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December 2012 - Interior Trends - TOP ISSUE Art Deco’s back Crazy with Pattern All that glitters A collection of the latest in interiors, homewares and colour trends

INTERIOR ART DECO Revival of glamour and decadence

ALL THAT GLITTERS Put some shine into your accessories

2012/13 Summer Issue

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{Sally Gardner}

Welcome to Feature Pieces’ first edition of InteriorTrends. In this magazine we take a brief look at some of the key trends hitting the runway and subsequently home decor. I hope you find the information inspiring and useful in decorating your home. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Following the GFC in 2008, things still have not completely picked up for the lifestyle and luxury market. But unlike the past few years where there was a complete hold on buying new things, 2012 has seen people slowly starting to purchase again. Yet, they are cautious about where they are putting their money. Impulsive buys are on a complete hold and people would rather buy a few sturdy or statement pieces than go all out and splurge. So it is not surprising that the upcoming trends for 2013 are all big on comfort and elegance over quirk and fashion. Lets take a closer look...

Colours This year the Pantone Colour Trend is very décor friendly with Monaco Blue, being the main trend, followed closely by Emerald Green. However I am also rooting for Lemon Zest which is pale yellow to become popular over the summer.

Era Glamour and Chic seem to be the key words where the décor style is concerned. Art Deco is big as are the Roaring 20’s. Imagine the era of Flappers and Jazz music, décor will reflect the same. Following close is Boudoir or 1940’s Femme fatal.

Prints Folklore pattern and Prints like Tribal, African and Oriental are huge in everything from bedcovers to cushions. Animal prints are also big, not just in the traditional sense like leopard spots and zebra stripes, but whole animals are being featured on things like crockery and upholstery.

Pattern Stripes and Squares are huge, this probably has to do with symmetry people are looking for after the past few years of chaos. Again unlike traditional manner, this time around they are in a very modern look. Another print which is big is modern floral. Not the vintage form with traditional flowers but more graphic looking flowers are huge especially in wallpaper.

Accessories Mirrors and Brass according to me are the biggest accessories going around. Mirrors of course are a great decorative element which can be used for various purposes are now being used as artwork as well. As for brass, this is no longer the yellow shiny material but is in a very matt, modern form.

DIY Do it yourself, reusing household equipment to come up with new products is another trend. People prefer to re-use and redo things rather than splurge unnecessarily.


02. 2013 COLOUR TRENDS 04. ECCENTRIC TRIBAL a bold integration of culture

06. ART DECO Revival of glamour and decadence

08. CRAZY WITH PATTERN 10. ALL THAT GLITTERS Put some shine into your accessories INTERIOR TRENDS Interior trends is a biannual magazine that reports on trends in interior design, colour and homewares. This magazine is published by Feature Pieces, a Sydney based custom homeware and interior consulting business. Š Feature Pieces 2012 Contact




Monaco Blue & Lemon Zest 2013 Colour forecast The world leaders in colour trends, Pantone, have released their forecast for 2013. After the warmth and vibrancy of Tangerine Tango (2012) this year they are moving in favour of Monaco Blue, which is a shade of blue duller than Cobalt and lighter than Navy blue.


According to Pantone Colour Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman the shade speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society. “You have to realize there is still concern out there for the economy,� she said. Well honestly I am quite happy with us moving away from Tangerine of 2012 at least as far as interiors are concerned. Besides blue being a soothing hue, I think Monaco Blue is also reflecting the maturity and sensibility which has taken priority with people since the recession. People are looking for stability and long term investments and seasonal flavours. Hence, I can see a lot of people happily adopt this colour into their living environments (definitely and easier colour to live with compared to Tangerine). The perfect way would of course be to incorporate this colour in accessories like cushions and glasses, also pots and pans for the kitchen. If you are willing to be a bit more experimental I would suggest tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, even glass sinks will look great. There is finally, the option of painting walls or at least one wall highlighted in this colour, if you want to do the woodwork, see to it you let it have a matt finish.

Emerald Green is the secondary colour for 2013, with Dusk Blue and Greyed Jade as other forerunners in Pantones list, but I feel Lemon Zest which is a little lower on the list is another shade which will come to its own by the end of summer. It is calming and fresh, just what is needed to break the monotony of the duller colours and what we need to uplift our moods. Again not as bold as Tangerine, yet it is a happy hue which people would not mind incorporating in their homes. Perfect for small accessories and for the wall alike it also perfectly complements Monaco Blue, if blended well together.

Why not add Monaco Blue or Lemon Zest accessories into your home? These colours can be found in almost every style to suit your personal taste and decor.




