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May 2014

net WORK ERP Support Offering New Features Added

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ERP Support Offering

Dealer Happenings

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DICE Team Projects Update Expansion of Services Remote Managed Services

DICE —Continued

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FDC’s Parts Audit Trail Module ERP Webinar Series

FDC’s Support Services have grown tremendously since inception almost five years ago. These changes reflect our continuing commitment to react to, meet, and exceed the everevolving needs of the dealerships FDC supports. We take pride in providing the functional and technical needs of a dealer and remain focused on what has always helped us stand out – exceptional customer services.

in efficiency and profitability. All products are maintained by FDC and can be customized as needed.

and representing more than 10years of development and dealer collaboration, the list of covered products includes such popular modules as our Parts Pricing, Warranty Tracking, and Purchase Order applications, and equates to more than $400,000 in potential value. Without licensing or annual support/maintenance fees, dealers are left with only implementation costs and the resulting gains

Batch Monitoring

Quarterly test environment refresh

In addition, dealers have the option of including Batch Support within their ERP Support services. Ensuring that batch schedules start and run through completion, dealers can rest assured that the same first rate resources who know, understand, and support their DBS/DBSi environIn adapting to the needs of dealerships, we’ve made the strategic deci- ments are also those providing stability to their batch jobs. By sion to expand our ERP Support ofalso including a quarterly test fering in a few meaningful ways, environment refresh, dealers aimed particularly at those dealers who wish to maximize utility of DBS/ have the opportunity to utilize FDC for an even greater range of DBSi. their Support needs. Most importantly, dealers now have New Features Include: the opportunity to acquire 23 FDC developed bolt-on products that en $0 License fee hance DBS/DBSi without paying a separate license fee. Touching every  23 FDCS products included in plan major functional area of a dealership

Please contact us to discuss your current ERP Support offering and see how FDC’s new features can help maximize DBS/DBSi functionality and reduce costs.

Dealer Happenings WMS Go-Lives Ferreyros Toromont New Dealer Company Setup in DBSi and SAP Phu Thai CODA DBS 2.3.4 to CODA V11 Upgrade Kramer Freight and Tax Modules Puckett Machinery Freight Fabick Mining RBOM Standard Jobs Reprice Ring Power Remote Managed Services Milton Analyze ROBOT Environment Western States

DICE Team Projects Update Equipment Data - Equipment Data (ED) is a Caterpillar Web application enabling dealers and their customers to track and maintain equipment inventories. The equipment information from ED is used in PartStore Web, VisionLink and SIS Web. We are currently working with FDC-supported dealers deploying an Equipment Data web service solution. The MidTier process that previously populated ED has been turned off effective April 12, 2014. If you have not yet turned on the web service, please let us know if you need assistance. Packed Layout Retirement – Last year CAT announced that all dealers must migrate from packed field layouts to non-packed layouts on all mailbox jobs by July 1, 2014. This is to prepare for the change from the current CMS and CEMS mailbox systems to the Sterling Integrator (SI) Mailbox system. We are making the necessary code changes to the 10 interfaces identified by CAT.

DBS/DBSi Batch Support We are proud to continue to offer value and additional benefits to dealers. Our services are expanded to now offer DBS/ DBSi Batch Support as a result of dealer demand. We remotely monitor your system to ensure batch completes on time and if we find any issues, they are reported to our Support team and relayed to you in a timely manner. Batch support is also available as a feature within our new ERP Support offering or a la carte. Our goal throughout the process is to continue providing you with the best services and the highest service level possible. As always, you can continue to count on 24/7 support from the team at FDC Solutions. Contact FDC today to let us monitor your batch while you concentrate on the business.

In addition to providing Batch Support Services, FDC has also expanded our offerings to the area of Remote Managed Services. Remote Managed Services is an IT support model based on a proactive approach to help you manage hardware and related functions. Our offerings allow dealers to contract with us for support of their dedicated networks, systems, databases, and select applications residing on the AS/400. We now provide these services to dealers and provide options to fit that which a dealer wants/needs. Providing outstanding customer service has always been and will continue to be our number-one priority as we move forward with this initiative.

