "attention" to all those involved by law. Rules must apply to everyone, if they are not implemented in their entirety, are likely to be considered abuses by us. It cannot be the road transportation only to suffer. The principle of shared objective responsibility is a precise choice of the legislator to better ensure the security of citizens and we believe it is essential that it applies in all its parts.

activities of control on transportation in Italy - comment of President Paolo Uggè  

In a press release published on 10 April the Italian Ministry of Interior - Department of Public Safety - road Service Police, has released...

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