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Phoenix Volume XIV

APRIL 2009

Issue IV

Dedicated Service to Featherston Rewarded Mrs Pat Flynn has served her community well for 60 years. This committment when she moved to Pirinoa from Wellington to start her country service teaching at the school there. Not long after her marriage in 1949, she was relieving at Kahutara a small country school not far from Featherston. At that time she was living in Featherston and, being a devout Christian soon became involved in the local Catholic Church and joined the choir. At the same time her husband who was a well known member of the Featherston Miniature Rifle club, persuaded her to take up rifle shooting, and she soon became a prominent member of the club. In 1951 she joined the Catholic Woman’s League as a foundation member and shortly afterwards became Honorary Secretary, a post she held for some years. By now she was teaching at Featherston School but had to forego that when she and husband Dave started a family. She did however help her husband as cashier at the local cinema, which he managed. When St Teresa’s catholic School opened in the late 50’s, Mrs Flynn acted as a relief teacher both there and at Featherston School, taking a full time position at St Teresa’s in 1966 as the school was desperately short of teaching Nuns. This she did and remained there until she retired many years later. During this time she was actively involved in small bore shooting and represented the Wairarapa against many teams from the lower north island. On several occasions was a member of the North Island ladies team. In 1968 her husband Dave was elected Mayor of Featherston and as a consequence, she acted competently and with dignity as Mayoress for the term of his leadership of the town. This involved functions attended by Her Majesty and Prince Phillip and other members of the Royal Family

at Government House. She also acted as host for visiting dignitaries such as the visits of Governor Generals. These she carried out with dignity and courtesy as befitted her position of Mayoress. During this period she became actively involved with the local branch of the Crippled Children’s Society, the Catholic Women’s League and the Mission Circle which was a group that provided parcels for Fiji. She was also making regular visits to Wellington to help care for her elderly Father. At the same time she was an active member of the “Meals on Wheels” service delivering meals to the elderly on a regular basis. Without a doubt, her biggest contribution to Featherston though is her Honorary Secretaryship of the Fell Museum. In June 1980, a society was formed to save the one remaining Fell Locomotive in the world. Pat was elected Secretary and 28 years later, at the age of 84 still holds that post. The Fell Museum is a Wairarpa success story and has the second highest number of visitors of any attraction in the Wairarapa. Pat has been instrumental in keeping it that way. For many years she opened and closed the museum on a daily basis; banked the takings, organized morning teas for visiting tourists off cruise ships and performed many other day to day tasks for this important tourist attraction. In 1977 she was made a Life Member of the Museum Society. Her enthusiasm and vigour is the envy of many people years younger than she is. During this time she trained as a Eucharisic Minister so she could take Holy Communion to her Father who was by now quite frail and had shifted from Wellington to live with her.

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Councillor’s Comment by Councillor Dean Davies Water Meters: Have you noticed all the blue lids appearing at regular intervals along the footpaths? It’s been interesting talking to a number of people regarding the ‘blue lids’ or Water Meters and their implication on our water use. In a recent issue of another, weekly publication was some information regarding these meters. Basically from 1 July this year council will read the meters every four months which will allow everyone to see how much water they are using and whether they may have an unknown leak or whether they can modify their water usage to avoid extra charges. Also keep an eye out for a council flyer in your letter box which will, hopefully, answer all your questions. Investment in Featherston: Isn’t it great to see Trust House investing so much in Featherston with their multi million dollar supermarket makeover! Apart from this being one of the worst kept secrets it is an exciting venture and will certainly change the Featherston ‘skyline.’ Isn’t it a shame that other building owners in our town don’t feel the same and seem to be anti development? Surely couldn’t we, as Featherston Residents, demand they at least replace broken windows and give the buildings a facelift? Let’s get vocal!!

Places. As a resident you may not be aware that in 2006 Council introduced a smoking ban in all Council owned playgrounds. The DHP is now requesting that Council consider extending their smoking ban to other recreational areas. This could include all Council reserves, including sports grounds such as Card Reserve and all of Clifford Square. I would be interested in your thoughts on this matter. Long Term Council Community Plan:

This process requires the Council to complete a 10 year plan, with the main focus on the first three years. This plan should be completed and in the hands of Audit New Zealand by the time you read this. Council have been meeting on a regular basis to look at issues that may affect the district and also any major capital expenditure that is scheduled to start within the next three years.

A major area of contention is do we continue to provide services at the current level, which will mean a large rate increase across the board or do we drop the service levels (i.e. less or no resealing of roads or footpaths, less frequent mowing of reserves, less frequent weeding of public gardens) and have a small rate increase. Also do we continue to provide funds to outside agencies or not?

What do you think? Please keep an eye on your letter box for a summary of Councils proposals and let us know if we are on the right track.

If you have concerns, gripes or grizzles please do not hesitate in contacting either me, Solitaire Robinson or Porky Sexton.

Graffiti: And talking of eye sores, aren’t you sick and tired of seeing all the Graffiti around the place! Firstly, it leaves visitors with a bad impression and secondly makes the town look uncared for. Council will only remove Graffiti from Council owned buildings. It is up to individual building owners to remove Graffiti from their buildings. So come on, let’s get the Graffiti removed as soon as it appears! And restore a little pride back into our Town.

