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Pick a “big bed� for your child that is easy for her/him to get in and out of.

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Install a good collection of hooks near the door and/or on the back of the door to hang coats, bags and hats.

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Provide lots of storage space, but ensure that your child is capable of opening and shutting the drawers or opening the storage boxes solo.

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Children need space to display their treasures.

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Bulletin boards and pinboards are good for displaying artwork but the thumbtacks and pins can be a hazard. They also fall out easily where people will stand on them in the dark. Page 6

A better solution could be to put up a string or a series of strings set up around the room or on one wall.

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Your child will need to climb to reach some things, as it’s not really feasible to install a lower bathroom sink or a lower light switch – or a lower toilet!

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A sturdy stool or stand is a must – and make sure that the stool is sturdy and doesn’t tip or rock.

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If possible, get lights that switch off and on by pulling a cord. These can have really, really long cords that get shorter as your child gets taller.

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Keep the background neutral and simple. Clutter is confusing for children, and highly patterned wallpaper creates visual clutter. Keep it neutral and simple.

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Provide a vase that children can fill with water and display flowers picked from the garden. Or choose an easycare potplant that your child can water to bring nature indoors.

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Curtains that open and close by pulling a cord are easier for children to open or close. You may wish to attach labels to the cords showing open curtains and closed curtains so your child knows which cord is which.

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Draw inspiration from the way a Montessori classroom is set up – shelves galore, sturdy wooden furniture of a size that suits the child.

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Choose things that are easy to clean – from your child’s perspective.

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Simple guidelines to decorate your child’s bedroom using  
Simple guidelines to decorate your child’s bedroom using