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Wednesday Septemeber 29, 2010

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Roadtrip Nation pulls up to FC to help students find a path

The PBS series will visit Thursday for its fall campus tour. Roadtrip Nation is a grass roots movement encouraging students to hit the road interviewing people who have defined their successful life paths. Roadtrip members, nicknamed “Roadies”, will search for students who wish to travel the road. The team will be on campus in Parking Lot A all day answering questions, showing footage, playing music and giving RV tours.

FC Foundation donates $60,170 to Community Colleges

The college’s foundation donated the money to another foundation for California Community Colleges. The money funds an endowment which acts to support scholarship programs for current FC students. The donations were matched by Bernard Osher Foundation, bringing the total to $90,000.

Health Services begins providing free flu vaccine shot Beginning today, at 9-11:30am on Wednesdays and 1:30-4pm on Thursdays the vaccine will be given free of charge to students. No appointment is required and the vaccine protects against the seasonal flu as well as H1N1. Staff and Faculty can also receive the vaccine at the charge of $20.


Night of the Living Dead resecurrected for Maverick’s haunt

Back for its fifth year, the production is adapted and directed by Brian Newell. The show plays at the Maverick Theater from Friday through October 30 at 8pm. The story centers on a group of survivors in a deserted farmhouse surrounded by flesh-eating zombies. The show is hauled as a production full of shock by the OC Register. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the box office (714) 5267070. General admission is $20 and $10 for students with current ID.


Alex Avina, The Hornet

Heads of Campus: Pictured Left to right A.S. Treasurer Garima Aggarwal, A.S. Vice President Maria Duque, and A.S. President Johnwilly Osuji as they delegate important student matters before the open forum.

A.S. conducts business in Senate meeting DuBois denies Judicial Committee the evidence that was requested and stirs up feelings of A.S. members. By David Clark Managing Editor

Dr. Toni DuBois met with the A. S. again in a senate meeting yesterday to discuss business. During the meeting, the executives and the senators rolled through business. After swearing in two senators, the meeting moved to presentations, where DuBois spoke to the A. S. on the topic of the school’s two vice presidents and accreditation, and touched on the constitution. After her presentation, the floor

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commented stating, “The constitution is more important.” Business took priority over the constitution during the meeting. DuBois made it clear that she will attend Thursday’s judicial meeting “as a guest.” During last week’s senate meeting DuBois stated that the constitution of 2010 should be “put to…rest”. Michelle Forte, A. S. senator, wrote an e-mail to DuBois last Tuesday on behalf of the committee. According to the email, Forte wrote, “We would like to discuss the new A. S. constitution with

up all around campus and continue to smoke wherever they please. Violators are asked to either put out their cigarettes or asked to leave. The rules are that students are not allowed to smoke on campus, they must step off the property if they would like to smoke. They are also handed a card which offers the option of free smoking counseling classes along with free nicotine patches, which are offered in the Health Center. If a student refuses to put out their cigarette then campus safety will write them up and further disciplinary actions will be taken. Campus Safety officers have

warned most smokers that in one week any student caught smoking on campus will be suspended immediately. Enforcement on the rules have been taken yet they seem to be lenient for the time being, “People will eventually learn they cannot smoke on campus,”said Steve Selby Campus Safety director. With smokers not being able to smoke wherever they want “it makes it easer to breath and there is no lingering smell,” said Ellie Torrez. “Students should be able to smoke wherever they please, everyone is 18 years old, but designated areas would be nice to have a place to smoke,” said Ruben Perez.

[DuBois] in the next senate meeting under presentation. We request all documentation regarding the discrepancies keeping the new constitution from going forward sent to us in our mailboxes in Student Affairs prior to the senate meeting. We request a specific list in writing with references as to the problems keeping it from going forward.” “No,” said DuBois. “I’m not going to supply that. My plan is to engage judicial [committee] in a dialogue about the current constitution to determine what exists. That prohibits the A. S.

from accomplishing one or more of their goals.” Should DuBois fail to deliver judicial’s request, members of the committee will assert the constitution upon senate and the executives. “We will compel the senate and the execs to implement the new constitution due to lack of evidence that it is in conflict with board policy,” said Rorry Cannon, senator. “I don’t think they have anything to persuade us with.” The judicial Committee consists of senators from the A. S. who are adamant for the new constitution. [See News, Page 3]

Further smoking on campus will Latino students hold a soon cause immediate suspensions forum for higher success Officers will be cracking down on smoker consequences.

