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Hobbs July 2011

The Future Of Our League By Jeff Butcher

By Mark Hobbs

Members of the newly formed Blue Grass Roy Hobbs Baseball League: As you all know, or if you didn’t know, at the end of this season Vern Goodman has decided to step down as Commissioner of our Kentucky Roy Hobbs affiliation. Vern has started something we need to continue. We all want to play baseball and we all want each and every one back in the league next year. With the absence of a Commissioner for next year and no one really knowing what would happen next you might ask how do we continue playing next year? Well the answer is simple, one week ago the coaches gathered at a secret location and talked in length what we thought would be best for our league. We decided that no one is bigger than the league and we decided that on an interim basis we would collectively get the league going for next year.


After our current commissioner sent a league-wide email deciding to step down next year, the coaches met at a secret location (Mark Hobbʼs House) to discuss the future leadership and direction that our league would now take. We felt it was very important to start immediately so everyone would understand that the league will be as strong as ever and in very good hands. The league will now be run by a seven member League Council.  These members will be elected each year by the league and the term will run from July 1st to June 30th the following year.  For the first year, however, we simply felt it practical for the current coaches to take positions on the Council for a one year interim basis.   One of the first orders of business was to form the position of Treasurer to establish league integrity by having complete transparency of our financial situation.  Pat McVeigh of the Orioles will serve that post.  


Players of the Month for June Orioles

Don Beckett

Mr. Consistent


Anthony Ridgeway Hit Machine


Hobbs Continued We as a council, as you will hear from, are the league representatives. Again that is on an interim basis and at the end of next July, you the players, will be able to vote for a new council. Vern started this league from scratch and gave us the opportunity to play the great game of baseball, for that, I am forever grateful. I truly appreciate everything that Vern did for us. I think if you put any differences aside you also are grateful to him for what he started. I, for one, do not want to see this end. So with every beginning there must be an end and Vern has decided to move on at the end of next year. Starting at the end of this season we will be able to call ourselves the Bluegrass Roy Hobbs. Get excited about next year and start saving your money so we can make this the best baseball experience that you have ever had! Thank you for your time.

Mark A. Hobbs (Interim Council) Bluegrass Roy Hobbs

Mark Hobbs

Monday, July 25th BlueGrass Roy Hobbs

League Meeting at

Dickmanns cafe CLick here!

An Open Discussion About The Future of the League. Tell us what you want for the new league! Mark Hobbs will be signing autographs after

Butcher Continued We then turned our sights towards a Field Operations Manager. The league should feel very fortunate that a man like Mike Kirry, a coach of the Knights, took the job. Mike will see the league has fields and umpires as well as writing the season schedule including rainout make-up games. Although the Council is currently in place, the league will continue to be run by Vern Goodman through the playoffs.  Any questions concerning the 2011 season should be directed towards him. The Council is very excited and will be proud to serve the fine group of gentlemen that make up our Roy Hobbs baseball league.   To introduce the members and speak of our new structure, we are having a public meeting at Dickmann's Sports Bar in Fort Wright, on Orphenage Road, Monday, July 25th, at 7:30 pm.


Trade Bolsters Colonels

Photos by Laura Herbst

And Gives Them First Win By Ricky Bobby

Northern Kentucky - Ray Sterling, Nate Schleusner and Kurt Schneider were traded from the Blue Sox to the Colonels last month for a used prom dress and a subscription to Financial Times Magazine. The move came after the Colonels gave up 18 runs to the Blue Sox varsity team, and Colonel Manager Jeff Butcher submitted his resignation to the league Commissioner with the intent on returning to his first passion, petty robbery. In a press conference after the game, Butcher stated that his resignation had been retracted because of the Blue Sox Manager’s tremendous generosity. “Now that we have those 3 guys”, said Butcher in a quote that I making up. “I might stick around and see how many times we can beat the Reds.” The Colonels promptly won their next game 10 to 5 against the Knights in a monumental struggle that slipped away from the Knights in the final two innings. “I am tendering my resignation immediately”, said Assistant Manager Daniel Harper after the loss. “Now maybe I can get Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto and Brooklyn Decker on the Knights.” Votto was told of Harper’s resignation in attempt to get him on his team. “If Brooklyn Decker is a Knight, consider me signed”, said Votto. Nick Esasky couldn’t be reached for comment.


