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Reinventing Channapatna – The Toy Town of Karnataka

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Channapatna – A Toy Town Story “How ya doin’ fellas! We were in Channapatna few days back. It is a small town between Bangalore and Mysore famous for its its wooden toys and lacquerware.This traditional craft is protected as a geographical indication (GI) under theWTO. This smallish town produces an incredible range of toys for kids across the world. Built using soft wood and vegetable dyes, these beautiful hand-made toys do not have any sharp edges or use any chemicals. Natural, non-toxic and totally safe !! However, things are not looking good for the toy makers. Their simple hand-made wooden toys are losing out to imported and cheap factory-made Chinese toys. Deplorable working conditions and financial insecurity are forcing toy makers to look out for other job options. Well, here’s your chance to save this Indian craft which has been in existence for more than two centuries.” Event hosts – Buzz and Woody

Product Portfolio – A Snapshot Push-Pull Toys

Build and Play (Puzzles)



Manufacturing Process

These toys are made from a particular form of Hale wood. Overhead belt drives are used to drive small lathes. Chipping is done manually.

The colors are made with natural vegetable dyes like indigo for blue, turmeric for yellow. These are melted with lac and made into lac sticks. While the wood turns on the lathe, the stick is pressed against it and the color is transferred to the surface.

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Children of Channapatna – A Career Perspective

The Toy Town through the eyes of a photographer

How can you make a difference ? Participate in one of the following tracks and help reinvent Channapatna

Business Challenge

Design Challenge

Calling the creative geeks and business stalwarts to participate and make a difference to the toy town story

Event has 2 tracks to chose from:  Design Challenge : Reinvent Product Portfolio  Business Challenge : Chalk out Go-to-Market Strategy

Event Timelines Prototyping • Idea Generation • New Product Design

Commercialization • Go-to-Market Strategy • Product Pricing • Test Marketing

• Idea Screening • Feasibility Study • Prototype Development

Design Track

• Bulk Order Booking • Production & Sales

Business Track

Registration begins 10th September

Announcement of shortlisted entries

Registration begins 10th October

Winner Announcement: 5th Nov.

Open for product design students, working professionals and free lance designers

Open for management students, working professionals & social entrepreneurs

Bulk order to be given to 2~3 artisan families of Channapatna

Last date of design Submission 30th Sept.

Prototype development facilitated by Kaveri Crafts & Kalmadhyam, through the artisans of Channapatna

Last of date of proposal submission 20th Oct.

Production with min. 50 units per design

Sales facilitated by Kaveri Crafts, Kalamadhyam & FCube

Cost of prototype development will be borne by F-Cube

Note: Event timelines may change depending upon the lead time of prototype development

Design Track  

 

 

An opportunity to reinvent product portfolio of Channapatna Toys Open for product designers – students from premier design institutes, working professionals, free lance designers Participation: Individual or team of two Task:  Submit new designs with „Channapatna‟ flavors  Keep in mind the raw material, process and manufacturing constraints  Try to hit the sweet spot - usable, feasible and affordable Entry Format – JPEG files of the design (sketch/2D/3D models) along with description (100 ~ 200 words) More than 1 designs/concepts can be submitted Register @ Last date of submission: 30th Sep 2011

Bussiness Track 

Opportunity to take new designs and concepts to the market

Task  Select one or more of the shortlisted designs  Draft a proposal for product branding , pricing and go-to-market (GTM) strategy  Test marketing - drive presales effort (min10 units) to gauge the viability of plan

Open for business stalwarts (management students, social entrepreneurs and working professionals )

Participation: Individual or team of two

You may focus on one or all of the shortlisted products

Entry format: <= 5 slider presentation summary in ppt/pptx format (keep it simple silly)

Registration begins10th October

Event Partners  Kala Madhyam is dedicated to supporting and empowering traditional (folk and

tribal) Indian artists and artisans through systematic and sustained development efforts.  They seek to ensure their social and economic well-being, nurture creative community

enterprises, foster global recognition and collaboration for indigenous arts, and promote, protect and preserve the integrity and diversity of Indian art, craft and culture. Their approach:  Protect the craft traditions of India and help sustain livelihoods by developing a robust,

viable and accessible economic market for traditional crafts  Provide artists and artisans with opportunities for continual learning and growth.  Cultivate an integrated understanding of heritage and commerce to enable crafts people

profit from their craft and yet preserve the “sanctity of their culture”.

Event Partners  Kaveri Handicrafts Industry: Sri Kaveri Handicrafts Industry, is a pioneer in the

field of wooden Handicrafts like Rosewood handicrafts, Teakwood Handicrafts, Shivaniwood Handicraft, Lacquer toys, Educational toys, Sensorial Materials and other wooden artifacts  Dedicated to promoting Indian traditional lacquer handicrafts and toys.  Exclusive factory and factory outlet at Channapatna in an 8000 sq ft space  Access to more than 3000 artisans of Channapatna who are committed to developing

quality and brilliant wooden handicraft products. Most of them work for Kaveri on contract basis as they outsource bulk orders with them.  They supply wooden handicraft products to showrooms located in Chennai, Bangalore,

Delhi, Mumbai, Agra & Madurai. They also export products to Europe, Americas & Canada

Awards & Rewards

Reinventing Channapatna Top 10

Proto Fab Award

Best Brand Award

Royalty Winner

Awards and prizes for the winners in both tracks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Plenty ! An opportunity to make a difference to this toy town story â&#x20AC;&#x201C; PRICELESS !!

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Reinventing Channapatna Guidelines  

Reinventing Channapatna Guidelines