Hi there, Wendy from ooh-la-la

Town Rubbish Bins:

Seasons are changing, you’ll need something warm

It has been bought to Councils attention that some shop owners and residents are filling our town rubbish bins with their own rubbish. Although this practise solves their problem it soon becomes Councils problem with the added cost of emptying the bins, and at the end of the day it is us, as the ratepayer, that must pay.

Come in and see me and don’t look so forlorn.

Commercial premises are able to leave up to four official Council rubbish bags out for collection on Wednesdays.

Filling my car up with an abundance of clothes.

Smoke Free Outdoor Public Places:

So please, come and see me, then I can go buy

Council has been contacted by the Wairarapa District Health Board regarding the issue of Smoke Free Outdoor Public

some more.


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Continued from Page 1 Separately from other attributes, she is also a very capable historian and was instrumental in preparing a “Heritage Trail” of local historic buildings and homes. After three years research she provided a list of 22 historic sites for which interpretation panels produced were subsequently erected. She represents Featherston on the Masterton based Wairarapa Heritage Committee.

In 2003, her contribution to the local community was recognized by the South Wairarapa District Council when she was awarded an “Outstanding Citizen Certificate” one of three presented that year in Featherston. In 2007,she was a very effective member of the Featherston Sesquicentennial Committee organizing tours to historic homes as well as giving advice on matters historical.

A few years later, she was actively employed as a volunteer Researcher for the production of the very successful history of Featherston, published in 2007. She is a member of the Featherston Heritage Museum and the Featherston promotional Group and often acts as secretary if the appointee is absent. Recently she contributed to the book “Station 63’One hundred years of fire fighting in Featherston’. She also contributed a story in a book about the Nelson Railway recalling her days when she was picking raspberries in that area in 1944. This was during the war when she was ‘manpowered’ to go there to do that work. Mrs Flynn is an active member of Tauherenikau Probus Club, and also a committee member. She regularly takes some of her contemporaries out and about in her car for shopping and other chores.

From Left to Right: Erica Tenquist, Sue Flynn, Pat Flynn, Brenda Shroder, John Tenquist and Cliff Lea (Friends of the Fell)



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South Wairarapa Road Holes The SWDC evidently has a code of compliance for holes in the road in Featherston. The categories are: Compliant Holes. 1. Naturally occurring holes which will reoccur on a regular basis. 2. Holes created by the SWDC or contractors. 3. Holes created by burst water mains. 4. Holes with loose fill which requires replacing frequently. [Compliant holes require the constant and repeated attention of the SWDC staff to maintain the holes in an acceptable condition to ensure there is a need for future repairs.] Non-Compliant Holes 5. Holes which do not comply with 1-4 above. 6. Holes which are not causing traffic problems or not creating noise or dust. 7. Holes which are level with or above the road surface. 8. Holes which do not affect underground water mains. 9. Holes in a State Highway for which the SWDC denies responsibility.

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My neighbour has a fully compliant Category 3 hole in the road outside his house which is subjected to constant damage from passing cattle trucks and road tankers. A SWDC team attends this hole (usually on weekends or public holidays) to ensure that it meets Council standards and that the water main underneath is damaged at least once a year. Outside my house I unfortunately have a category 7 noncompliant hole which has gone unnoticed by SWDC for at least five years. My concern is that I will be required to meet the costs to make this hole compliant and this could involve the Resource Management Act, the Environment Court, Environmental Impact Reports, drainage inspection and other local body requirements. Other property owners may be faced with similar problems in relation to non- compliant holes. At this time of economic downturn the SWDC will be looking for opportunities to keep staff working so if you do have a possible compliant hole please let them know about it.


THE PARTY DJ Phone 0800 PARTY DJ STEEL FABRICATION SERVICES General Engineering, Welding Farm Work. Tele. Graham 027 631 3100

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Graffiti is vandalism and it is a crime! Graffiti vandalism is a problem in many communities not just Featherston. It is also a crime carrying penalties ranging from fines and community work to prison sentences. Tagging has its victims. The person whose property is being defaced, the community whose property values are affected, and the citizens who feel insecure in their own communities are all victims of tagging. Tagging can also lead to a perception that an area is out of control and full of crime- is this we want for our town? Let’s take pride in our town & remove the graffiti. If it is on a Council owned building then it is Council’s responsibility to remove it, if it is on a private building then it is the owner’s responsibility. Unfortunately, the majority of graffiti is on privately owned buildings. The removal of graffiti costs, but to leave graffiti on buildings for months gives the impression that this behavior is acceptable, this is not what this town wants or needs. Tagging is vandalism, it is a crime. If you see someone tagging, report it, take photos! If you get your property tagged remove it asap. Let’s make it difficult for these individuals. Come on Featherston, time to take a stand against graffiti.

OUTDOOR BOWLS With Bowls coming to the end of the season. The Club has had some great success with teams winning Champ of Champ events.Congratulationstoall.

