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By: Allison Newsome

One day I found out my mom and dad was having a baby and they told me I was going to be a big sister.

I was really hoping for a sister but I soon found out I was getting a brother. At first I was a little sad but my mom told me all the good things about little brothers and it made me happy I was getting one to play with.

With all the excitement from a new little baby coming, my mom and dad wanted to make sure I still felt special so they planned fun things for me. Mom and dad took me to see Disney Princess On Ice and we went on a family vacation.

To help me get ready for my little brother my mom showed me the right way to hold and take care of my baby doll.

It was a busy time at my house getting things ready for the new baby, so I tried to help out all I could. I even helped my dad put the crib together.

Finally, one night my mom said it was time for my little brother and she had to go to the hospital.

It wasn’t long after going to the hospital that my little brother Parker was born.

Once my little brother was born we became a family of four.

I was so excited when I got to hold him for the first time and I thought he was the cutest thing I ever saw.

Mom had us shirts made so we could match.

My mom and dad surprised me with a special gift for becoming a big sister.

I learned fast that babies cry a lot. Parker cried when he was hungry, needed a diaper or wanted to be held.

I love being a big sister because I get to help a lot with my little brother.

When Parker was only a few days old I started my first day of school. I really wanted to go to school to meet new friends but I was going to miss my little brother so much.

My little brother has been the best gift I’ve ever gotten from anyone.

My Little Brother  

By: Allison Newsome

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