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How To Apply Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Mineral makeup not only has the benefit of being a natural product that is good for your skin, it also stays put until you wash it off. The ability of minerals to adhere to skin means that mineral eye shadows are very crease-resistant and won't fade. If you have been interested in trying mineral eye shadow, but aren't sure how to apply it, here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get professional results. Applying Mineral Eye Shadow The eye shadow shades that you select are based on your personal taste and the colors that look good with your skin tone and eyes. Daytime Eye Shadow:For less dramatic daytime colors, you may want to use just one or two shades of shadow; a medium shade on your lid and a lighter shade under the brow and towards the inside of the eye. Dramatic Eye Shadow for Night:If you would like to achieve a more dramatic nighttime look, use three shades of color. Start with the technique for daytime application, and then add a third, darker shade to the crease and outer eye. Foiling, described below, can help intensify your look. It is important to carefully control the amount of mineral foundation that you are applying. It can take a few moments for the minerals to warm up to your skin, so be careful not to over apply. A little bit of mineral goes a long way. Place a small amount of mineral powder into the lid of the foundation jar. Swirl your brush in the lid, to help the mineral powder adhere evenly to the bristles of the brush. Then tap the brush on the lid to remove any excess minerals. Step 1:After selecting the colors that you will be using, sprinkle some of each powdered mineral eye shadow into the lid of its jar. This will help you avoid using too much. Step 2:Using an oval or angled eye shadow brush, dip the tip into the loose powder and then tap the bush on the edge of the lid to remove excess minerals. Step 3a:Dry application- Sweep the light shadow under your brow and towards your inner eye, blending for a natural look. Then dip the brush into the medium shadow, again tapping on the jar lid to remove excess. Sweep the medium color over your lid, and blend. If applying a darker color in the crease, repeat the procedure of loading and tapping your brush, then apply the dark shadow to the crease and outer eye. When you have applied all of the shadow, continue to work the brush over your lid to make sure the colors are blended without distinct lines between each color transition. Step 3b:Wet/Foil application- For added dimension that looks more dramatic, wet your brush and then stir it into the minerals in the lid of your eye shadow jar until you have created a paste. Sweep this creamy mixture over your lid to add another long-wearing dimensional shade to your eye shadow color. Foiling also works well to accentuate the sparkling or opalescent feature of an eye shadow. It may take a little practice for you to achieve the results you are trying for, but be patient. The effort is well worth it. Once you perfect your technique, your long-wearing eye color will look perfect and

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How To Apply Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow  

Step 2:Using an oval or angled eye shadow brush, dip the tip into the loose powder and then tap the