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Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ( 1 8 1 9 - 1 8 61 )

Albert was the husband and consort of QueenVictoria and a significant influence on his wife. She never recovered from his premature death. Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was born on 26 August 1819 at Schloss Rosenau, in Bavaria, the younger son of the duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.When he was seven, his father divorced his mother on grounds of adultery, and she was sent to live in Switzerland and forbidden to see her children. Albert was educated at Bonn University. In 1840, he married his cousin, QueenVictoria.The marriage was unpopular in some quarters, and parliament resisted granting Albert what his wife regarded as a suitable allowance. Albert's role as advisor to his wife came into full force after the death of Lord Melbourne, the prime minister, who had exerted a strong paternal influence overVictoria, and Albert began to act as the queen's private secretary. He encouraged in his wife a greater interest in social welfare and invited Lord Shaftesbury, the driving force behind successive factory acts, to Buckingham Palace to discuss the matter of child labour. His constitutional position was a difficult one, and although he exercised his influence with tact and intelligence, he never enjoyed great public popularity during Victoria's reign. It wasn't until 1857 that he was formally recognised by the nation and awarded the title 'prince consort'. Albert took an active interest in the arts, science, trade and industry. He masterminded the Great Exhibition of 1851, with a view to celebrating the great advances of the British industrial age and the expansion of the empire. He used the profits to help to establish the South Kensington museums complex in London. In the autumn of 1861, Albert intervened in a diplomatic row between Britain and the United States and his influence probably helped to avert war between the two countries.When he died suddenly of typhoid on 14 December,Victoria was overwhelmed by grief and remained in mourning until the end of her life. She commissioned a number of monuments in his honour, including the Royal Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens completed in 1876. Albert and Victoria had nine children, most of whom married into the other royal houses of Europe.

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Traditional afternoon tea £14.95

t h e


pe r pe rs on

5 assorted fresh cut finger sandwiches of smoked salmon and cream cheese; cucumber; ham and English mustard; beef and horseradish; and Coronation chicken Warm fruit scone with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam Mini éclair, banana and walnut cake, French fancy Your choice of freshly brewed tea

R o o m

Teas and Coffees Le af te a £ 2 . 5 0

A choice of English Breakfast, Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong I n fu s ion s £ 2 . 5 0

A choice of Rooibos, camomile, peppermint, blackcurrant, citrus or green tea Filter coffe e £ 2 . 5 0

E s pre s s o £ 1 . 95

Cappu cci n o £ 2 . 95

( s i n gle )

L at te £ 2 . 95

Car a m e l l at te £ 3. 2 5


( d ou ble )

M och a £ 3. 2 5

Cr oissan t £ 1 . 5 0

M i n i m u ffi n £ 0 . 95

Hom e bake d s hortbre ad



Hom e m ade d ou ble chocol ate ch i p cooki e £ 1 . 7 5

Sandwiches 8am to 12pm

S au s age s ou r d ou gh bu n £ 4. 5 0

Ch e s h i re ch e e s e toa s ti e £ 3. 95 Ban an a an d pe an u t bu t te r on s oft w h i te £ 3. 95

12pm to 5pm Sm oke d s alm on an d cre a m ch e e s e £ 5 . 95 Egg an d cre s s m ayon n ai s e £ 4. 95 Ha m and En gli s h m u s tard £ 4. 95

pe r pe rs on

Traditional afternoon tea, plus: A glass of H.Lanvin NV Champagne and hulled strawberries

Gentleman’ s afternoon tea

Waffle w i th hot chocol ate s au ce £ 2 . 95

Bacon sour d ou gh bu n £ 4. 5 0


Hot chocol ate £ 2 . 95

Bakery M i n i Dan i s h £ 0 . 95

Champagne afternoon tea

Cu cum be r £ 3. 95

Be e f an d hors e r adi s h £ 4. 95


pe r pe rs on

Pâté on toast, mini tuna melt, gravalax en croute, anchovy and green tapenade crostini Warm fruit scone with Devonshire clotted cream and lemon curd Baked, deep filled cheesecake Your choice of freshly brewed tea A pint of real ale or a scotch on the rocks

High tea £14.95

pe r pe rs on

Your choice of one of: Fish, chips and mushy peas Welsh rarebit Poached eggs on toast with smoked haddock Corned beef hash with fried eggs

Cor on ation ch icke n £ 4. 95

All served on your choice of white or wholemeal bloomer bread

All served with crusty bread, butter and strawberry jam and your choice of freshly brewed tea

The Albert Room at the Queen Hotel  

Menu for The Albert Room at BEST WESTERN PREMIER Queen Hotel Chester.

The Albert Room at the Queen Hotel  

Menu for The Albert Room at BEST WESTERN PREMIER Queen Hotel Chester.