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Brand New Inspirations Into gynecologist Never Ever Before Disclosed holistic gynecologist NYC I now understand clearly that if I had not been going to my acupuncture sessions, doing my mind-body-spirit meditations, relaxing, praying, and enjoying my husband's love and company... in no way would I have been in the spirits and the emotional condition I was after my surgery. By keeping my practices I had insured my own sanity and emotional well-being, and this is a must if one is to continue the journey of fertility challenges. Before hand, I had already decided to take matters of my health and fertility into my own hands. This is my body, and my spirit and I could not just fork over all of me, and my resolve to my doctor's care. Taking responsibility for our health and understanding we are more than just a physical body is the first step to staying faithful during fertility challenges. We have other parts that may be starving and we are not nurturing those essential parts. I believe many women face fertility challenges because there is often a spiritual lesson or message behind it which then eventually blocks the actual physical conception until we pay attention. It is spiritual law that states that what affects the spiritual equally affects the physical. Therefore, if there are issues of a spiritual or emotional nature which we remain unaware of it may greatly impact our fertility. For example, say a woman was a victim of any kind of sexual or emotional abuse, this woman may be hurt on a deep soul level. This may surely affect her fertility as the woman's soul is asking her to pay attention and heal herself first so that she can be the best mother possible for the child. Like it or not, aware of this or not our souls are a major part of our design as a human being. All aspects of the body are connected, our mind, body, emotion, and soul, and what affects one affects the other. So if our soul is hurt and our emotions in chaos it will often be very difficult to conceive and carry a baby term. All of our parts must work together in order for the miracle and mystery of conception to take place. If we only focus on the body we are missing three other very important aspects that can help or hinder fertility if they are not addressed. Without a holistic approach we may lose sight of our own needs and neglect aspects of ourselves that need healing before we can bring a child into the world. Fertility in itself is a mystical experience... we create a human body, but the spirit animates this body and the child becomes a "human being" key word on being. Where do these spirits which inhabit our babies come from? The same sphere or place as our faith, which calls our babies and safely brings them to existence in the first place. The reason a mother desires her baby so much in the first place is the divine connection she shares with the spirit of the child. A connection between mother and child begins well before actual conception! From the moment your child becomes a thought in your mind a special bond, and a connection is formed. This is all the faith we need.

Brand New Inspirations Into gynecologist Never Ever Before Disclosed  

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