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4. Toaster DeLonghi Icona 2-Slice Toaster - Blue, buy it at Domayne $129

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Get the look Want Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest in your home



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Eccentric Tribal

a bold integration of culture


As diverse cultures come together, the result is a combination of modern silhouettes and ethnic printed (animal & tribal) elements that are strongly depicted by fashion and showing their influence on decor. Asia too was a huge influence in fall-winter 2012 runway and is carrying on to Spring-summer 2013. When decorating, it is alright to not stick to the same pattern throughout; you can mix and match various complementary prints with each other. Tribal patterns are normally quite symmetrical in nature, like all other trends which are in focus this too is more graphic and modern than traditional tribal patterns. Along with of course having bold lines and colours, you can introduce this with a rug or even cushions. I have also seen these used as wall-art such as rugs hung on the wall. Asian (Oriental) decor design elements are characterized by clean lines and simple forms. The effect is subtle yet dramatic,



Animal prints and motifs take centre stage, complimented by oriental patterns and tribal prints.

and creates a tranquil ambience. Fabrics are a combination of soft oriental looking patterns, feminine florals and simple block of colours. Continues on page 05

Animal inspired

Chelsea Textiles Animal Cushion

Lladro Arabian Pure Breed A

lladro Arabian Pure Breed A

Tribal Oriental Ikat Herringbone bolster pillow by John Robshaw Textiles Goodearth

Lladro Iris and Cherry Flowers Fan

Cocoon Carpets Ikat Collection

John Lewis Oriental Jars Fabric, Pink

The main rule with animal print is less is more and to be very careful not to overdo the room with too many different prints.


Bird, flower and bird cage motifs are very popular within the soft oriental trend, while dragons and samurai’s are popular motifs for the brighter more graphic pieces, so try to find at least one of these accents to bring into the dÊcor. Any Asian or eastern feel dÊcor objects are a popular choice for this trend whether it fabric with a subtle oriental flare to it, a beautiful carved or printed room divider or even table top accessories strategically placed on a side board.


Animal prints have been a trend for a while now, be it leopard print, zebra or tiger. These too are an offshoot of African trend with the Safari theme. The main rule with animal print is less is more and to be very careful not to overdo the room with too many different prints. But currently besides these prints animal motifs are huge. They were seen all over the ramp this year, by which I mean animals like dogs, fox, deer etc. They are also now being seen on crockery and even cushions. These add the fun element to the dĂŠcor trend for 2013.




The eras of 1920’s and late 40’s seems to be a rising trend in both fashion and interior design. Though we have seen 1950-1970 retro influence quite a bit the last few years, things seem to be moving more towards Chic and Glamour again. Think Art Deco, Jazz music, Flapper dress, Coco Chanel, LBD, Pearls, The Great Gatsby and you will get the mood of how trends are headed.

influenced the people a lot with how they dressed and kept their homes. Art Deco and modernism were great influences during this era, along with world travel. The trend which rose in the 20s faced great issues with the depression of 1929 and the following World War 2. Post World War 2, through to 1946 again the decojazz-glamour trend rose and went on till about 1953.


REVIVAL OF GLAMOUR & DECADENCE As history has shown, the years post any epidemic or war, create a major shift in trend and lifestyle. Which is exactly what we are facing post the economic meltdown of 2008. Post World War 1- the 20s were a glamorous decade with the role of women changing and entering work from home. There was a sense of fun and liberation and the rise of Flappers. These women moved away from the norm, beginning with shedding the long feminine dresses and hair to shorter straight dresses which made them look flat-chested almost boyish and short bob hair. Interior designers came up as new professionals, to create rooms for cocktail parties. Hollywood glamour also


The Style of the 20s is very glamorous and sophisticated with chrome glass, shiny fabric and mirror’s being a major aspect. To get this look in your homes use long streamlined shapes for furniture. Parquet flooring or Black and white chequerboard vinyl tiles are all typical. Bold colours and metallic influences are quite big whether for walls or fabric. You can also go for plain fabric/wallpaper with metallic threads or prints. Art Deco began its major influence in the 20s and continued into the 40’s. So etched glass, female figures holding a ball of light or candle sticks are all the kind of look emphasised in this era. You can add accessories of opulence with items such as enamel cigarette boxes, mother of pearl letter openers and ostrich feathers. The post war 40s began with a shortage of materials hence there was a sense of being happy with little instead of clutter. Hollywood glamour was still a major influence hence the living room was mostly formal and chic, emphasis being on glamour and style rather than frivolity with a feeling of Femme Fatal and seductiveness.

