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Volume XII Issue 4

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Governor’s Message 4-5 Feeding Our Future


Club Elections


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DCON 2017




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Editor’s Message Leaders of The Florida District, With the holiday season under way, know that I am thinking about how thankful I am to serve such a wonderful district. Your passion and dedication to serving your home, school, and community never ceases to amaze me. In this issue, you will find a review of the holiday service ideas from the last issue of The Sunshine Source. If you have not planned your holiday service projects yet, it is never too late to get the ornaments rolling! You will also find information on elections (club and district), Spring Zone Rally, and DCON. Happy Serving! Yours in friendship and service, Jada Mohammed editor@floridakeyclub.org


Greetings Florida and Cayman Islands Key Clubbers, Happy Holidays! I love this time of year because it is the season of giving. Remember to spread some holiday cheer to your home, school, and community this time of year– and all through the rest of the year! I hope are enjoying your breaks from school as much as I am. Don’t forget to take some time to participate in my Governor’s Project, Feeding Our Future. Check out the guidebook on floridakeyclub.org. You can email me if you ever need ideas, or just want to share some of your ideas with me. Always use #FeedingOurFuture when posting about anything to do with the project to help spread the word. You can find a short message from the Feeding Our Future committee on the next page.

Thank you for all you do.

2016-2017 Florida District of Key Club Goals Service #FeedingOurFuture (Governor’s Project Hours): 30,000 hours Total Service Hours: every member to complete 20 hours (about 440,000 hours) ICON Attendance in San Antonio, Texas: 100 members Hold at least one service project in each division where both Kiwanis and Key Club attend

Membership Increase by 5% by the end of 2016-2017 year Charter New K-Kids and Builders Clubs Leadership Hold contested elections in every division Yours in Service Always,

Martha Grace Hagan governormartha@floridakeyclub.org

Governor’s Project Feeding our Future is District Governor Martha Grace’s Governor’s Project. So far, clubs from all around the Florida District have participated in this project to help the hungry and homeless. By participating in this project every day, you are making a difference in somebody’s life. Remember to keep using #FeedingourFuture, on anything you post having to do with the Feeding our Future Governor’s Project. Your club could be featured in the next article. Let’s continue to feed our future because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Division 19A

Stoneman Douglas

Hialeah Gardens

Key Club Officers

As Spring Zone Rally (SZR) season approaches, it is important for you to begin considering ways to serve in your home club. Whether it be as a member, committee chair, or club officer, you will be able to learn information on the position you are considering at your SZR . If you are still undecided, you can use Spring Zone Rally as an opportunity to explore your options by attending workshops that interest you and consulting your zone leaders. Consult your Lieutenant Governor for more information.

Spring Zone Rally Similar to KCKC, Spring Zone Rally allows opportunities for you to attend workshops led by Florida leaders, socialize with members of your zone, and learn of important updates from the Florida District Board on subjects like DCON and fundraising. In addition to these Kick-Off Conference similarities, you will have the opportunity to elect your 2017-2018 Lieutenant Governor and participate in Q&A sessions with those running for district executive positions. It is imperative that at least two members from each club attend. Your Lieutenant Governor will soon be sending you further information and requesting that you RSVP. If you would like to contact your Lieutenant Governor, you can find his/her information on floridakeyclub.org.

DCON 2017 Join us at The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando from March 30- April 2, 2017.

This year’s DCON theme is Adventures In Service, featuring four adventures: Arctic Adventures Tropical Adventures Desert Adventures Seaside Adventures

Registration will close on February 22, 2017. If you have any questions about DCON 2017, please contact DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum or DCON Administrator David McCampbell.

The cost: $275 for a quad room $330 for a triple room $370 for a double room $575 for a single room (adults only)

If you need help with fundraising, check out the fundraising guide on floridakeyclub.org/dcon. You can also contact your Lieutenant Governor or District Treasurer Alyssa Frank for assistance. You can register at floridakeyclub.org/dcon. While you are there, be sure to check out the Awards and Contests page to see what your club is eligible to compete in and how you can apply.

Be the kind of leader you would follow.

Dues News What are dues? 

District and International dues are $12.50 ($5.50 for District and $7.00 for International).

Each Key Club must pay dues in order to be in good standing with Key Club International, be eligible for awards, attend District Conference, and more. Payment of dues to Key Club International is a requirement for a student to be considered a Key Club member.

