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Drive traffic to sell products and entice advertisers.

Add links to your Issuu content that can drive traffic or sales. With the ability to link directly within your Issuu content, opportunities are opened up for your brand. With the options of hyperlinks or shopping links, you have the ability to create an interactive content experience. Shopping links will add a small shopping cart icon overtop of the link, signaling to your audience that the link is shoppable.

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How-To Add Links:

  1. Login to Issuu and while logged in, go to “Publications” from the navigation.

  2. Select the published content you want to add web, video, or shopping links, and from the Publication Home Workspace, select “Add Links and Video” in the left navigation under “Enhance” to open the Link Editor tool. 

  3. Using the Link Editor, select pages and draw bounded boxes around any areas you want to add links to.

  4. Select the type of links you want (web, video, or shopping) and insert the URL you want to hyperlink. 

  5. With Premium or Optimum accounts, activating “DETECTED LINKS” lets any hyperlinked content within your uploads to be automatically added to your publication. 

Starting from $19 per month

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