Helen & Bill Walker

Centre Men‘s Open Prs. won by Les. O‘Donovan (S) and Bruce Howe. Junior Women‘s Singles Trisanna Campbell. Junior Men‘s Singles Cliff Grimwood. Brett Singles Snr. Daphne Traynor. Nancy Duffy Drawn Pair‘s (W) Rose Clement (S) Makaia Campbell. Dale Anderson Drawn 4s (W) Rose Clement (S) Jean Monk, Jo Henderson, Dawn Walsh. Business House Bowls Wai. News Cup. Winner R.S.A Ray Simonsen (S) Cliff Grimwood. Ray Woodley, Angie Shirkey. Section B Nit Pickers. Roz Harding (S), Ian Simons, Brian Love, J.J.

for RD1 or RD3 027 622 1505

Thankyou one and allfor making this a wonderful event. We welcome you all to come back next season.


Gordon Wyeth for RD2 027 430 8866

The Club would like to thank our Sponsors for this great event. A sponsor means a great thing for the club. Thankyou Le Cinz‘ (Cindy Karaitiana ) and Stuart and Makaia Campbell. Winner of the Bowling Club Raffle Drawn 20th March, Ticket No. 106 Val Watkins. Thank you all for the support you have givenus.



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MONDAY Galaxy Gym, Sports Stadium Annexe 5.30-7pm. Ph 308-9932 or 308-9086. Featherston St John adults, 7.30pm. Phone 308-9330. Senior Citizens Cub meets every Monday. Phone 308-9628 or 308-9644. Playcentre, Monday, Friday 9.15am to 11.45am for children 0-6. Kahutara Play Group meets at Kahutara Hall, 9.45-l2pm. For parents and caregivers of preschool children. Everone welcome TUESDAY Featherston Golf Club ladies Day, 9.30am. New members very welcome. Phone 308-9973. South Wairarapa Badminton Club 6.30-9.30pm at the Stadium. Childrens Chess and Board Game Club. All welcome. 4.30 to 5.30pm. Ph Graham or Robyn 308 8118. WEDNESDAY Cross Creek Blues Club. Every 1st Wednesday of the month at the “Tin Hutt” Tauherenikau 7.30pm. For more info contact Eric 308 6474 or visit Sth Wairarapa Badminton Club midweek 10-noon at the Stadium. Galaxy Gym, Sports Stadium Annexe 5.30-7pm. Ph 308-9932 or 308-9086. Featherston Scottish Country Dance Club resumes 7.30pm Wednesday 11th March and every Wednesday except the first one of the month. Catholic Church Parish Hall, Bell Street. Beginners welcome. $1 per night. This is social dancing, you don’t need a special partner. Phone 308-9015. Featherston Lions Club meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday. Phone 308-9274. Karate 6pm Featherston Primary School HaIl, teaching students of all ages. All are welcome Ph 308-9839. Toy Library 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 12-1pm, Featherston Community Centre, 14 Wakefield Street. Lovebugs music and coffee morning for caregivers and babies to preschoolers. 10arn at the Anglican Church Hall (opposite the Fire Station). Parking at the back. $2 donation. All welcome. Kahutara Play Group meets at Kahutara Hall, 9.45-12pm For parents and caregivers of preschool children. Everone welcome for education and fun. Wairarapa Folk Club meets every 4th Wednesday at The Lounge Wine & Tampas Bar, High Street, Carterton. Waihenga St John’s Masonic Lodge meets 1st Wednesday of the month in Martinborough. Contact Phone 308 9812. Featherston District Gymnastics Club meet at the Stadium, Underhill Rd. Instructed by Angie Smith, qualified recreational coach. Wednesday 9-9.45am children 18mth-3yrs; 2-3pm 3-5yrs; 3.30-4.30pm 5-8yrs; 4.35-5.35pm 913yrs; 5.35-6.35pm 13 yrs. Ph Jenny, 308 8077. THURSDAY Care and Craft meet every second Thursday. Phone 308-9992. Lioness Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday. New members most welcome. Phone 308-9330. St John Cadets (Youth) meet at 7pm every Thursday at St John Hall. Phone 308-6593.

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FRIDAY Board Games at the Pub. 1st & 3rd Friday of each month at the Royal Hotel. 7pm to 10pm. Ph Graham or Robyn 308 8118. Galaxy Gym, Sports Stadium Annexe 5.30-7pm. Ph 308-9932 or 308-9086. A.A. meets at 8pm every Friday Evening. Phone 308-9876. Playcentre, Monday, Friday 9.15am to 11.45am for children 0-6. Wairarapa Folk Club meets every 2nd Friday at Faloon Settlement Road, Masterton (signposted) at 8pm. SATURDAY Toy Library 1st & 3rd Saturday, 9.30-10.30am, Featherston Community Centre, 14 Wakefield Street. Al-Anon Family Group: South Wairarapa Family Grup meets every Saturday at 11am in Greytown. Ph 389 2103 for more info or 0508 4 AL-ANON (0508 4 25 2666) or website: SUNDAY Featherston Golf Club members club day from 9am. Soldiers Settlement Road. Weekly competitions. New members welcome. Phone Barbara Thompson 308 9194 or Peter Hawkins 308 9357. Wairarapa Country Music Club monthly Club singalong, get together & afternoon tea, St Johns Hall, Dixon St Masterton 1.30 pm, November 13. All welcome. Small charge for afternoon tea WOW Toastmasters Club for public speaking training meets 3rd Sunday, 11am to 1pm at different venues in the Wairarapa. Visit for details.

