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Mick Kruger (Chairman) Julie Arthur Sue Brooks Anne Nioa David Dalgleish Linda Harris Debbie Hawes Belinda McNeven Les MucKan Gerard O’Connell

Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Brien Director Organisational Services, Ms Lisa Desmond Director Development Services, Mr David King Acting Director External Services, Mrs Sharon Henderson Acting Director Capital Delivery, Mr Davendra Naidu Financial Revenue Manager, Mr Rodney Faint Financial Planning and Reporting Manager, Mr Peter Dart Principal Officer - Corporate Communications and Marketing, Mr Kevin Corcoran Senior Media Officer, Ms Jan Rolston Meeting Secretary, Ms Marlene Dennis

MAYOR’S OPENING SPEECH Councillor Kruger said there is no doubt the global economic crisis has had a big impact on the region and has had a significant effect on delivering this budget. All spheres of government are struggling to balance budgets dealing with significant inflationary pressures, spiralling construction costs and contracting income streams while endeavouring to deliver essential infrastructure and services to meet community demands. Late last year, Council responded rapidly to the global financial crisis by• •

accelerating the delivery of our capital works program; continuing to invest in infrastructure and facilitating development;




Minutes of the FCRC Special Meeting held on Friday 26 June 2009

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supporting local industry and business; and ensuring the job security for our existing workforce.

Council has continued with these strategies in the formulation of the 2009/10 Budget. Council has experienced a considerable revenue reduction as a result of the global financial crisis - interest rates have plummeted, with investment earnings expected to reduce by over $1.5 million. The slow down in development and the housing market has also resulted in an additional $1 million in revenue write downs and the subsequent reduction in development contributions for vital infrastructure projects. As we face the global recession, now is not the time for Local Government to reduce or abandon its investment in essential infrastructure. Council has not shied away from its responsibilities and has committed $66 million in delivering crucial infrastructure to “build confidence” in the region, infrastructure that supports investment, community well-being and local industry. This investment is despite the recent State Government Budget announcements to significantly reduce the amount of subsidy funding available to Local Government for the provision of core community infrastructure. In addition the anticipated increases in electricity and the axing of the fuel subsidy will further impact on the cost of Council services. In formulating the budget we listened to the community. The condition of roads, provision of waste facility services and the maintenance of our parks and natural areas were high on the list of priorities raised at community briefings held across the region. Council was mindful of the current economic climate and outlook when developing this budget which focuses on maintaining existing services, investing in core infrastructure and retaining jobs, balanced with the community’s ability to afford a reasonable rate increase. This is a “back to basics” budget, with an overall increase of 6.20% in revenue from General Rates to fund essential services and infrastructure. Council continued to rationalise the four former rating structures which has resulted in the “equalisation” of rates across the region. The percentage increase in rates will vary depending on individual property land valuations, their respective rating category and former Council rating structure. The equalisation process basically means there will be some winners and some losers but was necessary as part of the amalgamation process. The Fraser Coast rating structure is evolving and will continue to be refined to ensure an equitable distribution of the rates burden. To keep the general rates increase to 6.20% it was necessary for Council to identify a 3% reduction in operational costs to offset the impact of the global revenue contractions and help minimise the impact of escalating costs.


Minutes of the FCRC Special Meeting held on Friday 26 June 2009

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If Council had not taken a responsible approach in formulating this budget and committed to making the hard decisions; doing more with less and adapting to the changing global outlook, rate increases, operating deficits and debt levels would have escalated considerably. Even with the extensive list of projects we plan to undertake this year, the budget delivers a modest general rate rise and aims to build a strong foundation for developing the region’s future long-term financial sustainability. I would like to thank my fellow Councillors and Management Team, in particular Lisa Desmond, Peter Dart and Rodney Faint, for their hard work in delivering this budget.



( McNeven / Nioa )

That: (1)

Council adopt: (A)

The 2009/10 Financial Year Budget and the Four Year Budget Estimates for 2010/11 to 2013/14 as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 57, Attachment 2 Operational Plan and Budget Estimates 2009/10 & Attachment 3 – Capital Works 2009/10).


Revenue Policy & Statement 2009/10. (i)

The Revenue Policy in respect of the 2009/10 financial year as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 1).


The Revenue Statement in respect of the 2009/10 financial year as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 4 – 37).


The Overall Plan for Special Rates & Charges for the 2009/10 financial year as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 38).

(iv) The Schedule of Rates & Charges for the 2009/10 financial year as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 39 – 46). (v)


The Schedule of Regulatory & Non-Regulatory Charges for 2009/10 as presented (refer Attachment 1 page 71).


The Borrowing Policy in respect of 2009/10 as presented (Attachment 1 page 54).


The Waste Management policy as presented (Attachment 1 page 47)

Minutes of the FCRC Special Meeting held on Friday 26 June 2009

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The Community Groups Concession policy as presented (Attachment 1 page 52)


The Statement of Activities to which the Code of Competitive Conduct is to apply for 2009/10 as presented (Attachment 1 page 69).

(2) Council receive and note the financial information for the 2009/10 year end forecast as presented (Attachment 1 page 66). (3) A further report be brought to Council with the aim of varying the fees and charges schedule specific to dog registration and impounding fees to encourage desexing and microchipping.

Carried Unanimously

Councillor Kruger apologised for omitting to include Apologies at the beginning of the meeting prior to reading his speech and noted the absence of Councillor Hovard. APOLOGIES RESOLUTION ( Nioa / Harris ) That the apology from Councillor Hovard who is absent on annual leave be accepted. Carried Unanimously

There being no further business, the Meeting closed at 9:15am.

Confirmed at Ordinary Meeting No. 12 of the Fraser Coast Regional Council held at Maryborough on 15 July, 2009.

…………………………. MAYOR