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Fences (Maryborough Area) CORNER ALLOTMENTS Council has special requirements for fencing of corner allotments. The following diagram details fencing requirements for a corner allotment, which allows visual site of the adjoining roads. Diagram 1 - Fencing

Road Boundary Three (3) Equal Chords 6m Boundary 6m Road •

In this area, structures and the like shall not exceed 1.0m in height.

Customers are able to erect a fence (> 1 metre but < 2 metres) on a corner allotment provided the fence > 1 metre is not erected up to the corner. To erect a fence > 1 metre around the corner, the fence must be cut back from the corner with three (3) equal chords as shown above.

Alternatively, a fence > 1 metre may be erected up to the corner, provided the fence tapers down to 1 metre or less, within the 6 metres from the corner (as shown above).

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A fence may go right up to the corner provided the fence is not higher than 1 metre in height and the fence is located on the property boundary.

GENERAL Domestic •

All fences are to be structurally sound.

Fences can be erected without building approval up to 2 metres in height.

Building approval is required for fences over 2 metres in height. Fences constructed above retaining walls may require building approval as the height of the retaining wall is calculated as part of the fence.

Council discourages electrified or barbed wire fences on residential land adjoining a park or road reserve.

Commercial •

All enquiries about commercial fencing should be referred directly to the Building Services Section. Please call Council’s Call Centre on 1800 881 400 for assistance.

It may be necessary for the Building Services Section to also refer the enquiry to the Planning and Development Services as fencing of commercial allotments can depend on the provisions of the Maryborough City Plan.

COMPLAINTS Fences separating adjoining allotments are legislated by the Dividing Fences Act, 1953 and Council does not govern this legislation. The most common complaints in this regard are disputes about the type of fence built (materials used), neighbouring boundary problems or payment for the fence by a neighbouring property owner. These matters are of a “civil nature” and the Customer should be advised that they need to speak directly with the following: Magistrates Court Richmond Street MARYBOROUGH QLD 4650 Phone: (07) 4121 1810

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