If your home is under immediate threat what possessions would you save?


“I’m ready to go mate. The photographs and jewellery are at the front door…!” Of all the worldly possessions this gentleman owned, the first thing he thought to save was his photos! Quote from a male resident of East Killara, a suburb of Sydney, reported during the tragic Victorian fires.

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HISTORIC CELEBRATIONS The Fell Locomotive Museum committee is planning a function to be held at the Museum on 18 April 2009. It is to celebrate the moving of the engine from Clifford Square to the purpose built building on 10 March 1984, the official opening of the Museum on 29 April 1984, and the recommissioning, after eight years of restoration, of H199 on 16 April 1989. The engine had stood in the children’s playground without any maintenance, for 26 years, apart from two coats of paint applied by rail enthusiasts. It had become a rusting hulk. Following a public meeting in July 1980 to discuss the future of the loco, the Friend of the Fell Society was incorporated in August 1980. The Society had two targets. One was to restore this historic engine. The second was to provide it with permanent cover. Restoration commenced in March 1981, and over 3 years of working at the playground, 12 tonnes of parts were removed. This lightened the engine for lifting. This also gave better access to restore its many inner parts. During this time, the Society’s building committee had, by late 1983, arranged the erection of a home for the engine. It should be noted that the present Museum building is made up of the original building, in which the loco is displayed, plus 4 additions. The counter area was added in 1986, the toilets and personalities room in 1989, the “windbreak” as it is known, which protects the front entrance door from north westerly gales in 1992, and finally , in 1996, the theatre, brake van, Cross Creek model areas, and mezzanine floor were built. The 3 years in the playground dismantling the loco, often meant working in very windy and sometimes wet conditions. The team of 4 men, assisted on occasions by others, was led by an experienced engineer, Graham Murrell. Graham was a fitter at 10

Cross Creek during the Second World War. He had a detailed knowledge of the workings of a Fell engine. After each day’s work, the parts removed were identified and put into safe storage. On 10 March 1984, the great day arrived when the engine was lifted by two cranes, placed on rail track on John Skipage’s truck, and led by the Upper Hutt Pipe Band, down Birdwood Street. On arrival outside the Museum, the loco was again lifted, and placed on track. A local tow wagon, then pulled the engine backwards into its new home, using a deadman pulley located at the head of the inspection pit. For the opening ceremony on 29 April 1984, the loco was towed outside, and timber laid over the inspection pit, on which additional seating was placed, thus converting the building into a “hall” for the occasion. The Museum was officially opened by the Hon. Ben Couch, M P for Wairarapa, with speeches also from the Mayor, Bill McKerrow, and the Fell Society’s president, John Tenquist and others. For the next 5 years, the Museum building could best be described as a workshop. Down the eastern side was a strong wooden bench, on which were located wire and buff wheels, vices, boxes of nuts and bolts, and assorted tools. On the wall above the bench, there were not photos, but more tools! Overseeing all the work on the bench was the Summit Tunnel bell, whilst high up on the southern wall was the large picture of a five engine train passing between windbreaks at Siberia. The bell and picture were presented to the Museum on the opening day by the NZ Railways Corporation. There were no carpets on the concrete floor. There were gas bottles and hoses for cutting and welding, various parts of the locomotive awaiting restoration, tins of priming paint, and lubricants used to loosen rusty and stubborn bolts and nuts and restore threads on these items. Some of the large and heavy parts for restoration were taken to the Featherston Dairy Company at South Featherston. This was done whilst the factory was not producing dairy products. The cab and main water tanks were restored in this way. Another great day came on 31 March 1989, when the last part, the brass acorn, was fitted on top of the steam


dome. The Society now had the green light to arrange a recommissioning ceremony. This took place on 16 April 1989, when the Hon. Jonathon Hunt, Minister of Tourism, arrived at Featherston Station by Silver Fern railcar, together with some 90 other interested folk. A huge crowd assembled on the grass area between the Museum and the Information Centre, to witness the cutting of the ribbon. This signified the completion of the full restoration of H199. Besides the Minister, the speakers were again the Mayor, Bill Mckerrow, John Tenquist and others. Looking back, on 3 November 1955, H199 had been driven from Cross Creek to Speedy’s Crossing, to be part of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the 8.8km Rimutaka Tunnel. At this ceremony, the Minister of Railways, Hon. J K McAlpine presented H199 to the community of Featherston, to be “a memorial to the men and women who had operated the line for 77 years.” Since 1981, H199 has been, and still is, a great attraction, bringing many visitors to Featherston. Together with the Fell brake van, memorabilia, models and films, the 134 years old locomotive is a fitting tribute, not only to the former railway men and women, but also to the surveyors, navvies and engineers who constructed the line from Lower Hutt to Featherston between 1874 and 1878. It was the 16 October 1878 that the railway line was opened for public use from Wellington to Featherston.





