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Grey Water Use (Maryborough Area) What is Greywater? Greywater is a waste generated from the bath, shower, washbasin and laundry, which can be diverted for use on lawns and gardens. Kitchen grey water is not suitable as grease and oil from the kitchen can clog the irrigation and treatment system. Why use Greywater? Greywater is an alternative means of keeping lawns and gardens alive in times of drought. It will reduce normal town water usage, saving money. How can I use Greywater? • • •

Manual bucketing Anyone can use a bucket to water lawns and gardens. Above ground system Anyone can connect an approved flexible hose from the washing machine to your garden. Above or below ground systems You can make an application to Council to install a more sophisticated system to divert bathroom and laundry greywater to lawns and gardens. An accredited soil or wastewater engineers report is required. A licensed plumber is required for the alteration of existing plumbing and drainage and the installation of associated greywater devices.

Safe use of Greywater Greywater should be used with care and responsibility. The law requires that greywater must not cause a danger, health risk or nuisance through: • Ponding • Run-off on to neighbouring properties • Causing an odour Precautions when using Greywater • • • • • • •

Choose laundry detergents with low phosphorus, sodium and nitrogen. Take care not to keep watering the same location - it will affect soil and can cause plants to die. Be careful when using on native plants and don’t use on edible parts of vegetables or fruits. Make sure it does not enter swimming pools and children’s play areas. Avoid human contact with greywater. Divert back to sewer in times of rainfall. Don’t use laundry greywater if you wash nappies or pets/bedding.

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Maryborough Area Requirements When making an application to Council for a more sophisticated system, you must supply information as follows: • Completed Application for On-Site Sewerage and Greywater Facility Form (available from the Maryborough Administration Centre) • Form 1: Application for compliance Assessment (available from CSC) • Form 2: Proposed Plumbing and Drainage Work (available from CSC) • Three copies of the Evaluations Report including scaled Site Plan showing Buildings/Structures, Floor plan and existing drainage from all fixtures. 1. Contours, slopes and water courses 2. Vehicular tracks 3. Location of existing gardens and trees/shrubs 4. Proposed location of the greywater treatment facility and land application area 5. Position of soil test bore holes 6. Site and soil assessment details 7. Description of the proposed land application system with calculations that justify the land application area 8. Cross sectioned diagram of the land application method 9. Treatment facility type and details 10. Diversion device type •

The applicable fee will have to be paid at time of lodgement.

Tips to remember Greywater can contain pathogens that are a risk to public health or contaminants that could damage the environment. A greywater system is a garden watering system. Remember that sometimes you will need to turn it off, as you will not need to water every day. Plan ahead, only water when plants or lawn need watering. Do the maintenance. It is an essential part of owning a greywater system.

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