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sept/oct 2017


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From the Editor Hello Florida District!

It's crazy to think that we are already halfway through the service year! I have continued to thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the events of your clubs through the update emails I receive alongside seeing your success on social media. With that said, this issue will (hopefully) boost you out of the holiday season lull and into the service mood! In it you will find resources regarding leadership opportunities, service project ideas, and most importantly, the DCON theme reveal. Remember to stay active on social media, take lots of pictures during your events, and most importantly, be the key! Yours in Service,

Lamiya Kudrati

editor@floridakeyclub.org 954-552-0210

Florida Fun Fact: Florida was the first district in Key Club!



Jared Dutko! Key Club International Trustees serve as liaisons between the District and International level. Jared Dutko is the International Trustee for The Carolinas District, The La-Miss-Tenn District, and us – The Florida District! 6 03


IT'S THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR! WHAT? WHAT? Key Club week is dedicated to promoting Key Club through our schools and communities. Each day of the week has its own theme that places an emphasis on service.


6 10





WHEN? MONDAY - Show your K in every way! TUESDAY - Kudos to the Key Players WEDNESDAY - Dare to Care THURSDAY - Random acts of kindness FRIDAY - Connect the Ks

IT'S THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR! HOW? Â Through the implementation of service projects, Key Club meetings, and posting on social media, ALL Key Clubs can get involved! Remember to use #BeTheKey and #KeyClubWeek under all you photos!


WHAT Visit http://florid akeyclub.org/due s/ for more info!

District and International dues are $12.50 ($5.50 for District and $7.00 for International).

$ E DU $ W E N WHY A Key Club must pay dues in order to be in good standing with Key Club International, be eligible for awards, attend District Conference, and more.


All dues are due by December 1st!

All proceeds collected by the Kiwanis Families from ToT (Trick-or-Treat) will go towards the ELIMINATE PROJECT, which aims to end maternal/neonatal tetanus worldwide.

Visit the ToT for UNICEF Service Guide on our website under the service projects tab on the documents and resources tab:Â http://floridakeyclub.org/tot-for-unicef/


CLUB GROWTH What is the main thing that drives a club? Members! Membership is the most important thing to consider when starting a club or keeping one active. It is what builds our Key Club Family and allows us to complete the service we do. Remember, it's strength in numbers! Some clubs struggle to keep members involved throughout the entire year; however, there are ways for clubs to keep members more involved and active. Informing your club about Key Club Week and getting them involved in the activities is a great way to bring some encouragement to your club. You can also hold a service project at each meeting to get more participation; service projects are a great way to show members what Key Club is all about. Members are important, and active members are even more important. When holding meetings, be sure to keep your members engaged in the projects planned. When members get to plan projects, they are more likely to be active participants. Be sure to keep everyone updated on dates well in advance. 09

Vacation, Family, &


Just because school is on break, doesn't mean service stops. Here are some fun and meaningful service projects to keep you busy over the upcoming breaks. 10

Operation Christmas Child Host a division-wide or zone-wide Operation Christmas Child event. Visit the link for more info:https://www.samaritanspurse.o rg/what-we-do/operation-christmaschild/.

Decorate a Nursing Home/Hospital Have members craft festive decorations and visit a hospital or nursing home, placing the decorations all around the halls to spread holiday cheer!

T-Shirt Superhero Capes Collect gently-used T-Shirts from members and turn them into capes for children in hospitals to make them feel like the superheroes they are during the holiday season!


The District


Lt. Governor Lisa Dong has been working hard with her division by spending the last couple of months ensuring that her clubs are fundraising for DCON! Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Key Club not only has a fantastic board of officers working tirelessly towards service, but they also have a strong social media presence! Flanagan High School

Flanagan High School Key Club complete creative and fun service projects! Their officers are all present for every event, and they are constantly uploading on social media! 12



CELEBRATING 80 YEARS OF SERVICE! Join us as we celebrate the Florida District's 80th DCON! Watch our new leaders become elected as we retire our old ones. And don't forget about the workshops! The convention will take place at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort from April 5th - 8th 2018. Prices for each room and more information can be found here:Â http://floridakeyclub.org/dcon/

See You There! 14



What is Higher Office?

Any position offered on the District or International Board. This includes: Lieutenant Governor (LTG), District Treasurer, District Secretary, District Editor, District Webmaster, Executive Assistant, DCON Chair, District Governor, International Trustee (IT), International Vice President (IVP), and International President (IP). What Would You Do?

All positions entail their own duties and specifications; however, all district and international positions require being a part of a committee and making decisions for the better and majority of the district(s). For an in-depth explanation as to what each position requires:Â http://floridakeyclub.org/wpcontent/uploads/Board-of-Trustees-Description-2-8-2016.pdf How Can I Get It?

There are certain positions you must run and campaign for, while others are achieved through an interview process. For those wanting to become Editor, Webmaster, DCON Chair, or Executive Assistant, an interview will occur at DCON, which you must be present for. As for the others, they all require an elections and campaign prior to DCON. 15

levels of

membership in key club international 1. MEMBERS part of Key Club; they are what makes us go round! are perhaps the most important

Student members are the foundation of a Key Club.

2. CLUBS -ol and comprise of an officer board and

are be chartered in any high scho-

faculty advisor.

3. DIVISIONS geographic location. They can have 5 - 13

consist of all schools in a close

schools and advised by a LTG, a student leader who assists all club officers/matters.

4. DISTRICTS usually following a state geographic boundary. are made of many divisions

A district is led by a Governor alongside a student executive and district board.Â

5. INTERNATIONAL Key Club International. Is run by a President,

is all of the districts within

Vice President, and 11 International Trustees in charge of advising the districts. 16

The Update Update Center Center The All dues must be delivered to the Florida Key Club office no later than December first.

Editor updates must be sent to editor@floridakeyclub.org by the 15th of every month! All pride reports must be submitted to the new OPR system by the 10th of every month. 17

florida key club executive board

contact us!

Felanté Charlemagne GovernorFelante@FloridaKeyClub.org 352-653-9929


Joshua Gibson

Secretary@FloridaKeyClub.org 305-733-1882 DISTRICT SECRETARY


florida key club executive board

contact us!

Angel Aguilar

Treasurer@FloridaKeyClub.org 305-942-7123 DISTRICT TREASURER

Lamiya Kudrati Editor@FloridaKeyClub.org 954-552-0510



florida key club executive board

contact us!

Dominic Martinez Webmaster@FloridaKeyClub.org 407-205-7480


Jessica Mendoza

ExecutiveAssistant@FloridaKeyClub.org 813-326-4734 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT


florida key club executives

contact us!

Donna Parton

AdminDonna@FloridaKeyClub.org 954-610-7172 DISTRICTÂ ADMINISTRATOR

Jared Dutko

jareddutko.kci@gmail.com (815) - 992-3330 INTERNATIONAL TRUSTEE


thanks for reading! District of @FLKeyClub @FLKeyClub Florida Key Club International


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Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XIII No 3, September-October  

Read all about the amazing, high school run organization called Key Club! Learn more at floridakeyclub.org

Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XIII No 3, September-October  

Read all about the amazing, high school run organization called Key Club! Learn more at floridakeyclub.org

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