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WOW Are you interested in joining a club that would develop your language and leadership skills? A club that is friendly, open to people aged 18 – 100 years young, meets once a month, where you get an opportunity to listen to other people’s experiences of life as well as being trained and supported to share your own experience to a group of people. Where you can build your confidence when speaking to a group. Then join…….WOW!!!!!! The WOW Toastmasters Club is a club with a difference, having meetings with a difference, at venues with a difference! WOW Toastmasters Club meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month (but may vary) at a different venue in the Wairarapa, indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. Every second meeting is held at Cobblestones Museum, Greytown. WOW Toastmasters Club is a community club with members from all over the Wellington and Wairarapa regions. If you would like more information please contact Rita Stirling on 06 379 7571 or come to Cobblestones on Sunday 19th April at 11am. 11

St Teresa’s News Wishing you all a Happy and Holy Easter. Holy week is the last week of this school term and it is a focus of the school to participate in variety of activities that ensure the children understand the meaning of Easter. Traditions - especially those children can see, hear, feel, smell and taste - provide vivid and lasting impressions. I am looking forward to the Easter buns – the smell while they are cooking is divine and eating them (with lots of butter) is heavenly!!! A great family activity on Good Friday is to make and eat Hot Cross Buns together. Below is a fantastic recipe adapted from Australian Woman’s Weekly, Celebration Cookbook. Makes 16 buns

Flour paste for crosses

30g compressed yeast ¼ cup sugar 4 cups plain flour 11/2 cups milk 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp mixed spice 60g margarine 1 egg, lightly beaten 90g (1/2 cup) sultanas

1/2 cup plain flour 2 tsps sugar 1/3 cup water (approx.) Glaze 1Tbsp sugar 1 tsp gelatine 1 Tbsp hot water



Cream yeast in a small bowl with 1 teaspoon each of the sugar and flour.

Add warm milk and mix well.

Cover and stand in a warm place until mixture is frothy.

Sift flour, salt, sugar and spices into large bowl.

Rub in the butter, add egg, sultanas and yeast mixture.

Beat well with a wooden spoon.

Cover bowl with clean cloth and stand in a warm place for about 40 minutes or until dough is doubled in bulk.

Punch dough down and turn onto floured surface.

Knead well for about 5 minutes or until the dough is smooth and elastic.

Cut into 16 pieces and knead each piece into a round shape.

Put buns in lightly greased 23cm square slab pan.

Stand in warm place for about 15 minutes or until buns reach the top edge of the pan.

Place flour paste for crosses in piping bag fitted with small plain tube and pipe crosses on buns.

Bake in hot oven for 20 minutes.

Brush tops with a hot glaze while buns are still hot from the oven.

Thanks to all those who supported the School Fair on Saturday 28th March. Funds from this will go to upgrade the heating systems in the classrooms. Some of the room heaters are now antiques!!! It is important that the rooms are comfortably heated -summer and winter – that is conducive to learning and teaching. The South Wairararpa swimming sports, which were held in Greytown on 11th March, were held in wet and cold conditions. 24 children from the school represented the district and 4 have gone on to represent the South Wairarapa schools at the Wairarapa Swimming championships being held early in April. Rippa rugby was a ‘big’ talking point this month. The Year 5 & 6 rippa rugby team participated in World Cup of rippa rugby, which was organized by the Wairarapa police education officers. It was promoted as – “In sport, out of court”. Each of the 16 participating schools were drawn a country and we drew New Zealand. The senior boys at the school spent many hours practicing the haka, which was used at the beginning of each game. The team consisted of 10 players – Moana, Lisa, Amanda, Ned, Alex, Angus, Ethan, Justin, Jordan and Henry. The team was given a black tee shirt each with the printed words of World cup of rippa rugby 2009 and on the back the words New Zealand. A busload of supporters also wearing black and white and their faces painted with NZ and the fern, carried banners and flags, had no voices left at the end of the day– even Mrs Watson the co-ordinator of the supporters group. The team came third and received the World Cup rippa rugby shield. The team also carried black balloons with their names printed on them, and the supporters carried black balloons, which the girls used when being cheerleaders. It was a great experience for all. Thanks to Mrs Southey the manager for her organization and to Willie Leota for coaching the team. The Year 7 & 8 students also participated in a 7’s rugby tournament held in Greytown. This was participated in a fast and furious manner and with the team playing with a positive

spirit they made the finals. They played MIS in the final and congratulations to the MIS players for being the winners of this tournament. The team of Kaleb, William, Chris, SandiLee, Sandra, Shelby and Bede were supported with two South Featherston students – James and Ethan, and two Featherston students – Nick and Josh. Nick was nominated player of the St Teresa’s team. Thanks to Taylor Fenwick who coached this team. Unfortunately during one of the practices Adam fell awkwardly and was forced out of the team after badly injuring his knee. All children are encouraged to play a winter sport, however it does bring a challenge in that we desperately need coaches for all codes. If you would like to have a rewarding hour a week coaching children’s sport please contact the senior clubs.

Lioness News At a presentation last week Lions from Featherston representing the Zone, Richard Burgess and Peter March presented Ken McKenzie, Chairman of the Featherston Ambulance Trust with a cheque for $4000, the proceeds of tis year’s Zone fishing contest to help with the purchase of a new ambulance for Featherston. Featherston ambulance is to be replaced and St John Central Region have ordered one to arrive in July. The Featherston Ambulance Trust along with Central Region St John thank the Lions and Lionesses for their efforts. Representing the Lions and Lionesses were Richard Burgess, Peter March, Lions President Graham McGregor, Barbara Love and Brian Love who for years have been the official weigh-in person and first aid person. Chairman of the Featherston St John, Paul Mason welcomed his visitors to the St John monthly meeting and sincerely thanked them for their generous gift. The Big Coast Cycle Challenge was a huge success, weather was kind and those participating thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and scenery. A huge thank you to the organizing committee.

