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It’s a mobile world. Issuu article stories makes it easy for you to deliver the best mobile experience for your content. Optimized for mobile first and readability, you’ll combine texts and images to bring your story into focus. Plus, link your article stories back to other content formats to get people continuously consuming your content.

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Article Stories

How-To Create an Article Story:

  1. Login to Issuu and Select “Article Stories” from the navigation.

  2. Click on “Create new Article Story” to get started from your most recent upload.

  3. Select the pages from your uploaded content you want to convert into a mobile-reader article.

  4. Add a title and short description to help improve your SEO. Click “NEXT” when you’re ready.

  5. Edit your Article Story! Click on images and text to add or remove segments to your story. Or add different text styles and photo captions

Check out our Help Center for more details. With Article Stories, it’s easier than ever to distribute your content anywhere.

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