By Shalimar Cruz Special to The Hornet

It may become harder for people to smoke in the near future as there are plans for security to take steeper actions on violators. Fullerton became a non- smoking campus as of May, yet there are still students smoking all around campus. Campus Safety is doing their best to enforce the rules, however there are still areas almost known as designated smoking areas. Students ignore the signs posted

Dream Act loses votes for win

Opinion.........................2 News.............................3 Local............................4 A&E.............................5 Despite being struck Sports...........................6 down, the supporters continue to advocate.

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opened for questions, where DuBois made it clear that matters of the constitution were not be discussed according to Johnwilly Osuji the A. S. president’s direction. During open forum, the issue of the constitution and the alleged violations of the Brown Act were brought up. Students from both sides shared their comments and concerns. Natalie Baek expressed her concern with the constitution, stating that it would be better for senate meetings to focus on business such as clubs and homecoming. Christina Schaefer, senator,

By Krysta Fauria Special to The Hornet

Last Tuesday DREAM Act did not pass despite efforts to raise awareness for the issue. Members of the FC Dream Team and Veterans club held a protest last Monday to promote the passage of the Act. They were disappointed but not discouraged when it was discovered that the motion for cloture had failed in the U.S. Senate. Many protesters gathered to take part in hunger strikes, lobbying, and civil disobedience to show

their dedication to the bill. Last Wednesday, the day after the bill was not passed, about 100 protesters participated in a rally outside a Los Angeles courthouse. 33 immigrant rights activists face charges of civil disobedience for their protests. Members of the FC Dream Team and the Veterans Club were successful in raising awareness of the issue when the groups organized a few of the Fullerton College faculty, students, and local Congressional leaders to join and speak at the protest held last Monday. Jesus Lara, a participant of the protest last week, stated “I think it’s important for us to keep supporting the DREAM Act because it will

directly affect myself and a lot of people I know.” However, last Wednesday, Senator Dick Durbin reintroduced the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill, allowing it to bypass the judiciary committee. Durbin added the bill to the Senate’s legislative calendar with the help of Senator Richard Lugar, making the bill an inevitable topic of conversation for Senators . Senator Lugar is confident that if the bill clears the Senate, it will pass the House. To voice an opinion on the DREAM Act and its current status as a stand-alone bill, contact Senator Harry Reid. Senator Reid can be reached at 202-224-3542 in order to express feelings on what can be done.

Alex Avina, The Hornet

Sharing Ideals: All panelists shared their methods of success with the audience, from gaining help from tutors and scholarships to simple hard work.

The Cadena Transfer Center collects panelists to promote success. By Jalina Martinez Hornet Staff

The 2nd Annual Latino Forum took place yesterday for students to connect with the Latino networks at FC and discuss how to produce greater success for Latino students. Six Latino panelists were in attendance to answer students’ questions. After a quick introduction of each person on the panel, students gathered into groups of three to come up with three questions to ask the panel. Chris Sanchez narrowed down all the questions to the six most commonly asked and then each

panelist took turns answering a question. They ranged from learning more about financial aid to the struggles majority of Latinos face. Ivan Ceja, an AB 540 student shared what he achieves to overcome his struggles as a first generation student. “Pushing yourself, networking, and getting involved in educational programs is very important,” said Ceja. Embracing the Latino heritage was also a focus at the forum. “This forum wasn’t for us to complain or cry,” Chris Sanchez, ICC President said. “We want to help improve the Latino students’ success.” There are 22,000 students at FC, 39 percent are Latino. Unfortunately not all 39 percent go on to succeed. [See News, Page 3]


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Influenza strikes once again

Wednesday September 29, 2010


Are you seriously afraid of the flu? Well you really should not be. As long as you take three easy steps to ensure you do not catch the seriously deadly virus, you will be fine. CDC, Centers for Disease Control, recommends an annual flu shot. They also recommend that everyone 6 months of age or older should get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. Especially those under high risk of serious flu complications such as young children, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions, and those 65 years and older, should get it. The second step is to prevent spread of germs through everyday activities. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. If you use a tissue, please throw it away in a trash can. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes, you could spread germs that way. If you are sick with flu-like symptoms, it is recommended by CDC to stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone, unless you decide to leave for medical care, of course. Also, if you’re sick, limit contact with others so that you do not spread your sickness. Lastly, check with your doctor for prescriptions if you happen to catch the flu. Antiviral drugs could