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FROM: Alterations, Costumes, Leather, Canvas, Tents, Bags, Backpacks, Squabs Covering, One-offs etc. Contact CHERIE Telephone 308 6674

Cell 027 258 2077



C J Consulting Ltd Affordable websites for under $500. Basic computer training. Promotional items for your conference or gifts for your clients. Typing. Brochures. Business Cards.

Please remember our garage sale on 4th April in the Senior Citizens Hall and our Easter Raffle. Money raised will be going to the Ronald McDonald House. Friends and past members have been invited to our next dinner meeting. Guest speakers will be our President Lyn Olds and her friend Marilyn who cycled through Cambodia raising money for World Vision. Our club recently gave financial support for the Australian Bush Fires and challenged other Lions and Lioness Clubs to do better.

Contact Christine for more information Ph: 06 3089 428 Fax: 06 3089 429 Mob: 027 2644 933 Email: 13

You would not expect to find high quality gifts in a Railway Museum would you? But you can in Featherston! Call at the Fell Locomotive Museum in Lyon Street and see their wide range Featherston Pens $1.00 & $2.00 Featherston Stickers $2.00 Featherston Round Patches $3.00 Name & Address Key Chains $3.50 Memo Clip Magnets $3.50 Tape Measures (Metric & Imperial) $3.50 Sewing Kits $3.50 Ceramic Thimbles $3.50 Fridge Magnets $2.50 to $4.00 Featherston Key Rings $4.50 Train Whistles, 2 3 & 4 hole $3.90 to $4.70 Cameo Earring Boxes $4.00 Leather Keyrings $5.00 Folding Hairbrush/Mirror Sets $5.00 Gold Spinning Key Chains $5.00 Finger Nail Clippers $5.00 Key Clips $5.00 Locomotive Design Teatowels $6.00 Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles $6.20 Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames $6.20 Glass PaperWeights $6.80 LED Echo Torches (require no batteries) $6.90 Featherston Teatowels Cameo Bells

$7.00 $8.00

Wairarapa Calendars


Museum Open 7 days 10am to 4pm 14

The Hound of the Baskervilles The Greytown Little Theatre is to present Conan Doyle’s most famous Sherlock Holms mystery “ The Hound of the Baskervilles” in April – May for a season of eight performances. The director, George Webby, has taken the latest adaptation, by American Tim Kelly, and decided to keep to the Edwardian setting, with its lavish costumes and décor. The play is, if nothing else, high on suspense, helped along by thunder and lightning, the eerie cries of the hound itself, and of course, a dead body. The production is an ideal outing for any group hoping for a thrilling evening (aided no doubt, by your BYO refreshments and the supper supplied by the Theatre) The play traces the story of Sir Henry Baskerville (Josh Cameron), the heir to a considerable estate after the death of Sir Charles Baskerville. Due to a West country legend about a huge demon dog roaming adjacent moors seeking an ancient vengeance, Lady Agatha (Nicky Gillet), a neighbour, suspects the death was no accident. Through her friend, Dr Watson(Simon Dotrice), she seeks the help of the one and only Sherlock Holmes (John Ihaka). It soon emerges that everyone is a suspect, from those in the manor house, the housekeeper (Rose Bibby) and her husband (Heath Huxford), the maid (Liz Birch), to those living near by, including a married couple (Yvonne Way and Hemi Ruatoto), as well as a mysterious young lady (Victoria Hutchings). Holmes has his work cut out to solve this adventure of superstition and revenge on the barren, gloomy moors in this hugely enjoyable mystery. This is a production guaranteed to send a delicious shiver down ones’ spine, set in a gracious home (designed by Steven Ray and built by Graeme Gray and Colin Jupp), that stands adjacent to the barren and gloomy Dartmoor landscape. Enquiries may be made to Crafters’ Heaven Greytown, phone 3048477. The play opens on Thursday evening 23rd to Sunday 26th (a 2pm matinee) and the following week, Wednesday 29th April to Saturday 2nd May (note no performance on Friday 1st May). There is a concession price for group bookings (one free seat for every ten seats booked). Bookings are expected to be heavy for this popular drama and those wishing to make group reservations are advised to make early enquiries.

WHAT ARE WE? The Featherston Community Centre Charitable Trust is a community facility owned by the people of Featherston. In 1991, as part of the “Wake Up Featherston” campaign, the building and grounds were leased for a Community Centre. They were purchased in 1996 and have been owned outright since 2000. WHO ARE WE? The Community Centre is overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors and managed on a daily basis by an Office Coordinator. WHERE ARE WE? We are located at 14 Wakefield Street, halfway between Fitzherbert and Fox Streets. We also have a pedestrian entrance through the back garden of the Rapa Café. WHAT DO WE DO? 1. We offer facilities to public and private users who require office space or a meeting place for one-off on ongoing events, activities, hui, classes, etc... 2. We strive to facilitate and coordinate services and programmes for the community. WHAT’S ON? The following classes or groups are currently meeting at the Centre: Creative Memories, tai chi, junior chess and board games, mah jong, King Street Art, trim and tone, needlework & craft group, belly dancing, Feldenkrais , line dancing, dancercise, knit and flatter. ONGOING SERVICES: These organisations hold regular hours at the Centre: OSCAR after-school care, WINZ, Maori Land Court, Wairarapa Community Law Centre, Te Puni Kokiri.

