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Things To Consider Before Relocating To A Retirement Home In Ontario Any time is a good time to start looking at your retirement options. Regarding retirement residences in Ontario, I'd like to offer some tips on things to look for when shopping for your retirement residence. Consider taking time to visit the communities that have already attracted your interest. Make a list of questions and concerns that you would like answered and bring a notebook with you to make notes during or after your visit. Just as you'd test drive a car before deciding to purchase it, don't feel hesitant to get the feel of each residence you may be considering before making a move. The staff and residents of each community you visit will be great sources of information; you might even consider hiring an adviser to help in your decision making process. Checklist of questions to ask when visiting retirement homes in Ontario: • Ask about admission requirements • Ask for copies of their calendars and newsletters • Ask to visit the kitchen and for a copy of the weekly menu • Ask the people already living there about their experiences • Ask for references from family members of other residents • Ask whether the home is ORCA (Ontario Residential Care Association) accredited Are Retirement Homes in Ontario Regulated by the Province? In the Province of Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), except in the area of public health does not regulate retirement residences. Tenants in Ontario retirement homes fall under the Tenant Protection Act with the owner of the home being the landlord. The Health Protection and Promotion Act regulates food preparation, sanitation and water quality; retirement housing in Ontario are also inspected by the department of Public Health. There are municipalities in the province of Ontario that have established municipal laws that govern care services in retirement homes. The MOHLTC does not set the standards for retirement residences being that they aren't government funded but the Ontario Residential Care Association (ORCA) does have standards in place for retirement homes in Ontario. ORCA is funded by the Province of Ontario and acts as a liaison to help resolve complaints and also to provide public information about Ontario retirement homes. The ORCA - Ontario Residential Care Association - Symbol To become an accredited member of the retirement communities ottawa , a retirement home must comply with the ORCA standards at the time of their initial application and at each subsequent assessment. Visits and surveys of a residence are conducted by trained surveyors and graded by an impartial third-party. If the standards are not maintained, the accreditation is removed. These are a few of the areas included in the ORCA accreditation Program. • Food and meal services • Staff Training • Quality of resident care

• Recreational Opportunities • Safety and security • Emergency Planning • Building and property maintenance • Financial Accountability to residents • Housekeeping and laundry • Compliance with Legislation Retirement Homes in Ottawa In your search for a retirement home in Ottawa be sure to look for the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) symbol. The ORCA symbol will give you the assurance that the retirement home has met their standards. The Westwood (a Revera Retirement Residence) is an ORCA accredited residence located at 2370 Carling Avenue is an Ottawa. The Westwood is convenient to shopping, bus service and the many attractions of downtown Ottawa. The residence itself is beautifully decorated and the surrounding expansive gardens are lush and well groomed, perfect for relaxing or strolling. The residence include private two-bedroom suites and it's always your choice whether to relax in your own place or visit with friends in the common areas

Things To Consider Before Relocating To A Retirement Home In Ontario  

To become an accredited member of the retirement communities ottawa , a retirement home must

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