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Card games preschool children play.

You may wonder what the benefits of introducing card games to the very young are. Obviously, your child will learn some good social skills – and that’s something that we consider very important as part of Montessori education.

• Snap. The most basic card game of them all. The very simplest version involves calling “snap” on matching suits; the more “advanced” version requires matching numbers.

• Fish. Another simple matching game, where you collect sets of four (e.g. four jacks, four queens, four aces, etc.).

This can be played when your child is able to recognise numbers (and the letters J, Q, K and A) and knows that a full set of four has a heart, a diamond, a spade and a club.

Spoons. A more lively game where the aim is to collect a set of four. Here, the parent takes out enough cards so that there is one set of four per person (this one is best played with more than two players).

Donkey. Again, this requires children to be able to recognise letters and numbers.

Beggar My Neighbour. This one also goes by the rather naughty name of Strip Jack Naked. It’s a two-player game so divide the pack in half.

• I Declare War. Like Beggar My Neighbour, the aim is to win all the cards. Any number of players, and divide the pack evenly among them.

Later on, encourage the use of the fan, starting with a small number of cards.

There are many other card games that are good for young children to play, but these should be good to get you started.

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Card games preschool children play You may wonder what the benefits of introducing card games to the...

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