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Sports Education Week 1

Captain; equipment: 6 cones (2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green) Stopwatch

Athletics Sprint Start

Warm-up Coach 1 (Pulse Raiser) Students to stand in line and complete following warm-ups: •

Jog out ten metres and back to their line 4 times

High knees twice

Heel flicks twice

Coach 2 (Dynamic Stretches)

Sports Education Week 1 •


Hamstring walk

Gastrocnemius walk

Open/Close gates

Arm rotations

Task 1: Captain and Coaches SET-UP 5 metres

5 metres


Sprint Start Positioning Three participants should start ‘in the blocks’, from this position they listen to commands from the coach next to the yellow cone: Take your marks (position hands and feet) •

Get set (raise body)

Go! (power from the legs)

Where does our explosive

How can we improve our sprint What can we drive to increase power come from? starts? our power?

Sports Education Week 1

Sports Education Week 1

Sprint Start (10metre) Timing Sheet


One at a time the Captain of the team will time the sprint starts for everyone in the group. You are competing against other teams to achieve the fastest team time. The fastest team time is each participant’s fastest time added up with their teammate’s fastest times. Name: Usain Bolt

Attempt 1 1.45 seconds

Attempt 2 1.32 seconds

Attempt 3 1.29 seconds



Sport Education