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10.16 judd demaline St. Louis, Photographer “I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I accepted the assignment, but it’s Feast, so I was positive it was going to be both creative and fun. What I never expected was the camaraderie, the connection with nature and the honesty involved. These two guys laughed about their children’s antics, traded quips over cigars and breathed in the nature that surrounded them. They basked in the morning sunlight while preparing themselves for the long wait ahead. I had never been on a hunt before that day, but if every hunt brings you that close to nature, I would gladly go again.� (Straight Shooter, p. 88)

zach bauman Kansas City, Photographer “One of my favorite things to photograph is someone in their element doing what they love to do. Going into the Halcyon Forge photo shoot, I was already excited about what I might get to capture, and once I arrived and met Joseph, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. There was fire, a ton of tools, machinery and rock ‘n’ roll blasting in the workshop – a perfect way to spend a Sunday.� (Looking Sharp, p. 75)

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justin phelps St. Louis, Writer “I’m a lucky guy in that I get the chance to try a lot of different beers from a lot of different breweries. One of the main reasons that I’m a fan of craft beer is because ingredients and beer styles are being pushed to the limits with each new release. The beers I was able to try for this story alone represent beer styles that range from IPAs to cranberry ales to witbiers. Although they may not be similar, they’re all made with the same purpose in mind: to excite the consumer. These beers not only accomplished that due to their flavors but also because they come from local breweries, a lot of which are new in the past few years. Drinking local has never been more fun.� (The Year in Beer, p. 64)


“One Sunday, before Druff’s was officially open to the public, I got the opportunity to sample the drool-worthy gourmet grilled cheeses, snap some photos and write about one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Druff’s owners, Vance and Andrew, are two of the most genuine, likeable guys around town, so this assignment from Feast felt more like hanging out with good friends who just happen to make delectable comfort food. The only downside is now I get a serious craving for an Uncle Tatey (my favorite Druff’s sandwich) every time I pick up my camera! “ (Druff’s, p. 20)


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Springfield, Missouri, Writer and Photographer

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Inspired by our love of nature, this issue of Feast is dedicated to the joys of fall in the Midwest. Crack open a cold one, find a place to...