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Budget Summary 2012–13 $111 million BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS

$38.3 million

Delivery of infrastructure

$32.28 million

Maintenance and construction of road and drainage networks

$12.7 million

Waste and recycling

A message from the Mayor The focus of this year’s budget was keeping rates as low as possible while ensuring the delivery of services to a standard expected by residents. Council is focussed on building and maintaining infrastructure for future generations as well as keeping money in the bank to provide for much needed infrastructure in years to come.

For every $100 of your rates, Council delivers a range of services...

$11.5 million

Maintenance and upgrades of parks, open space and recreational facilities

$4.3 million

Libraries and customer service centres

* Note excludes capital expenditure

Council has made “getting the Fraser Coast working again” a priority in 2012/13 and will spend $38.3 million on infrastructure in 2012/13, more than half of that will go on the region’s extensive road network.

Gerard O’Connell MAYOR

Roads & Drainage




Library & Cultural Facilities


Tourism, Events & Community Support $6.39 Health & Compliance


Customer Service & Communications




Property Management


Community Facilities




Design & Capital


Community Services


Budget Summary 2012–13 Since 2008, Council has reduced its operational costs by $12.24 million The budget delivers a modest

4.5% increase in general rate revenue or an average of

$53 per year per ratepayer. Total rates and charges for an average ratepayer have increased by

just over $1 per week

after discounts.

Infrastructure – $38.3 million The budget commits $38.3 million to the delivery of infrastructure which includes:

$21.18 million

on the region’s road network (see “Building a better road network”)

$2.41 million has been allocated for the regions drainage network

$2.87 million

will be spent on parks and recreational facilities including $1.3 million for park equipment and public amenities, $459,000 for park landscaping and upgrades.

$3.76 million

will be spent on climate change and environmental initiatives and the region’s jetties, piers and boardwalks including $2.5 million for the next stage of the Urangan Pier restoration.

Building a better road network – $32.28 million More than half of the $38.3 million capital program (55% or $21.18 million) will be spent on upgrading and rehabilitation works on the region’s extensive road network. An additional $11.1 million will be spent on the maintenance of the road and drainage network.

$5.25 million

$1.66 million

$4.02 million

$0.75 million

to be spent on resurfacing and gravel resheeting.

on trunk road infrastructure.

$4.71 million

for road upgrades and construction works.

$2.21 million for rural roads.

on footpath and bikeway improvements.

on public transport and carparks.

$0.68 million on kerb and channelling.

$11.1 million

Maintenance of road network and drainage systems.

Budget Summary 2012–13 Looking after our Environment $500,000

allocated for the implementation of recommendations from the Shoreline Erosion Management Plan.


Tourism and economic development $664,000

to foster economic development to encourage the development of business and investment.


to operate the region’s Visitor Information Centres in Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast Airport and support the Tiaro Visitor Information Centre.


in community sponsorship and assistance to encourage a community that is participative, empowered and selfsustaining, through a supportive network.

$1.21 million


to airport upgrades and improvements.


$1.3 million

allocated for the Environment Levy to enhance biodiversity and promote environmental sustainability.

allocated for Tourism and Marketing initiatives to actively promote the image and liveability of the region to residents, visitors and investors.


to support and stage iconic regional events that celebrate community pride, creativity and a sense of belonging. These events include the World’s Greatest Pub Fest, Mary Poppins Festival, Hervey Bay Whale Festival and Technology Challenge.

to airport operations.

$2.5 million

allocated to the Council’s Climate Change and Sustainability Program.

allocated for restoration of the Urangan Pier.

$11.5 million on parks and recreational facilities $400,000

$8.8 million



for the Hervey Bay Esplanade landscaping and precinct development.

for park furniture, play equipment and structures.


for public amenities, landscaping and park upgrades.

on maintaining the regions 264 parks, open spaces and recreational facilities.

for the aquatic centres.

Budget Summary 2012–13

$1.14 million on Arts and Culture Looking after our Pensioners To minimise the impact on pensioners, Council will provide

$1.7 million

in concessions to the region’s 11,389 pensioners with all pensioners (both single

and married) eligible for a $150 concession. This concession is in addition to the State Government Pension Concession, for which pensioners can also apply.


allocated to the Regional Art Gallery in Hervey Bay.


for the Heritage Gateway.



has been allocated to the operations of the Brolga Theatre.

$2.8 million

to enable the regional library service.

for the operations of the new Cultural Centre.

Annual Rates Notice Council will issue its rates notices annually and will offer a 10% discount on rates if they are paid within 45 days of the notice being issued. As an additional incentive ratepayers will be able to pay their rates in four instalments without incurring penalty interest. Water charges will also be staggered and sent

out three times a year in November, March and June. The change brings the Fraser Coast into line with best-practice water billing while offering the advantage of smaller, staggered payments giving residents more time to save up for the water charges or invest their funds rather than paying a year in advance.

Discounts of 7.5% on each bill will be available to customers who pay by the due dates. Council has also reestablished a direct debit facility which will enable residents to cut rate bills into more manageable amounts. With direct debit, you can choose the date your payment starts, the

payment amount and how often you pay, plus you can cancel at any time. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your nominated bank account. Please contact council staff for more information about this facility.

Contact us Phone: 1300 79 49 29 Postal Address: PO Box 1943 Hervey Bay Qld 4655

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Fax: (07) 4197 4455

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Maryborough 431-433 Kent Street, Maryborough

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Budget Summary 2012-2013  
Budget Summary 2012-2013  

budget summary