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Recycling (Maryborough Area) HOUSEHOLD DOMESTIC RECYCLING A 240L mobile Recycling Bin is provided to residential premises within the Maryborough area that are currently receiving a weekly Council Waste Service. More information on the new Recycling Bin program can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre on 1800 881 400. In the event that a Resident fails to put their Recycling out for collection on their nominated day, contact should be made with Customer Service. The Recycling Truck in most instances may not have time to complete “special requests� for collections. Residents may have to hold their recycling over till their next nominated collection day. If a resident has excess cardboard or glass, those items can be taken to the Maryborough Waste Disposal Site on Saltwater Creek Road. At the Maryborough Centre, there are designated areas to place cardboard and glass items for recycling. GREEN WASTE Green Waste can be disposed of at all Council tips located within the Maryborough area. LIQUID WASTE The only liquid waste accepted for recycling is Motor Oil and Cooking Oil. These can only be accepted at the Granville, Maryborough and Tinana Tips. Gatehouse staff can advise upon arriving at the tip for directions as to where the oil can be placed. MOBILE PHONES Old Mobile Phones can be recycled at the Maryborough Waste Disposal Site, Saltwater Creek Road. Gatehouse staff can direct residents to the relevant section for disposal. RECYCLING CENTRES Recyclable materials like glass, aluminium and steel cans together with old furniture, car batteries, white goods, disused household items and other reusable items can be taken to drop-off points at the Waste Disposal Sites. Please refer to the table below for more details on what you can and cannot recycle.

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RECYCLE Place only these items in your Recycling Bin 

GLASS All glass bottles and jars, no matter what the colour or size

PLASTIC All soft drink, milk bottles, ice cream containers and containers marked with the recycling symbol

ALUMINIUM & STEEL (WASHED) All aluminium and steel cans (eg. soft drink, pet food and baked bean cans). Also aerosol cans (no lids).

NEWSPAPERS & CLEAN CARDBOARD Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, all cardboard, birthday and Christmas cards

DON’T RECYCLE Do not place these items in your Recycling Bin

CERAMICS Crockery, terracotta, ovenproof glass, safety and toughened glass, car windows, broken glass

PLASTIC Plastic wrapping/packaging, plastic shopping bags

GARDEN & HOUSEHOLD WASTE Grass clippings, branches, food scraps, nappies, Tetra packs (poppers), milk cartons

CLOTHING Place clothing in community collection bins

LUBRICATION OIL, BATTERIES Facilities are available at Council’s Waste Disposal Site to dispose of used oil and batteries


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