treat your illness. Unlike antibiotics, antiviral drugs are prescription medicines and make illness milder and lessen your sick time. According to CDC, it is very important to use antiviral drugs early on to treat very sick people. If you are unsure of flu symptoms, they include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headaches, chills, and fatigue. You might be wondering how effective these flu vaccines are; well that all depends on how well the scientists do there job. Scientists conduct research into what types of flu viruses will most likely spread and cause illness each year and create the seasonal vaccine to battle those viruses. It may seem weird that you need to take a flu vaccine once a year, but the flu viruses change from season to season. You can get “the flu” more than once in your lifetime, getting a flu shot once a year doesn’t mean you are immune the next year. For elderly folk the shot can be 50%-60% effective in preventing hospitalization and 80% effective in preventing death from the flu. For children the shot is 66% effective against influenza infections. It may sound familiar that people get sick after getting a flu shot. That’s because an adult’s most common side effect is soreness on the spot the

shot was given. Also you may get flu like symptoms because a person may be exposed to a flu virus prior to or at the same time as the shot is given. The antibodies have not been created yet and thus cannot begin fighting off the flu until two weeks have passed. A person may get another flu, which is new or is not part of the three viruses that the flu shot protects from. Taking all that into account, except the elderly or very young, of contracting the flu virus. If by chance it happens, the flu is not deadly. A nation wide survey made by American College Health Association says that 92.4 percent of college students’ health ranges from good to excellent. This means college students are at a lower risk of catching viruses such as the flu or colds. Many people believed that the Swine Flu was an epidemic, yet all the death incidents were not even verified. In fact after the deaths were verified, it was found that most of the deaths had nothing to do with the Swine Flu and that the media had created a mass hysteria. Go to Health Services today for a flu shot. The vaccines are free for students and $20 for faculty and staff.

By Jalina Martinez

people actually give money or food? Many are conflicted when it comes to giving money to people on the streets because they are uncertain as to what the money is used for. It is hard to tell whether a person truly needs the money or they just want it for drugs or alcohol. Most people give money because they feel sorry for them and can not help but to give spare change. But there are those who are strongly against giving any money at all and prefer to give food instead or nothing at all. We are all led to believe that people are asking for money to buy food, but that is not always the case. So instead of giving money, some

people will buy food for them to make sure their money is being used in a helpful way. Most people on the streets did not plan on asking money from strangers, they did not wake up one morning and decide they would live day after day hoping someone would take pity on them and give them a dollar, those people were put in an unfortunate situation and had no other choice. Although you do not know who you are giving money to or what they are going to do with it, it is an act of kindness that helps someone who is less fortunate and you can only hope that person will use the money for good.

stores creating knock-offs of their designs and selling cheaper. Most of us can’t spend $10,000 on a pair of shoes, and would much rather find some knock-offs for $50. Designers have no choice but to lower their prices, however, many have not realized that. Some designers have adjusted and started creating lines for more reasonably priced stores, such as H&M and Target. If more designers did this, less of them would be having money troubles.

A person’s wardrobe shouldn’t be impacted by their income. People should have options for stylish clothes no matter what. Many consumers are looking to thrift stores, where some designer pieces can be found with a lot of hunting. Kaitlyn Smith, a student, said, “I go to vintage and thrift stores and alter the clothes to make them my own.” This is a good option for anyone who is fine with a bit of searching.

Taking care of those homeless guys Hornet Staff

One in seven Americans live in poverty, according to the Census Bureau. On Thursday, the Census Bureau released their annual report on the economic well-being of U.S. households. With so many people having lost their jobs in the recession, many have unfortunately taken to the streets to find money. We have all seen them, whether it’s at a freeway exit or on the corner of a street, people holding signs asking for money or food. But do

Fashion strides through prices By Kelsee LaRue

Hornet Staff

S o m e people may not realize how hard a recession can hit a society. Everything is impacted, including the fashion industry. Many designers are finding it hard to sell their garments, considering they’re still priced far too high for the average consumer to buy. Designers get frustrated with

