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"Crushing and catchy post-hardcore “ - Revolver Magazine “Heavier, more intricate, more powerful, and even more aggressive… Deceiver is just the album fans have been waiting for.” – 9/10 SMNNews “The Word Alive has mastered the art of emotional and molten metalcore” – AOL NOISECREEP "The Word Alive spits fire on their latest album, Deceiver. Both their memorable melodies and brutality have increased ten fold. Add in a futuristic touch, and you've got one of the best albums of the year." - Ultimate-Guitar “The Word Alive has mastered a post-hardcore sound at a darker, more ‘metal’ level than their peers… Deceiver is slick, but not showy, yet it’s still impressive” – Rock Sound 8/10 “Both technically adept and impressive, Deceiver bears the hallmarks of a promising young band who can follow any number of directions to future success.” – The Metal Register “The relentless drive of so many of the songs found on Deceiver have an urgency and added aggression to them that would make many of their peers recoil out of fear.” – Alternative Press “The Word Alive brings innovation and technical prowess a la Avenged Sevenfold together with original songwriting that is at once intense and melodic. Deceiver is non-stop brilliance.” –Bloginity “The only way to describe The Word Alive’s new album Deceiver is devastating. The band’s debut full length is groundbreaking and demands your full, unwavering attention. TWA is back and with a raging vengeance against a music scene that now-a-days is hard to impress.” – The Interlude “After establishing their Empire, The Word Alive has gone and created a masterpiece of a debut album that is sure to be one of the top albums of the year. The Word Alive is able to create an amazing uniqueness not typically found in their genre.” – SputnikMusic “Deceiver has surpassed all expectations, showing The Word Alive as a band who want to and should be heard.” – DEAD PRESS! “The Word Alive is still solid in it's onslaught of amazing metal on the free-thinking world. To put it simply, they turned their amps up to eleven for the whole album.” –

A full-length debut is a pivotal moment for most bands, but for Phoenix, AZ’s The Word Alive, it’s a battle-tested triumph. Produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, VersaEmerge), the band's first album is a challenging, genre-bending opus that fully showcases the considerable abilities of one of heavy music’s true rising talents. The Word Alive exploded into the metal scene in 2009, landing at #15 on the Billboard Heatseaker's Chart with debut EP ‘Empire’. Featured in Metal Hammer Magazine's Hot List 2010, the Phoenix, AZ metallers have already gained the support of the rock press, including coverage with Revolver, Alternative Press, AOL Noisecreep and Ultimate-Guitar. With a live schedule as unrelenting as their music, the band's 2010 live onslaught has already seen them on a sold-out tour of the U.S. with labelmates Alesana and A Skylit Drive followed by an appearance at Bamboozle Festival New Jersey, a Summer run on Vans Warped Tour and solid touring booked through the Fall. Now armed with a blistering debut album, 2010 is fast-becoming the year of The Word Alive!

HIGHLIGHTS - Debut album Deceiver debuted #96 in the Billboard Top 200 in September 2010. - Debut EP “Empire” debuted #15 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart and sold 19,000 copies. - Tracks featured in Tap Tap Revenge (#1 app on iTunes), and RockBand (top ten most downloaded) - Vocalist Tyler “Telle” Smith is a former member of Greeley Estates and In Fear and Faith. - Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate, blessthefall) was the original vocalist for the band and this helped them gain national exposure early on. - Featured in Metal Hammer Magazine's Hot List 2010. Press coverage in Revolver, Alternative Press, Outburn, Substream, AMP, HM Magazine, Hails & Horns, Rock Sound, Kerrang!, Big Cheese, AOL Noisecreep, Ultimate-Guitar, Modern Drummer, The Gauntlet, SMN News, Blabbermouth, Lambgoat, Bravewords. - “Battle Royale” featured on Warped Tour compilation and Atticus V compilation. - The Word Alive's cover of Kanye West's "Heartless" is featured on Punk Goes Pop Volume 3 - 7 million plays on MySpace and 74,000 friends. Spent time on the Top 100 on the MySpace charts. - 9,000 Twitter followers, nearly 36,000 Facebook Friends.

