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December 2012

net WORK Thank You For Your Business 2012 Comes to a Close As the year draws to a close, we wanted to extend to you and your loved ones, the happiest of holidays and wish you each a very Happy New Year.

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DICE Team Update Block Object Access

From the FDC Employees

This has been a fantastic year for our company, on both creative and business levels. FDC Solutions has expanded greatly since our entrance to the market 10 years ago, and this past year alone, we now have 19 dealers using our ERP Support Services. However, this does not mean that we have compromised on quality and service work for dealers. We are fortunate to continue adding very talented individuals to our existing team. Larry Brown, Jorge Cobelo, Maureen Dowdall, George Howard, Tom Jones, Tom McCarty, Brenda Gandy-Rhodes, and Adam Rose joined FDC in 2012. We remain committed to providing the best service and support to our clients. Overall we have done work for over 70+ dealers.

Avoid Pin Chagrin

2012 was highlighted by several accomplishments including:

Dealer Happenings

 Working with dealers to upgrade their current SAP FI and BW environment to ECC6

Operations Reminder Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From All of Us at FDC Solutions

 Implementing SAP CRM with seamless integration with DBSi

       

Multiple DICE updates DBS SAP interfaces FDC Freight module installations DBS PFW interfaces Smart Sourcing installations Executive Reporting—iPad DBS-TECSYS WMS installations DBS CODA Interfaces  2.3.4 to Coda Vx iSeries or Intel  5.0 to Coda V12 Intel upgrade

2012 was a year to remember for us, and that is a complete tribute to our employees, whose hard work and dedication has made it all possible. Like the entire IT software and support industry, we are not without our challenges, but we are as well situated for them as anyone. Thanks to you! Meanwhile, we do hope that each of you will find some time in these next few weeks to be with family and loved ones and to remember how fortunate we are. We send best wishes, wherever you are, for a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!

DICE Team Update Changes Available to Send PRR Number as Part of the Core Credit Request When a PRR (Parts Return Request) is assigned as part of the Core Return process, CAT will begin requiring a PRR number be sent as part of the Core Credit Request (CCR) transaction when requested. FDC Solutions has made changes to allow the user to enter the PRR and include it in the CCR transaction. This new requirement will be in force as of January 20, 2013. We will be contacting each of our ERP dealers the beginning of January. DBS-STW Transfer Utility Available FDC Solutions has created a new version of the DBS-STW Transfer Utility, which will allow the Durability Indicator to be sent to DBS. Please contact us if you are interested in this application. CatUsed MidTier Interface Retirement Date Extended The MidTier interface for CatUsed was scheduled to be retired December 31, 2012. The interface retirement has been extended until April 1, 2013 to allow dealers additional time to implement the Web service interface. All dealers that use the CatUsed MidTier interface are required to implement a Web services interface by the new deadline. FDC has the Web Service in production at one pilot dealership, and we have already worked with our dealers to determine the filters needed for CAT-Used Equipment. We will begin testing these filters with the remaining dealers in January 2013. New Application Codes Added for Power Systems Sales Reporting As a result of new product/warranty coverage offered by CAT, the Power Systems Sales Reporting has added three new Application codes for specific Principle Work Codes (PWC), for use within the Engine Sales Reporting tools DSIM, and SCORE. These codes will need to be added to DBS in order to allow entering/editing of the new Application Codes. Please contact FDC Support for instructions to add these Application codes and PWCs in DBS/DBSi.

Blocking Object Access IBM i Security Tips Loeber, Rich. “Blocking Object Access.� E-mail 9 November 2012.

I am often asked specific questions by readers about a situation in their shop. I enjoy hearing from readers about their real-life situations. One of the most frequent questions I hear is "How do I keep a specific user from accessing certain data files on my system?". The answer depends a many variables. First of all, if the user you want to block has been set up with all object authority at the user profile level (SPCAUT containing the *ALLOBJ setting), then there is really nothing you can do at the operating system level to block access. This is a frequent song that I sing, but there should be precious few user profiles on your system with this level of access. And, you should have some pretty good business reasons for granting it to those profiles where this level is supported. Assuming that this is not an issue, then the easiest way to block access to a specific file is to edit the authority for that object using the Edit Object Authority (EDTOBJAUT) command. Add an entry for the user profile you want to block and set it to *EXCLUDE. If you want to block everyone except certain users, then set the *PUBLIC access to the object to *EXCLUDE and specifically authorize the profiles where access needs to be granted. If your object is secured by an authorization list, then you should make these changes to the associated authorization list. The list in force is shown when you edit the object authority. Having your object authority controlled by an authorization list is a good idea as it lets you make security changes at any time, not just when the object is not in use. Also, you can secure multiple objects with the same authorization list thereby

simplifying your security administration task. If you decide that you want to block access to all the files in a given library, then you can edit the object authority for the library. Adding *EXCLUDE access authority at the library level will extend to all objects within the library. Remember, this will extend to all objects in the library, not just data file objects. This could be a concern for you depending on how your applications are implemented. You can also exclude users from accessing objects that are stored in the Integrated File System (IFS). In the IFS, you can specify *EXCLUDE authority for any object for a given user profile. From the command line, you can work with IFS security from the WRKLNK command. From iSeries Access, the security functions are also available and may be easier to work with for you. Lastly, if you have a whole group of people where you want to block access, consider placing them all into a group on your system. If you are already using group profiles and your blocking scheme does not match up with your current group implementation, then you can set up the users to be blocked in a supplemental group. The IBM i/ OS provides for up to 14 supplemental groups for each user profile on the system giving you a lot of flexibility. Remember, doing things at the group level reduces your security administration overhead. Please visit for more security tips.