Should celebrities get special treatment in jail? celebrity I would want to get some kind of special treatment. Hornet Staff I know that if I was a celebrity I would try and not pay you to valet park my car and I would get free I paid parking tickets. believe that I would want everyone to move celebrities should get special out of my way and have everything treatment. I am not saying that they I want handed to me. should never go to jail, because I can’t ignore the fact that people there are times when they should. like Lindsey Lohan have made Obviously if they kill someone multiple mistakes, but putting they should go to jail. her in jail or putting any celebrity Going to jail would interfere like her in jail won’t accomplish with a celebrities’ career. They anything. work a lot harder than most think. She doesn’t need to be placed in Their day consist of being a jail or a rehab center because she crowded by hundreds of fans, not would eventually just check herself getting room to breathe, going de in toMayo out. be celebrated Should Cinco work, memorizing lines and having She needs something greater, in America? to get the act right the first time the somewhere stricter, she needs to go director says “Action!.” some place were she won’t be able Also most celebrities start off to leave and that the media can’t when they are young. They have check up on her. Not to make this all about been sheltered and forced to live Lindsey Lohan and her problems, a lifestyle that the rest of us will but I don’t think that because of never be able to have. her, people like us shouldn’t think Some might argue that if they don’t want their career to be celebrities should get special interfered then they should never treatment. Look around! They still get all do the crime. Its true like they say “if you sorts of special treatment so there can’t do the time, don’t do the is no point in arguing if they should crime.” I know that if I was a get it or not. By Tiffany Cabral

By Jennifer Morones

Hornet Staff

It happens all the time. We hear it on the news and read it in the paper: celebrities getting arrested. Lots of our young Hollywood stars find it really hard to resist the temptations they must deal with due to their lifestyle. They make wrong decisions, break the law, and must deal with the consequences of their actions. Or do they? Celebrities are a double standard when it comes to the law. They always seem to get away with a lot more then regular citizens would. Whether it’s a shorter jail sentence or early release due to over crowding, there’s always an excuse made for these celebrities. But is it right? Some people might say that celebrities have every right to a shorter jail sentence because they are public figures and their lives could be in greater danger once in jail. People say some inmates might want to bring harm on them. I say that they should not have broken the law in the first place. Other inmates are at risk while in jail so why is their safety not as important as these celebrities?

You might think little things like a D.U.I. isn’t as heavy as a crime like murder. Though that might be true think of this; What if that celebrity did murder someone. Maybe not that time, but since they were not fully punished for their crime they would do it again, and the next time, they weren’t stopped soon enough to prevent someone’s life from being in danger. To fully drive their car due to their intoxication they, hit someone costing them their life. We should not let these people think that they are above the law or above us. We deserve to have a legal system that treats everyone with the same rights. Every person should get the same amount of jail time or rights to a fair trial. This whole mind set on how it is ok for celebrities to basically get away with murder has to stop. I say that if they commit a crime they must serve the whole sentence. Not house arrest or rehab counting as their jail sentence. We must set an example, and let them know they are equal to us, not in a higher level. By the law giving them the same jail sentence as others would recieve we do let them know. No one should be above the law. A crime is a crime and the consequence must be paid, whether you are famous or not.

LA Dodgers manager stepping down once again By Angie Camberos

Hornet Staff

Many were either excited or saddened about news that former Los Angeles Dodger manager Joe Torre announced that at the end of the 2010 baseball season he would step down as team manager. Taking over for him will be Dodger batting Coach Don Mattingly.

Mattingly was a former New York Yankee batting coach that came to the Dodgers with Torre in 2008. Torre is in his third season as dodger skipper and has managed players such as Manny Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra. In 2008, the first season with Torre, the Dodgers won the NL West title, giving Torre his 13th consecutive postseason appearance. That same year Torre also led the Dodgers to a 3 game sweep over the Chicago Cubs in the

National League Division Series. The Dodgers were later beaten in the National League Championship Series by the Philadelphia Phillies, who went on to win the World Series that year. In 2009 Torre’s Dodgers had one of the best records in the National league with 95 wins and 67 losses, and went onto the NLCS series again but fell to the Phillies for a second straight year. Unfortunately for Torre and the Dodgers this hasn’t been one of the

best years. They recently lost the playoff spot and their standings aren’t the best, which has people wondering if this could be a reason for Torre’s decision to leave or if this is the year that Torre will retire. This isn’t the first time Torre has made us guess what his next step would be. After being let go as manager for the New York Yankees in 2007, retirement rumors started to circulate, stating Torre was to retire

after a great career in New York. However he decided to go to Los Angeles and many wonder if the same thing will happen this time around. Will he leave LA for another team, or will he finally retire? He’s had a great career, so many wouldn’t mind if he did in fact, but it’s all up to him. Currently there is a rumor stating he might go coach for the Mets, but only he knows for sure what he will do we can only wait and see.

