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I’m a teddy bear who loves children, near and far, with all my heart. I belonged to a seven year old and we pledged we would never part. I was given to Molly as a gift when she was only three. I was created to love and comfort, soft and cuddly as can be. Molly and I became best buddies, I comforted her if she would fall. We knew we’d always be friends, I would always come if she call. We liked to plan a tea party in her backyard where we would play, She’d set the picnic table, with cups and saucers for tea every day.

One day while we had our tea party, her Dad worked in the front yard cutting the grass. Her mom planted seeds in the front garden, while Molly poured more tea in my glass. The sun was shinning on our beautiful day, we felt happy, content, and full of joy. Then Molly saw a shadow appear, climbing over the back fence, it was a teengage boy. Molly first thought she’d seen him before, a neighbor down the street. I was scared when he grabbed Molly and pushed her off her feet. He tore me from her arms and threw me against the fence. The cups and saucers shattered as our hearts became panicked and tense.

He touched Molly in her private places, I didn’t know what to do. He was tall, big, and scary, and he broke our hearts in two. Molly screamed for help but no one could hear, no one could come save the day. The boy shook Molly and said, “you better never tell”, before he ran away.

Molly and I cried at how we were hurt, then we ran to find her mom. While she bravely told her what happened, mom’s hugs kept us both calm. Molly showed her where my body was torn and broken. Together they tried to patch me up, but my heart was still left open.

Over the years, when bad memories would come and cause Molly to fear, she would share it with me by tucking notes safe inside,as she would hold me near. Molly began to believe it wasn’t her fault, from fear she could be free. Now I want to be there for others, who have broken hearts, like Molly and me. So if something bad has stolen your joy, and your heart’s about to break. Take me into your arms and together let’s work to heal the ache. It’s safe to share with others and tell them your hurts and fear. In my heart your little notes will stay until they are ready to disappear.

Hello, My Name is Freedom Bear. Molly called me Freedom Bear, because I promised to always be there. She moved from fear to freedom and broke free from hurts and cares. You too don't have to remain in fear. Give your pain to me. Restored hope and healing can come, so your heart can be joyful and free. I'm a bear that cares about you. I was Stitched together with love to help you in the journey from fear to freedom. Telling Your story takes courage, but It is important to find someone you trust to share it with. Together, by sharing the hurt, we can find joy and Healing. Moving from fear to freedom is a Journey but taking the first step is the most important part. Write down your fears on the special paper in my backpack and place them in my heart. keep your note inside my heart until you are ready to let It go. Once you are ready to move from fear to freedom, take the note out. place in water and Watch the paper disappear! -Freedom Bear

Gift 2 Self Hearts can be wounded through emotional trauma and physical abuse. Don’t keep the pain in the dark, but bring it into the light. It’s like bacteria, kept in the dark it grows, but brought into the light it dies. Share you story. Surrender the past. Seek a new begining. Be set free from fear.

Try These Tools to Find New Freedom From Fear:

G i f t 2 S e l f

Guard Your Heart – Be gentle with yourself when you’ve been hurt. Invite Others In – Share your pain with a person you trust. Face Your Fear – If you run from fears they will only run after you. Trust And Believe – It was not fair. It was not your fault Take 2 Deep Breaths Set Your Mind – Think positively. Don’t believe the lies. Enjoy Being Grateful – Find one thing each day you are thankful for. Love, Laugh and Lighten Up – Do something that will bring you joy each day. Forgive – Choose to forgive when your heart is ready. Forgive it sets us free.

About Us that every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted in America. Fear 2 Freedom (F2F)

Rosemary Trible is President of Fear 2 Freedom and author of being raped at gunpoint in 1975. She has dedicated her life to joy. Her husband, former U.S. Senator Paul Trible Jr., currently serves as the President of Christopher Newport University.

In Memorial: Fear 2 Freedom is dedicated to the life and legacy of Anne Pressley, a vivacious news anchor for KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock, Arkansas. On October 20, 2008 at 26 years old, Anne died following the attack of Curtis Vance, who is currently serving a life sentence. Anne’s life of dedication and devotion to others will be remembered through this program to help bring hope and healing to those abused.

Newport University (CNU). Molly’s personal journey from fear to freedom has helped inspire

many others to find their own healing. Molly is now a wife, a mother, and a Professor at CNU.


Freedom Bear's Story  
Freedom Bear's Story