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URBan CheStnUt BRewing Co.

PLanS ReSeaRCh anD PiLot BReweRy Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s latest project is its research and pilot brewery, The URB (The Urban Research Brewery), located across the street from its bierhall in St. Louis’ The grove neighborhood. The 3,500-square-foot space will be anchored by a small pilot brewery, with a consumer-research bar area and a small pizza-by-the-slice counter. At the bar area, guests will be able “to provide instantaneous feedback on test beers” via an interactive platform on a smartphone or tablet. The URB will offer daily “test flights” of four 2-ounce samples for $1, as long as you provide feedback. After that, any of the test beers or established UCBC brews can be purchased at the normal price. Co-founder and brewmaster Florian Kuplent says test beers will include single-hop trials with new varieties, historic recipes and beers that highlight different yeast strains. Look for The URB to open this fall. –N.S. 314.222.0143, PHOTOgRAPHy By JUDD DeMALIne

Piney RiveR BRewing Co. exPanDS

From homebrewing to opening a 10-gallon nanobrewery to expanding to a current 10,000-barrel capacity, Joleen and Brian Durham of Piney River Brewing Co. have grown steadily since launching five years ago. The Durhams knew from the get-go they needed to give visitors a reason to make the gravel-road trek to their microbrewery in Bucyrus, Missouri, in the heart of the Ozarks. Their solution: converting the 1930s-era bright-red

barn on the property into the BARn, a 4,000-square-foot taproom and deck. At the BARn, patrons can listen to live music, snack on eats from food trucks and vendors, and, most importantly, sip Piney River’s flagship beers, which include Float Trip Ale, Black Walnut Wheat and Old Town Porter, plus seasonals like a sweet potato ale, a black rye IPA and a cream ale. In addition to the brewery’s fifth anniversary, February also marked the grand opening of Piney River’s largest expansion to date – a new 12,000-square-foot production facility was added on the farm. The custom-built, 15-barrel brewhouse

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pick up the tabs A few local craft breweries have been canning beer from early on, including Tallgrass Brewing Co. in Manhattan, Kansas, and Piney River Brewing Co. in Bucyrus, Missouri. Others have gradually introduced canned beers, and this summer, store shelves across the region were packed with a record number of options. Float trip-friendly favorites included 4 Hands Brewing Co.’s seasonal Dakine tropical IPA, Old Bakery

houses 64-barrel fermentation vessels, Brite tanks and canning equipment, although the brewery has been canning on site since 2011 and was the first microbrewery in the state to do so. Piney River hopes to produce 4,000 barrels in 2016 – which would more than double its 2015 numbers – and the expansion allows the Durhams to eventually grow to 10,000 barrels. Its beers are available across the Ozarks, southern Missouri and in the St. Louis area, and the Durhams hope to reach Kansas City stores this fall. –B.C. 417.967.4001, PHOTOgRAPHy By BROOKe HAMILTOn

Beer Co.’s Citrus Wheat and Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.'s Fantasyland, the latter of which are packaged in lidless cans that have entirely removable tops. In March, Mother’s Brewing Co. in Springfield, Missouri, announced its new series of 16-ounce canned brews called Backyard Beers. Cucumber Saison was released in April; Grapefruit Wheat and Tart Peach Bier followed over the summer. Look for cans of Tea Pale Ale on store shelves this month, plus Chocolate Chili Mole in

December and Blood Orange Saison in February. And Civil Life Brewing Co. shared a happy surprise with fans of its English-inspired ales this summer, too, when it released its popular American Brown in cans on Aug. 16. Prior to the debut, Civil Life’s beers were only available on draft or to take home in growlers from its St. Louis tasting room. A 40-barrel batch of American Brown was canned, totaling 525 cases of beer; the day of the release, customers could literally buy six-packs off the canning line. –L.M.

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Public House brewing co.'s

4 Hands brewing co.'s

courtsHiP cranberry ale

city wide

Provenance: Rolla and St. James, Missouri Style: Fruit Beer (6.1% ABV) PairingS: Brie ○ Cranberry-chicken salad on wheat bread

Provenance: St. Louis Style: American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV) PairingS: Toasted ravioli ○ grilled hamburger

Last month, Public House Brewing Co. released Courtship Cranberry Ale, made in collaboration with St. James Winery that's nothing like a typical fall seasonal. The ale is made with 100-percent real cranberry juice, pours a clear gold, and releases aromas of cranberry and sweet black cherry from its sparkling white head. Cranberry is the predominant flavor, and while slightly tart and delicate, it’s perfectly in balance with the wheat-bread character from the malts for a refreshing and quaffable autumn specialty. Courtship Cranberry Ale is a seasonal release available in 12-ounce bottles. –J.P.

Caramel and bread-crust malt aromas leap from 4 Hands Brewing Co.’s City Wide, with an amazingly bright tropical fruit character from the hops right behind them. As you drink the medium-gold beer, its fluffy white head recedes, and flavors of citrus, slightly spicy hops and light caramel coat your tongue along with a bitterness that outweighs the sweetness without overpowering it. City Wide is available year-round in four-packs of 16-ounce cans. –J.P.


with avocado and bacon on an onion bun

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