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By Jonr Jony -

Sewing machines have been around since 1790. They were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to help increase the productivity in clothing companies. It also helped decrease the amount of time sewers had to manually sew. This machine went through many changes since its first design, like all technological tools, and over time came to look like it does today. Eventually the portable sewing machine was invented. Learn More About Portable Sewing Machine

Even though the initial construction of this appliance was meant for the mass production of clothing in companies, it eventually came to be something that many families had or wanted in their homes. The people that owned them would use them to make their own clothes or to patch them up. Tailors didn't like this too much because it took away from their business, but for families it definitely helped the household budget. Today most consumers use them not out of necessity, but more so for the pleasure of the art of sewing. Many enjoy the artistic and unique design of their own clothes and view sewing as a hobby.

With industrialization, vehicles, boats and airplanes also came. These different modes of transportation made travelling across cities, states and countries more and more possible, which brought yet another revolution in life habits, that of travelling. Travelling became very common, especially for vacation. With sewing being a passion by now, how were sewing lovers supposed to bring their projects with them? These machines were inaccessible to travel due to their size, which is what brought about portable sewing machines. Not only are they more manageable thanks to weight and size, but they also take up less space for homes that don't want to occupy so much room for a machine.

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Portable sewing machine  

Portable sewing machines have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

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