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BUILDING/PLUMBING FILE COPY REQUEST NOTE: In addition to the non refundable charge of $50.00 for file retrieval, photocopy charges will apply to this application. The photocopy charges can only be determined after the copying has been completed. Please allow five (5) working days for completion of your request.

Property Address: _____________________________________________________________ Applicant’s Name: _____________________________________________________________ Application No:




Method of Collection: Posted  Collect  View (Prior to Copying) Please Note: Documents will be posted after payment of photocopying fees have been receipted

Authorised Person to Collect:


Address for Postage: __________________________________________________________ Contact Name: ______________________________

Phone No: _____________________

Documents Required: Document Entire File Bldg and/or Plumbing Building Plans Site Plan Only Floor Plan Only Elevations Only Bracing Plan Only Footings & Slab Certificates (Circle required certificates)

As constructed drainage plan Soils Test Septic Percolation Report Designer Compliance Statement Other (please specify)

Description All paperwork held on file excluding internal Council documents All submitted plans – architectural, engineering, site plan etc.

Certificate of Classification, Final Building, Final Plumbing, Footings, Slab, Frame, Truss, Termite, Waterproofing, Glazing, Insulation, Plumbing Services, Electrical, Smoke Alarm, Certification of Works, Verification of Covered Works Pipes from to sewer or on site sewerage treatment plant from dwelling Household Sewerage Treatment Plant Household Sewerage Treatment Plant

I declare that the Owner(s) of the property has / have given consent to this application.

Applicants Signature: _________________________ Date: ____________________ Office Use Only Date Received: Appln No:

Receipt No:



DOCS #899958

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