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Press Release For immediate release Finite Element Analysis for Structural Analysis By FEA Analysis Services Date: June, 10 2013 FEA Analysis Service have been offering time bound, accurate and cost effective finite element analysis and consulting to industries across the globe. With our qualified and experienced consultants, you will be equipped with the best optimization methods, structural analysis and design testing for maintaining the integrity and profitability of your product. Finite Element Analysis for structural analysis will help model and define the modal response and shape the frequencies of your structure as well as generate response in an isolation system that will takes machine and environment induced inputs. When it comes to dynamic vibration response analysis, stress/strain behavior of building models, we are popular to be the most trusted and appreciated multidiscipline solution provider in the world. Our software solutions including NASTRAN are one of the most popular platforms used in the world and this is the reason that we have been able to evolve with time and provide effective solutions for more than a couple of centuries now. There are several reasons why one would recommend FEA Analysis Services over other competitors in the industry and specifically, they are as follows: •Professionally qualified FEA – CAE engineers •Product engineering and design expertise •Reliable FEA support and improved quality of product •Decrease time-to-market •Reduced product development costs •Flexible cost options •Solid technical and computational architecture •Collaboration with reputed experts from all over the globe •Experience and expertise in several industries

Our engineering solutions and finite element analysis for structural analysis could now be a regular part of your design process and this is invariably with reduced cost of prototypes which further will help eliminate delays and reworks and saves development cost and time. Our unmatchable expertise in computational mechanics and the use of the most advanced software technologies including ANSYS, NASTRAN, ANSA, CosmosWork, HyperMesh and many others enables us in expertly applying leading simulation mechanisms to practical usage. We are confident that our realistic simulations solutions help deliver significant amounts in business value. When applied as an integral part of your finite element analysis for structural analysis, we guarantee the best product that is available with any other provider. We look forward to helping you in achieving goals and accelerate growth with innovative delivery of ideas. For more information, please Contact us.

Finite Element Analysis for Structural Analysis