1. T he Houn d s o f A n u b i s 2. Epiphany 3. T he Wret c h e d 4. Consider I t M u t u a l 5. 2 012 6. Dream Ca t c h e r 7. L ike Fath e r L i k e S o n 8. Battle Ro y a l e 9. You're All I S e e 10. We Know W h o Yo u A r e

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Battle Royale Q u i t W h i l e Yo u ’ r e A h e a d Casanova Rodeo The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules Inviting Eyes H o w To B u i l d A n E m p i r e

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The Word Alive

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THE WORD ALIVE Spending the second half of their summer on Warped Tour, The Word Alive have built up quite a name for themselves. In the past year they have embarked on several tours throughout the United States. Soon after they headed into the studio with Andrew Wade to record a new album. The Word Alive will be releasing their debut full - length Deceiver on August 31st, 2010. The Word Alive just finished Warped Tour. Would you say this has helped the band grow? Of course, Warped Tour in a big way is all about exposure.  Somedays are brutal with the heat, but you're gonna play for so many new faces you just have to do your best.  We went on-stage everyday with the mindset that nobody had ever seen us before and I think it payed off. Have you ever had any near-death experiences while touring?  We actually have had three!  Once our last TM fell asleep while going 70mph on the highway, we hit a guardrail.  That saved our lives.  The second was our bus on Warped almost drove off the cliff at the Gorge in Washington, if you've ever been there it's like the mini-grand canyon!  Scary!  The third one was our first tour, and we hit a 450lb buck outside of San Antonio.  It destroyed our van and we were all shaken up, but we've been fortunate enough to never come out hurt.



Which song off Deceiver would you say is the most meaningful to you? Why is this? Like Father Like Son, because it speaks about a lot of personal feelings and experiences I went through with my father. Did you encounter any new challenges while writing and recording Deceiver as opposed to Empire?  We just wanted to push ourselves, so anytime we felt a section or part wasn't good enough, we'd challenge ourselves to make it better.  We did that with the entire record and I'm very proud of it all. Is there anything on the album that fans might not expect?  We have a couple curveballs, for instance we wrote an all singing song "You're All I See" and threw in some awesome electronic components and dub-step into a breakdown.  I think they are all "us" though and hopefully kids like the new twists! If you could turn back time and give yourself one piece of advice before stepping foot into the music industry what would it be and why?  Ask more questions.  Early on we trusted too much, and that is a big mistake which we're paying for financially now.  But you live and learn, and we're blessed with a great label and team behind us that now is getting us back on track!

Interview with Tyler “Telle” Smith Interview by Cynthia Lam What were your first impressions of the other members in The Word Alive? I thought that I was gonna have the most fun I'd ever had while touring, and I've been right.   We are the goofiest bunch of guys and we all fit really well.  I like that we can all be ourselves and comfortable. How important is it to you to keep in touch with fans? Why?  Extremely important, any fan of myself from previous bands or of TWA knows that we pride ourselves in continuing to control all of our pages and try to respond to as many people as possible, and to never turn down the opportunity to talk with a fan at a show.  We aren't the guys begging to not sign any more autographs, we want to hang out with our fans at shows. What would you say The Word Alive is about? Is there any messages that you are trying to send through music?  We're about strength, and honesty I believe.   We talk a lot in our songs about overcoming things, people, and other obstacles in ones life.   We're very open about believing in yourself and trusting your gut instincts.  We just want everyone to know that we live in a free world where anything is possible. Where do you see yourself in a year from now?  Hopefully talking to you about the writing process of our next album, talking about big tours, and about the future of TWA looking as bright as ever :)  

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The Word Alive Press Kit  
The Word Alive Press Kit  

The Word Alive Press Kit