Your club status will become suspended or inactive, requiring a reactivation fee to return to good standing, and will become ineligible for any awards, honors, or YOF or FLOF club grants if dues are not paid. Eventually the Club can actually lose its charter and have to start the long process of chartering once again.

Club Spotlight

Pig Jigging for a Key Club Alumni Submitted by Kyle Erickson

Jesuit High School's Key Club members volunteered at the Pig Jig in Tampa to help coordinate the massive fundraiser. Inspired by the value of service fostered by Key Club, the event was started by three Key Club alumni. The event has grown from a small backyard BBQ to thousands of people at the Pig Jig raising nearly $2 million. The 6th Annual Pig Jig BBQ festival was held to raise money for NephCure Kidney International. In 2008, one of our own Jesuit alumni and former Key Club members was diagnosed with FSGS. Jesuit's Key Club is honored to volunteer at this event each year and plans to help as long as it takes to find a cure.

Higher Office Positions take your leadership experience to the next level

Serving on any level is so impactful, but sometimes you just can’t help but wonder what more you can be doing to further your impact on the people around you. Running for higher office can be a wonderful learning experience for you. As a member of the Florida Key Club Board of Trustees, you would be learning so many skills to help you with your future, as well as leading others in the direction of service on a larger scale. Contact the Elections Committee, your Lieutenant Governor, or the current holder of the office of your desire for help with your decision. On the next page, you will find an overview of the different positions and when applications are due. Applications can be found on floridakeyclub.org/running-for-higher-office.

Florida Higher Offices Elected Executive Committee Members: Elected Executives are voted for in The House of Delegates at District Convention. They campaign at Spring Zone Rallies around the District as well as at DCON prior to House of Delegates. Positions include Governor, Secretary, and Treasurer. Applications are due prior to the first Spring Zone Rally at which you will campaign.

Appointed Executive Committee Members: Appointed Executives are chosen by the Governor elected at House of Delegates. Positions include Editor, Webmaster, and Executive Assistant. Applications are due prior to DCON.

Lieutenant Governors: Lieutenant Governors are elected by their division. You may not disclose your intent to run to your division prior to election day. Applications are due prior to the candidate’s respective Spring Zone Rally.

Vacation, Family... Just because school is on break, doesn't mean service stops. Here are some fun and meaningful service projects to keep you busy over the upcoming breaks.

Puppy Presents. You can make dog toys by braiding together strips cut from old t-shirts. Once you have your braid, tie a knot in the middle and on both ends. You can take these toys to dogs in shelters as a holiday surprise. If you want to step things up, you can make homemade dog treats from recipes found online. Be sure to check with the shelter first before taking anything for the dogs.

and Service! Hospital Caroling. Being confined to a hospital bed can be rough, especially during the holiday season. Ask your local hospital if you and your club can sing to the patients. Encouragement Cards. The holiday season is all about giving, especially giving meaningful gifts that make people happy. Get together with your club to decorate index cards and write compliments on them. Pass your Encouragement Cards out in a public place to spread the holiday cheer. Remember to spread the holiday cheer this season through serving your home, school, and community!

By keeping up with Florida Key Club on social media, you can have exclusive access to pictures from events, announcements, and so much more. If you want to receive information on all things FLKC fast and firsthand, be sure to became part of our growing social media family.

Instagram: @flkeyclub

Twitter: @flkeyclub Facebook: Florida District of Key Club International

Executive Committee District Governor Martha Grace Hagan Boca Raton High school governormartha@floridakeyclub.org

District Secretary Sabrina Flores Somerset Academy Chapel Trail secretary@floridakeyclub.org

District Treasurer Alyssa Frank Wellington Community High school treasurer@floridakeyclub.org

e Contact Information District Editor Jada Mohammed Barbara Goleman Senior High editor@floridakeyclub.org

District Webmaster Yuria Utsumi Boca Raton High school webmaster@floridakeyclub.org

Executive Assistant Gabriela Charlot Somerset Academy Pembroke Pines executiveassistant@floridakeyclub.org

Contact Information DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum Sebring High School dconchair@floridakeyclub.org

District Administrator Mrs. Donna Parton admindonna@floridakeyclub.org

Assistant District Administrator Mr. David McCampbell


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Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 4 January-December 2016  

Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol XII No 4 January-December 2016  

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