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History of Hervey Bay The first European settler at Hervey Bay, in 1863, was Boyle Martin, who probably introduced sugar farming to the area. The region was also rich in mineral resources including coal, limestone, bismuth, magnetite and mineral sands. In 1896 a railway line was constructed from Maryborough to Pialba, boosting tourism. This line was extended to Urangan in 1913 and the Urangan Pier was built in 1917 to facilitate the export of sugar and later coal. By the 1920s the Hervey Bay area was rapidly expanding due to continuing growth in the primary industries (sugar cane, citrus, pineapples, beef cattle, fishing) and investment in transport infrastructure. Regular air services from Brisbane commenced in 1930. The 1930s also saw the completion of a fully bituminised road connecting Maryborough and Urangan which encouraged further economic and population growth. As both population and development continued to increase into the 1950s and 1960’s, the coastal townships of Pialba, Scarness, Torquay and Urangan slowly began to merge into a single urban area – Hervey Bay. It was not until September 1977 that the combined villages were declared the Town of Hervey Bay and the area was finally named a city in February 1984.

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