Featherston Assembly of God

WHAT IS OUR VISION? To serve as the hub of Featherston’s social and educational services - used, valued and supported by the entire community. SO WHAT? We would like to invite YOU to get involved. The Community Centre belongs to you. What would you like to see happening in Featherston? Is there a class that you could teach (dancing, sewing, languages, car repair, web design, guitar)? Are you a member of a special interest group that needs a place to meet (chess club, embroidery group, book club, singing group, art club)? Do you need a site for your anniversary luncheon or AGM? Is there a lecturer coming to town who needs a public place to speak? Are you looking for an opportunity to GET INVOLVED and MAKE A DIFFERENCE? We are always in need of volunteers. The more people involved in the Centre the more we can offer to the community.

We cannot avoid decisions Our decisions determine our destiny

Sunday Service 10.00am 22-30 Birdwood Street Telephone 308 9123

WEb LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU: Visit us: 14 Wakefield Street Ring us: 06 308 8239 Fax us: 06 308 5541 E-mail us: 15

Do you love your photos and the memories they hold?

Digital Awareness Seminar for professionals, computer newbies and lovers of high quality photos on a budget. A FREE event sponsored by the Kuranui College ACE (Adult Community Education) Program. Professional photographer Russell Mannix, Computer Professional Noel Hayes from ‘Click On’ Computers, and Ramona Sargent (tutor of the Kuranui College ACE Photo Book course) will share knowledge and tips on: • • • • • • • •

Improving your photography skills Getting the most from your digital camera Enhancing digital photos. Repairing old and damaged photos digitally. Digital photo storage online, offline and hardcopy – are your photos at risk of TOTAL loss? Simple photo books on a budget. How to design your own unique beautiful background templates – easy and fun! Introduction to the ACE Photo Book course.

Includes a slideshow of sample pages from 4 Photo Books ( sample ‘wedding book’ with photography by Donald Yee, work in progress of ‘Travel in the United States – January 2009’ of Russell Mannix’s recent family holiday, a heirloom book as a present for a 50th and my daughters 1st year of life. WHERE: Kuranui College Stadium WHEN: Wednesday 22 April, 7pm – 8.30pm

St John News Since it was formed as a Sub Centre of the St John Ambulance Association in 1953, Featherston and surrounding district has had an ambulance to convey the sick and injured to District hospitals. In fact, up to the present day, there have there have been four different models of ambulance vehicles attached to the Featherston station, and all four were purchased by the Area committee of the day, who staged many and various activities to raise the necessary funds to purchase the vehicle. To supplement the funds to operate, maintain and service the vehicles, service contracts were concluded with Hospital Boards which resulted in financial payments for the distance the patient was transported from the scene to the receiving hospital. In addition a Friends of the Ambulance insurance scheme was initiated, which ensured that financial members were conveyed to a receiving hospital anywhere in New Zealand, at the expense of the Area Committee. The income and donations from this scheme together with other bequest money and donations were invested in an Ambulance Trust Fund to assist with the purchase of a new replacement vehicle when the time arose. In 2008, the St John Central Region Trust Board, formally the St John Ambulance Association negotiated a service contract with the Wairarapa District Health Board for an ambulance service outside the normal operating hours of the W.D.H.B. own ambulance operation. This involved co-ordinating the Carterton, Featherston and Martinborough ambulances and crews to fill a roster every day from 6pm until 6am the following day. The St John Trust Board agreed to fund the operation and maintenance of the vehicles, train staff and supply all consumables used while the staff were on duty.

RSVP: Tuesday 21 April CONTACT: Ramona Sargent Ph: 06 308 8328 or email:


In return each district had to provide a vehicle to the standard of service defined by St John Trust Board together with facilities at each Ambulance Station to enable crews to sleep over at the station when required.

Featherston’s Ambulance, purchased new in 1991 was deemed to be sub-standard for a modern service and the area committee entered into negotiation with the St John Trust Board for the purchase of the latest model Mercedes vehicle, in service in the Central Region, Wairarapa DHB and Martinborough. Because St John have the contract with the supplies of this model of vehicle, a delivery to Featherston of a new ambulance was planned for July 2009 at which time the 1991 model would be withdrawn from service. Through judicious investment of accumulated funds, bequest funds and the ambulance trust, the Featherston Area Committee have been able to fund the renovation of accommodation for sleep-over crews at the ambulance station as well as pay for the purchase price of the new ambulance which is expected to be $156,000 into service. The upgrade facilities and new modern vehicle will ensure that all citizens of Featherston and surrounding district will be well served for emergency health needs for the foreseeable future.