From the FDC Employees

DICE Team Update (Continued) Trimble Billing Extract to be Updated for VisionLink The Trimble electronic billing extract produced within the Trimble Billing Portal system is being modified. The changes are planned to be implemented for the January 2013 invoicing run (around the 20th of the month) for VisionLinkTM application services. Any dealer processes that use the electronic invoice data contained within the monthly billing extract need to be evaluated and adjusted as necessary to support changes to the extract format and data presentation. Trimble Receivables Manager interface (s) are impacted. This does not require changes to DBS/ DBSi unless you have developed a dealer-specific process related to the Trimble electronic billing extract. Equipment Data Interface to DBS/ DBSi The current DBS/DBSi interface to post Equipment Data information is being retired, effective April 1, 2013. There are changes to the Mid Tier interface that pulled Equipment Data information from your Dealer Management System (DMS), and is now being replaced with new solution using XML and a RESTful web service to transmit the data from DBS to CAT. FDC is developing a solution to consume the Equipment Data Web service, and will contact our dealers when this solution is available for implementation. New Business Intelligence Interfaces Coming in 2013 New Work Order, Invoice, Equipment and Customer Interfaces will be available to support several CAT and dealer product support applications. Applications include: CAT Opportunity Lead Generation Analyzer - OLGA, Customer Portal, CAT Equipment Care Advisor – ECA, Global Warranty and Quality & Reliability. FDC Solutions is analyzing the interfaces and will keep you informed.

Additions to FDC Staff We are pleased to introduce the newest members of FDC: Maureen Dowdall and George Howard. Maureen joined FDC in December. She over 20 years of experience as a Business Systems Analyst on the AS/400 Platform. Many of those years were in the automotive industry, implementing, documenting, training and supporting RF Inventory/Warehouse modules, as well as Real-Time Data Entry system for manufacturing. In her role with FDC, Maureen will be working on iSeries development projects. In her spare time, she enjoys camping and traveling with her family and touring with friends on their motorcycle.

George previously worked as an IT manager for a Caterpillar dealer. His 17 years’ experience working in the Latin American dealer community includes: 15 years’ experience in DBS installations as part of the Caterpillar install team and Caterpillar Solution Center and over 10 years’ experience training and support in the Service modules of DBS. He is married with wife Xiannie, blessed with 3 wonderful children: Kevin, Bryan, and Nicole. George enjoys spending time with his family and volunteers his time with church activities and projects. He likes all sports and enjoys playing basketball.

George joined FDC in November. He is from San José, Costa Rica.

Avoid PIN Chagrin How to Keep Thieves Guessing Kirchheimer, S. (2012). Scam Alert.

You might be careful about giving out your social security number and change your computer passwords as often as your socks, but is your personal identification number (PIN) protected? Your pin is not protected if you picked it using common practices aimed at making it easier to remember. There are 10 PINS that cellphone thieves love. In order of popularity, the most common PINS are: 1234, 0000, 2580 (a top-to-bottom key pad sequence), 1111, 5555, 5683 (which spells “love”), 0852 (a bottom-to-top keypad sequence), 2222, 1212, and 1998. Here is how to safeguard the four-digit gateways to your money and cellphone: 

Do not use your birthdate as a PIN. The bad guys know people do this.

Avoid the last four digits of your social security number.

Your phone number? Forget it. Internet-savvy scoundrels can get the information with an online search of public records.

Thieves have a hard time guessing that your favorite holiday is Christmas (1225).

Four-digit PINs are standard, but go longer if you are allowed. The more digits, the harder to crack. Once you choose a good PIN, never carry a reminder in your wallet and cover your hand at the ATM when typing your PIN from prying eyes or scammer-installed hidden cameras.

Dealer Happenings Purchase Order System FDC Solutions’ Purchase Order System is the only comprehensive purchasing product on the market developed specifically for Caterpillar dealers. The application is fully integrated with DBS/DBSi and accounting.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From All of Us at FDC Solutions

Butler Machinery will be going live on the Purchase Order Module in the first quarter of 2013. CODA Upgrades The following ERP supported dealers have recently upgraded their release of CODA: Puckett Machinery and Hawthorne Machinery upgraded to release 11.3 in October 2012. Ringpower, Kramer, and Ohio CAT are in process. Giles & Ransome upgraded to release 12.0 on December 3, 2012. DBS—WMS Interface In Process: Ferreyros in Lima, Peru is implementing TECSYS WMS using our DBS-WMS interface.

Operations Reminder Caterpillar has two major price changes per year (January 1 and July 1). These price changes replace all prices on the three major price files (Machine, Engine and Parts). Be sure to download the three price files. Machine and price jobs can be run in December because the records added to the file have an effective date. Parts must be run after the last day of business for 2012 and before the start of business in 2013 (normally the job is run on January 1) because the price is changed on each parts record. If you use Robot Calendars:  Add the 2013 holidays  Enter the dates for month-endprocessing

Contact us: FDC Solutions Inc. 456 Fulton Street, Suite 298A Peoria, IL 61602 (309) 676-7795

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