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Summer Business Immersion Program June 16- August 11, 2012 in China - Suzhou


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InternshipDesk is a globally recognized, US based, career development company that offers international summer business immersion programs and internship placement. Established in 2007, we have provided the student and new graduate communities of the world with the unique opportunity to obtain an exclusive internship with the most successful and recognized multi-national companies such as Nike, General Mills, Harley-Davidson, GE and IBM. Our mission is to lead the world in placing the next generation of global business leaders. InternshipDesk is a subsidiary of The Arcotech Group trading since 1981.

In today’s competitive job search market, you have to differentiate yourself from the multitude of college graduates that are looking for the same open positions that you are. Today a good GPA and participation in your campus community just aren’t enough. At InternshipDesk we start by learning about you. We will help you in reaching your career goals through providing you with a road map to help you navigate your way through today’s difficult job market.

An international experience that you will remember for a lifetime. A vastly improved resume that will make you more marketable to ALL employers and the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the field. You will gain a better understanding of options available across international industries. The opportunity to develop a global network through your International Group and our alumni association. Upon graduation from our program, you will be interviewed by our international placement partner and assisted by them in your job search. Lifelong memories and friends from traveling, living and working abroad.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SUZHOU, CHINA PROGRAM Internship Placement – First and Foremost, you will be placed in a project based, internship with the most successful and recognized multi-national companies in Suzhou, China. This sole part of the program will position you for your future success in an International career. Accommodation & Transportation – All students will be housed together at the Fraser Suites Suzhou, at double occupancy. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided, along with a local transportation allowance. International Career Development Series – The group will meet every Wednesday for our featured career development lecture series. Topics range from local and regional culture to current business scenarios and practices. All speakers come from a variety of backgrounds including MNC’s, NGO’s, government, academia and the arts. You will also receive 20-hours of Chinese language training. We also offer a variety of cultural programs to fully immerse you in the Chinese culture. Travel & Volunteering – Travel will include a weekend trip to Beijing (The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City), and an overnight trip to the Yellow Mountain “Huangshan”. On-site Program Management – Our experienced staff is available 24/7. The program is directed by senior level managers and supported by program managers both local and western.

Program Information: China - Suzhou Program Dates: Duration: Cost: Inclusive of:

June 16 – August 11, 2012 2 Months $7,999.99 • Internship Placement: Students will apply to actual positions at major Chinese & multinational firms. Students will be required to complete an interview with the InternshipDesk team & the host company. Students will work full time (~40 hours / week). • Visa: InternshipDesk will provide documentation from our China office enabling students to go to the Chinese consulate to obtain their visa • Accomodations: Students will be housed at the Frazer Suites Suzhou. Housing will be double occupancy. Breakfast will be provided daily. • Airport Transfer: Transportation will be provided by hotel to and from the airport. • Transportation Allowance: Students will be provided with a transportation card for access to local transportation. • Management: The program is directed by Mr. Jon Anderson and assisted by a local group of management. The management team is actively involved in the day to day oversight of the program and will be available to the whole group 24/7. • Welcome Reception: A welcome reception will be held upon the first weekend of your arrival. Business leaders and local university students will be in attendance to meet with the students. • Orientation: The first two days of the program will consist of orientation. Cultural issues and various topics will be addressed. The group will tour around the city and be advised on guidelines for life in China. • Travel: Travel will include a bus tour of Shanghai and a weekend trip to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City and a day trip to the Yellow Mountain “Huangshan”. There will also be optional weekend trips available through our management team.. • International Career Development Series: Our weekly keynote series will include speakers from major multinationals, NGO’s and other areas. In many cases the series will be held at the site of the speaker, enabling the students to observe multiple working environments within the country. The events are held in the evening. • Chinese Language Instruction: Basic introduction to Mandarin/Chinese will be provided. • Graduation Ceremony: A graduation ceremony will be held where students will all have the opportunity to speak to the group about their experience. Students will be given an award upon completion of their 2 month program.

*Excludes Airfare *Excludes Lunch *Excludes Dinner

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