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Moderator's Report - Group: Red Bull

We were given the task to create a short ad for Red Bull. In order to test it and deliver better results, we decided to make two focus groups. The main goal was to receive feedback on our primary concept by the first focus group, improve it and then show it to the second focus group. Therefore in the second focus group were shown the initial advertisement and a new improved version so that we can see if we were actually able to improve it. Below can be seen summary of the key questions, characteristics of the respondents and the outcome of the focus groups. Key Questions: What do you think about the ad? What comes to your mind when you think of Red Bull? In the message delivered? Is it effective? Do you like the cartoon style? Do you think it fits with the image of Red Bull that you already have? Do you like the idea of using the image of a slob superman? Will you pass it to your friends? Will you buy it? What would you improve about it?

Respondents The respondents were selected based on their demographics. They were between 20-25 years old, Chinese students in the WSA. Some of them were 1st grade and 2nd grade WSA students while others were major students in graphic design and photography. The idea to mix students from different level of education was to have a broader idea of people's opinion both from undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Focus Group 1 Moderators: Marieta & Payne Note takers: Time: 15 min Venue: WSA Number of respondents: 6

Key Findings The respondents of the focus group find the ad interesting and appealing. They like the cartoon style and the idea of using super slop superman in it. According to them it fits with the style of Red Bull. After they watched it, they stated that they would share it with their friends and purchase the product. On the other hand, they believe that the ad should be a bit more energetic, with a bit more action which will make the story look more consistent with the idea that Red Bull gives power. They also suggested that image of Superman can be changed a bit.

Focus Group 2 Moderators: Payne & Felix Note takers: Time: 15min Venue: Erasmus Park Number of respondents: 6

Key Findings The respondents believe that the ad is funny and easy to understand and they like the idea of the used concept. They find it suitable with the brand image of Red Bull and the main characteristics that they give to the brand - powerful, energetic, active, sports. However, one say it appears that it is an ad for weight loss and there is a slight confusion about the ending when the superhero hits the angel. Another interesting point is that Superman actually does not need wings to fly which is in contradiction with the slogan of the brand 'Red Bull gives you wings'. A suggestion for improvement according to one of the participants, may be to include more information about the product. The participants believe that the second version of the ad is better which suggests that the improvements made based on the outcome of the first focus group were positive. Conclusion

Based on the outcome of the focus groups it can be concluded that this type of pre-testing tool can be very useful in the field of advertising. It gives important information which can help the team improve the ad. Furthermore, failures and mistakes can be avoided by testing the product as sometimes there are many unexpected aspects that people can see. Based on our experience, the focus group can be also very useful for inspiration and generating new ideas for improvement. Recommendations Even though most of the participants in the workshop were happy with the ad, some very important points for improvement were made. Based on the results, more attention should be paid on the relation between the super slob superman and the main idea that Red Bull gives energy not perfect body shape. There is also a place for further discussion if changes should be made to the ending of the ad as it appeared to be confusing for some of the respondents.

Moderators Report  

A report of the findings of the TVC focus Group.

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