Indoor Bowls Come and join the club that won the 2008 Interclub Competition in the South Wairarapa Indoor bowls Association. The club is the South Featherston club who meet March/ October on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm at the Featherston School Hall. Come and join our friendly members whether you are a social or competitive bowler all are welcome. Les Morgan. Sec.3089935.

Red Cross

Featherston RSA Memorial Club Inc.


EASTER KARAOKE NIGHT GOOD FRIDAY April 10, 2009 8pm till late

come along and enjoy a fun night

Come along . . . . and take the opportunity to have a meal at our very popular “MESSINES RESTAURANT” and enjoy “Jurals” excellent menu.

Our sincere thanks to the collectors, and to those who contributed to our recent National Red Cross week. Donations exceeded our expectations, a little more than last year. Thank you to you all. Our thanks to the kind folk who have given us plants for our plant sale day 28th March 2009.

Bookings are preferred “See you there” 17

Featherston Ruby Football Club

MONSTER QUIZ NIGHT at the CLUBROOMS on MONDAY, APRIL 20 at 7.30pm Teams of 4: $20 per team Refreshments available Great Spot prizes Main Prizes: Meals in Masterton & Local Venues Entry Forms available from The Professionals DOOR SALES

SCHOOL - 1957 vs. 2009 Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school. 1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies. 2009 - Police called, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Both children go to anger management programs for 3 months. School board hold meeting to implement bullying prevention programs Scenario: Robbie won’t be still in class, disrupts other students. 1957 - Robbie sent to office and given 6 of the best by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 2009 - Robbie given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADD. Robbie’s parents get fortnightly disability payments and School gets extra funding from state because Robbie has a disability. Scenario : Billy breaks a window in his neighbor’s car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt. 1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman. 2009 - Billy’s dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang. Billy’s sister tells State psychologist that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison. Scenario : Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school. 1957 - Mark gets glass of water from Principal to take aspirin with. 2009 - Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations. Car searched for drugs and weapons.


Playcentre News


We have had a busy start to the first term of the year. Our themes this term are Volcanoes and Fire Engines. The children and (Parents) have had a lot of fun creating paper mache volcanoes, and making sandpit volcanoes. A great way to experiment with what happens when you mix different mixtures together. Volcano larva gloop has been a hit, even if it a messy one. We are looking forward to starting on trains with an outing planned in the community. Featherston Playcentre has been operating with a new management team, who are excited and motivated about creating sessions that will inspire our children to learn as they grow. We welcome new families to come and visit and be part of the fun that playcentre offers. We are holding a combined open day/garage sale fundraiser on the 2nd May between 9 – 12 and invite families to come along and join us. If anyone would like to de-clutter their home, and donate their no longer required treasures. We welcome any clean usable items with thanks.

EASTER TIMETABLE 9-12 April, 2009 Masses



Holy Thursday Good Friday Holy Saturday Easter Sunday

7.00pm 3.00pm 7.30pm 9.30am

5.30pm 3.00pm 5.30pm




Tuesday Wednesday

7.00pm 10.30am

Early Childhood Teacher We have a full time teaching position available in our new centre for a person holding a Dip Tch/BED (ECE). Persons training towards this or interested in training maybe considered. The successful applicant will be enthusiastic, energetic, and have a desire to provide the highest quality education for children. Having a team approach and strong communication skills is crucial. Applications close on 10th April, for more information contact Ana on 0274526504.

Bell Street Early Learning Centre 74 Bell St, Featherston 19

Featherston CINEMA, 46a Fox St, Featherston email

From the 1 April the Featherston Cinema will be closed for public screenings. Until the building is sold we will still be able to do private bookings – Ring Julie on 3089412

I would like to thank a number of people who have supported the cinema throughout the past 22 months - Especially the Movie Coffee club - Ron and Colleen, Margaret Chittick and Margaret Cryer. Babs, Peter and Edna Jenny A, Claire, Lizzie and Neil, Jenny C, Helen, Diana, Jane, Maria and Miles, Sharleen, Debbie and Ben, Viv, Glenys, Maria, Jo and Rex, Jan, Ahshanti, John and Lorraine, Rita, Grace and Stephen, Rae, Gillian, Shirley and Erroll, Robyn, Jenny Mck, Hilary, Bronwyn and Ian, Carole and John, Jo, Margaret P, Judy and Paul, Ainslie, Karen and Eden, Denis and Jenny T, John and Erica, Sharon and Heri, Joan, Bev, Val, Gus and Larisa, Probus, Mad Millies Group, Lions, Lioness, Steve Chapman, Country Ladies Group, Local Ladies Group, All tree Services, D & J Collins Autos. If I have missed your name I am sorry but I have intended to miss anyone Thank you Debbie who has been a great work mate and friend – I could not have done it with out you. Thank you David, Max, Kirk and Glen

D & J Collins Auto Services 91 Fitzherbert St, Featherston ph3089412 Prompt and Efficient Service W.O.F., Wheel Alignment, Diesel/Petrol vehicle repairs, tyre repair, manufacture of trailers, light engineering.



FIREWOOD – Get your firewood for winter Pine and Willow $100. Trailer $275. Truckload Macrocarpa and gum $120 trailer, $320.00 truckload Derelict Vehicles and scrap metals Free pickup in Featherston and Greytown 20

Featherston Phoenix April 09  

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