Council Meeting Minutes - July 1, 2011 In attendance: Mike Draznik, Mike Kirry, Daniel Harper, Jeff Butcher, Mark Hobbs and Pat MacVeigh. Daniel Harper kept the minutes of the meeting, which started at 7:30. 1. Hobbs kicked off the meeting with a packet of general information recapping this year. 2. The council in place will be interim for the first year. July 1st will be the start of the new fiscal year and will also be the voting day for the election of the interim council members. Interim Council will consist of Mike Draznik, Mike Kirry, Daniel Harper, Jeff Butcher, Mark Hobbs and Pat McVeigh and Adrian Vickery. Unanimous vote. (Adrian has subsequently decided not to serve on the Committee and announced his withdrawal via email July 3) 3. It was generally agreed by all council members that starting this process now was important so that everything could be in place by the beginning of next year. This will raise confidence in the league. This will also allow us to secure better fields for next season. Unanimous vote. 4. There was a quick discussion of the EIN process. Harper suggested a non-profit structure. Unanimous vote. 5. Misc conversation concerning the state of the league this year and the contrast to next year. 6. Team Fees vs. Individual Fees: Fee structure will be as a team based on how many players a team chooses to have. Details to this will be worked out in the next meeting. Unanimous vote. *Harper expressed concern that players who have paid could be relegated to less playing time in favor of someone who hasn’t paid and that , which wouldn’t make it fair. It was generally agreed that a player must have a minimum number at bats/innings in order to qualify for the post season. If a player did not feel like they were given a sufficient amount of playing time they could file a petition with the committee and they would investigate. Of course, this is a game, and the best players in terms of production should be on the field, and this would have to be taken into consideration. *Injury petitions will be looked at on case-by-case basis. If a player gets injured at the beginning of the season, the player can petition the committee to review the case. 7. Open tryouts for new walk-on players coming into the league will be held in the spring. Each team coach will get to draft a player if they choose. Draft order will be determined by win/loss records. Teams may recruit their own players and they will not be required to take part in the tryout process. Unanimous vote. a. Players must be at least 28 years of age, 30 to pitch. Father/son’s can play occasional games together with petition to the committee. Unanimous vote. *Players who want to change teams must have been with the same team for X amount of time (with consent of both managers). The goal of this is to keep players from jumping teams every year. The amount of time has yet to be determined, although Hobbs recommends 3 years. Players may enter the draft, if they choose. 8. The general consensus among the committee that with the changes in the league, many players will come to the league. Several teams will be contacted by the Committee to see if they have interest in coming to the league. Hobbs predicts 4-6 teams next year. The overall consensus is that we will have 6.



9. Council member responsibility: (Thus Far) a.    Financial  structure:    There  will  be  a  treasurer  and  Bookkeeper.    Pat  MacVeigh  will  be  the  treasurer  (handler  of  the  money)  and  Daniel  Harper   will  keep  the  financial  records.    Splitting  these  duties  will  help  maintain  financial  integrity.    Harper  will  also  be  in  charge  of  helping  get  the  non-­‐profit   structure  together  with  the  state  and  IRS.    Unanimous  vote.     *Excess  cash  can  be  appropriated  into  banquets  and  awards  at  the  end  of  the  year.    Harper  will  check  on  current  carryover  ceilings  to  make  sure  that   the  league  is  in  compliance  with  IRS  and  State  Revenue  criteria.   *All  money  will  be  documented,  to  the  penny.    The  ledger  will  be  put  on  the  website  for  anyone  to  access.    We  will  also  provide  a  bank  statement   periodically  to  show  what  is  in  the  account  vs  the  ledger.       b.    Mike  Kirry  will  be  the  field  manager.    It  was  decided  his  wealth  of  experience  is  best  suited  for  this  role.    He  will  put  together  the  fields  for  next   year  as  well  as  umpires  (with  help  from  other  board  members).    Unanimous  vote.  

c.  Writing  of  the  Charter  for  the  league  will  be  done  by  all  committee  members  and  each  entry  voted  on.    Unanimous  vote.

10.    Harper  has  volunteered  to  be  a  historian  for  the  league,  keeping  stats  and  creating  newsletters. Meeting  Concluded. Bluegrass

Hall of Fame




Bluegrass Roy Hobbs Website is now Active! Ray Sterling has done an amazing job with the new website and it is now active! Check it out here by clicking the Bluegrass Roy Hobbs.

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Bluegrass Roy Hobbs Newsletter for July  


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