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Jordi Bartrons



There are 17 teachers, 160 pupils and 14 classrooms ss

SCHOOL RULES. We have to wear overall

FEDAC-PRATS THE CANTEEN My favourite lunch is macaroni and chicken.

FEDAC-PRATS By Mònica Carrera

DESCRIPTION The school is big and modern, it has got a big playground.

NUMBERS In the school there are 17 teachers, 160 pupils, one ICT classroom, one English classroom, one gym.

CANTEEN There is one canteen in my school.

RULES You have to arrive at nine o’clock and your have to wear overall.

CLUBS There are many clubs: PE, Christmas Easter and Summer Workshops.

DESCRIPTION My school is modern and big , It´s got a bi playground.

THE NUMBERS • There are 17 teachers and 161 pupils, • There are 12 classrooms ICT classroom and english classroom. There are 1 gym.

CANTEEN ☺ Cannelloni, macaroni , pizza , ice cream … fish , risotto, vegetables…

SCHOOL RULERS You have to arrive at nine o´clock. You to do your homework every day. You have to wearthe wearthe overall.

CLUBS PE, Christmas, Easter and summer workshops.

Tamara Carrom

My School The numbers

The school it’s modern and it’s big.

-There are 160 pupils, 17 teachers and there are 12 classrooms.

Other informations

School rules -You have to arrive at 9 o’clock.

There isn’t a canteen and there isn’t any clubs.

-You have to wear overall.


My school

My school is big, modern and it has got a big playground.

THE NUMBERS There are 161 pupils, 17 teachers, 12 classrooms, an ICT classroom and an English classroom.

CANTEEN N isn’t any There canteen in my school. There’s a dining room. There are no clubs.

Paula Castañé

Jordi Pont

Mercè Rossinyol

MY SCHOOL THE NUMBERS There are: -161 pupils

My school is modern and big.

-17 teachers -12 classrooms -1 gym -1 ICT classroom

OTHER INFORMATIONS There’s no canteen. There’s a dining room. There aren’t any clubs.

RULES You must arrive at 9 o’clock at school. You have to wear overall.

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