Art deco Bar, Timeless Interiors

Ben de Lisi cushions


Chuck Franklin Glass Studio

Proust Geometrica, Corporate Culture

Imperial Pheasant, Catherine Martin, Mokum Textiles

DID YOU KNOW... Art Nouveau: from 1880 to around 1910 art nouveau was in full swing and it is said to be the first 20th Century modern style as it was the first style to look to nature and the surrounding world instead of backwards in history. Many people confuse art nouveau with art deco interior design however they are very different styles. Art Deco: Art deco interior design represents a period between 1908 through till 1935. This style particularly began in Paris and worked its way through Europe and then globally. Source:

STRIPES, SQUARES & MODERN FLORAL When the economy crashed in 2008, most people completely put a halt to doing up their homes and spending on furniture. From 2012 however, people are slowly moving back to doing up their homes but more as a reflection of themselves, rather than following trends blindly. Which is why I love the new Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest as hot trends for interiors, they are balanced colours which if used sensibly can make a room look glamorous and stylish.


When the economy crashed in 2008, most people completely put a halt to doing up their homes and spending on furniture. From 2012 however, people are slowly moving back to doing up their homes but more as a reflection of themselves, rather than following trends blindly. Which is why I love the new Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest as hot trends for interiors, they are sensible and balanced colours which if used sensibly can make a room look glamorous and stylish.

Crazy with PAT T E R N


Stripes was a huge runway trend during Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week, and it looks as if there will be no escaping stripes in home decor as well.


A trend which has never really gone out of fashion but is now more prominent than ever in its modern form is Stripe. This was a huge runway trend during Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week, and it looks as if there will be no escaping stripes in home decor as well. It adds movement to the room and if you want it can also add a fun element. A trend close to Stripes which is also quite huge this season is Checks (Plaids). Gingham is usually the pattern that comes to mind when one says checks, but it has gone beyond that and from squares to plaids are all quite in trend and have become mainstream, moving from kitchens and study’s to living rooms. Stripes and Checks are especially big for Window Dressing, like drapes and blinds. Besides that of course there is always the option of Wallpaper and sofa covers to give the room a modern country look if you go for a neutral to earthy shade and quirky if you decide to choose the bright

colour route. For stripes you can experiment with different thickness for the lines. Even the colours can be a mix and match of a few colours. For checks I would suggest very thin lines to make the square. Too thick and the room or furniture can look old-fashioned, unless traditional is your style then this may be the best choice. Another trend that needs a mention is floral which has been around for a while especially since the Global Financial crisis, but this too has moved from its vintage look to a more modern vintage. This is especially a big option for walls and cushions.

Narrow stripes wallpaper, Porters Paints

Hughes Road Chest, Portside Cafe

Rainbow Chair, Cappellini

Drew Quilt set, Sheridan

All that glitters... “If your room does not get enough light, mirrors are great for illuminating dark corners, just place a large mirror strategically across a window.�


Even where accessories are concerned people are being conscious of what material they are purchasing, wood and metals are gaining higher priority over other materials. This could be because traditionally we have been told these are sturdy or it could be that we are still not ready to experiment with something which is too quirky and will go out of fashion. Two major statement accessories are Mirrors and brass products.



We all know that mirrors are a versatile decorative element that gives instant polish to a room with little effort. If your room does not get enough light, mirrors are great for illuminating dark corners, just place a large mirror strategically across a window. They are also a great way to creating the illusion of space. Mirrors can be used to create elegance and drama to a room, for instance you can use mirrors to glam up old furniture pieces, just add a mirror to your table top and it will look as good as new. The latest trend seems to be in using mirrors as works of art. There’s a mirror for every taste, whether yours is modern or classic. Full size floor mirrors can make a room look dramatic, just select a nice frame and go wild with colours, you can place one or more than one, but remember these need to be large. You can use a cluster of mirrors, they are a cheaper investment

than paintings and can be strategically placed to either reflect the outdoors. If that is not possible you can get different kinds and shapes of mirror to make it like a wall art.



Another big trend this season is Brass, but before you freak out it is not the shiny yellow brass. This is a very modern form of the material, it is matt and

looks very chic. It is very hot for lighting and plumbing fixtures which it has been for quite some time now, but even here the designs have become very modern, no longer is it only ornate and heavy. They are huge for accessories as well, whether it is table top accessories like cutlery or water jugs or even lamp shades. But my favourite is the brass and wood combination, it looks very sleek.

Scornice, Glas Italia by Nanda Vigo, Space furniture

Antique Lantern, Domayne

Sphere Birdcage, Domayne

Gold Collection, B&B Italia, Space furniture

Interior Trends Summer 12/13  

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