Options Include: 

Ensure batch schedule starts and runs through completion

FDC fixes any dealer registered, nightly batch job that does not run through completion

Monitor DBS Neps, DBS transmission jobs, CAT connectivity 24/7

Address any job abends or long running jobs during the schedule, work with FDC helpdesk to resolve issues

Verify that the dealer’s batch ends on time and Interactive/ DBS comes up for business on time

Fix all DBS or Dealer jobs that we can, call Dealer for critical items that FDC is unable to fix

Assist Dealers with adding and removing jobs from the schedule

Features Include: 

24x7 / 365 days of the year support and automatic notifications of issues

Day-to-day operational management and support for your system’s infrastructure so that you can focus more on your core business objectives and less on maintenance

Ability to monitor operational availability, performance, and back-ups

Apply and/or make recommendations to PTF’s

Contact us to discuss this offering and let us manage and support your network.

DICE Team Update —Cont’d CGMPP Combined Interface - The CAT Global Mining (CGM) interface was originally designed to use the existing Allied Supplier interface in DBS, with the Parts & Pricing file being sent separately from the Historical file, and the CGM parts were set up as a separate Source of Supply than your CAT SOS. Caterpillar will begin converting Expanded Mining equipment part numbers to Caterpillar part numbers, effective August 1, 2014. The new CGMPP file will have all data that is provided today in the CGMPP file and CGM Historical, and will also add a Part Type field to the “03” record layout. We are currently writing a design for the required coding changes.

Warranty Claims Web Service -We are testing Phase 2 of the Warranty Claims Web Service project with a pilot dealer. Phase 2 introduces the 5 new fields to DBS that will be required on warranty claims including Failure Date, Durability Indicator, Part Causing Component Serial Number, Part Causing Failure Component Hours Miles Km, and Part Causing Failure Component Hours Miles Km Code. It also includes code changes to ensure warranty claims will no longer be transmitted to the mailbox during batch.

PartStore Promo Code - FDC has added a new function Promo Code Maintenance to allow dealers to establish valid promo codes and the corresponding parameters in order to enable the use of Promo Codes in PartStore. The enhancement has been created by FDC in conjunction with the CAT PartStore team. If interested in implementing this function, please contact us.

Parts Bargain List Interface - This interface allows dealers to receive the Parts Bargain List information previously sent on a spreadsheet on a weekly basis via the CAT mailbox. By using this interface, your Parts Department will have visibility to those parts available on the Bargain List at a cost savings to you during both the document creation process and on the Parts Availability screen. If interested in implementing this function, please contact us.

New Features FDC’s Parts Audit Trail module was designed to provide a dealership with additional functionality for the DBS Parts Audit Trail Inquiry function DSPPCAUD. The package has a weekly batch process that collects and purges history. FDC is pleased to announce recently added functionality providing even greater benefit and value within our application. A new feature of FDC’s module includes the ability to track parts and cores across work orders, segments and operations. The option to review transactions on work orders is extremely useful and saves time looking and researching for the information throughout the service area. New search capabilities are now available to search audit trail data for fields such as customer/work order, reference document number, date, user, etc.

New Features Include: 

An option to track movement of a part (and core) across work orders/segments (includes core(s). Newly created transaction codes that drive better visibility into part activity for these parts

New filtering is available for dealer personnel to ‘search’ the audit trail data, for any of the data fields shown: date, customer/work order, reference document number, user, and others including wildcards

For a given part, store, or SOS combination, dealers can filter down to all transactions done by a specific user, specific CSO/document, or filter to show only specific transactions.

FDC offers this product to all dealers using DBS/DBSi. Contact us to install the product at your dealership.

Overviews As an added value of support services offered, FDC continues to provide ERP Webinars for its ERP Support dealers. February and March Webinars included discussions on Second Level Security and Engine Project Management. Second Level Security

Project Management This webinar focused on Engine Project Management. The dialogue focused on the potential use of DBS/DBSi to manage Engine Projects. This was an open forum for the dealers to share their tips and tricks for using the module and maintaining it.

This webinar contained an overview As always, dealers are welcome of the second level user profiles for establishing security for Service, also to contact our team with questions, suggestions, or feedback. known as branch security. Discussion centered around the functions that allow users to control who performs specific tasks for specific stores and cost centers. Contact us: FDC Solutions Inc. (309) 676-7795

May 2014  

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