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For every $100 of your rates, Council delivers a range of services...

Direct debit Have you considered direct debit?

Roads & Drainage


Direct debit is a way to pay your rates automatically from your nominated bank account, so you don’t have to worry.



How do I set it up?

Library & Cultural Facilities


Log on to Council’s website and click on the ‘Rates Direct Debit’ button on the home page.



Economic Development & Major Projects


Customer Service & Communications


Health & Compliance


Will the payments always be on the same date?



You will have four options - payments taken out of your bank account - weekly, fortnightly, monthly or full payment.

Property Management


What if I need to change my Direct Debit arrangements?

Design & Infrastructure Planning


If you need to change the amount, payment options or your bank details, please call or complete another form and send it to us.

Community Facilities


Alternatively, the option to change your details can be found at the bottom of rates notices.

Community Support


Community Services


Coastal Management



Council has 9,000 street lights which costs $2.43m or $6.04 per $100 of your rates. Our total electricity bill is $4.2m. There are 43 mowers to maintain the 598ha of parks and gardens. It costs between $500,000 and $1m to replace 1km of road; depending on the level of associated services such as kerb and channelling and footpaths.

Alternatively, you can visit one of our Customer Services Centres.

Will I still receive a discount? Ratepayers are only eligible for rates discounts if full payment is received by the designed due date, even if you pay by direct debit. You can contact Council to top up your payments to ensure the full amount is paid.

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828 people per km2


Population density:

Fraser Coast 7,117km2


Ipswich 1,090km2


Rates & charges

The region has 817kms of unsealed roads – which is equivalent to driving from Hervey Bay to Taree in NSW.

The region has a 3,060km road network – that is equivalent to driving along the coast from Hervey Bay through Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Port Augusta.




Council’s revenue:

Fraser Coast

13 people per km2

Compared to other Council’s our services are similar, our costs are similar but we have less people to pay for them.

Brisbane 1,340km2

162 people per km2

Cairns 4,135km2

The larger and more dispersed the area the more demand for infrastructure and services with less people to pay for them.


Fraser Coast 49,687

Ispwich 69,129

Cairns 71,067

Brisbane 443,947

The smaller the rate base the more you pay for services and infrastructure.

Rateable properties:

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Apples with apples dl flyer v9