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Irresistible charm.. along the Chaophraya River

“Thaphrachan” is still an enchanting area, with the local people’s way of life closely aligned with the life-giving waterways.


But fascinating

This area can be considered as one of the richest archaeological and historical sites in Thailand.

Various faiths, traditions, ideals and beliefs can be found..

As well as various Thai traditional cuisine.

Many interesting places are surrounded

Including Thammasat University,

Apart from being a popular university in Thailand Thai politics history happened

And inscibed here!

Undoubtedly why Thaphrachan could always attract people to visit again and again. However, there are still a lot of charms left for you to discovery by yourself.

so, what are You waiting for ??

Thaphrachan jm213  

“Thaphrachan” Irresistible charm along the Chao Phraya River. by Montakan Tantrakul 5207640425

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