BW uzz


“How do you keep cool in this heatwave?” Compiled by Kelsee LaRue and Jesse Lopez

“Swimming, or I take five showers.” Megan Barnes, 18, Creative Writing

“I go to the beach, or I just live in water.” Ronnie Thompson, 18, Administration

“I just stay out of it as much as possible.”

“I really don’t keep cool. I am always hot.”

Kat Shroeder, 19, Biology

Ben Bewley, 23, Engineering

NEWS Wednesday September 29, 2010

Weekly Campus Incident Report September 20-26, 2010

September 20

Battery/ 600 Bldg.

Student Misconduct/ 500 Bldg.

September 20

Damage to School Property/ FC Parking Structure Level 1

September 22

September 20

Student Misconduct/ FC Parking Structure Level 3

September 21

Drugs on Campus/ FC Parking Structure Level 3

September 21

Petty Theft/ 600 Bldg.

September 21

September 24

September 22

Student Misconduct/ 1100 Bldg.

September 22

Vandalism/ 200 Bldg. Petty Theft/ 100 Bldg. Medical Aid/ Staff Lot C West

Constitution struggles. “From page 1”

Judicial committee comprises of senators from the A.S. who are adamant for the constitution of 2010. “Well, I strongly believe in democracy and it was voted in with a 94 percent vote,” said Rorry Cannon, senator. “It gives the students a better system to work with. It definitely gives us more power, which is why a lot of us think the administration doesn’t like it.” “Have we done anything for the students so far?” Schaefer asked.



September 21

Grand Theft/ 1600 Bldg.

Fullerton College “No, and they blame us (disruptions), when they took our voice and our vote. The reason why this group is so pro new constitution is ‘cause the

“Well, I strongly believe in democracy and it was voted in with 94 percent,” -Rorry Cannon A.S. Senator new constitution takes care of all of this.” Despite the evident tension between students and administration,

Where does an undecided major look for a career? All peers, parents and teachers ask students who enter college for the first time this question: “What’s your major?” That’s a bit of a handful, isn’t it? Students feel trapped as this question that is constantly brought up and most have a hard time answering it. Choosing a major doesn’t always come to us right away. It takes time and students shouldn’t feel forced to reply hastily. That’s where the Career & Life Planning Center here at Fullerton College steps forward. CLP gives the necessary advice to help you understand the process of choosing a major and career goal. Janine Cirrito, the CLP coordinator, shared the slow but benefitting process of finding a major to help set a career path that helps you. “Students are given a brief orientation of the center’s resources. We recommend several resources and encourage students to also meet with one of our counselors to assist them in the career decision-making process,” Cirrito explained. The career planning process is narrowed down to three steps: The Self Exploration, Career Information, and Decision-Making. For Self Exploration, you are given a self-assessment that is helpful to learn more about yourself. You identify the skills you have and the skills you need. The assessments are free and offered in the CLP center.

Part 5 of series

the judicial committee is eager to “bridge better communication between (students) and administration.” Members on the Judicial Committee have stated that if DuBois fails to adhere to their requests, then they would move to implement the constitution due to lack of evidence. Some students believe that democracy is the focal point of the A.S. and the constitution. However, administration has other beliefs. DuBois stated that the school is “at the discretion of the district.” “This isn’t a democracy in that regard,” said DuBois.

STUDENT POLLS This survey was conducted out of 40 students

News Should students be suspended for smoking?

Opinion Are you getting the flu shot?

Maybe; 17% 

Yes; 35% 


Yes; 32% 

Maybe; 30% 

After Self Exploration, Career Information requires you to take it a step further. You need to investigate the career you’re interested in to determine occupations that match your personality. As you do this, you create your own career path and enjoy working for it because it fits you. The last step is to decide. When you create a plan, you’re able to list your goals and the necessary steps you need to take in order to achieve it. “The CLP Center provides students with the resources they need to make sound career decisions,” Cirrito said. “Career planning is a process; it is not something that will be discovered with one visit.” Last year’s Student Learning Outcome prior to the CLP Center orientation, 50 percent of students knew how to obtain information to search for jobs, the annual wages, and the necessary skills required. At the end of orientation, 95 percent of students knew how to obtain this information. If finding a major to fit a career becomes difficult, it’s okay to be indecisive and explore other options. Don’t try to speed through the process. You can change these goals several times before making a decision. The Career and Life Planning Center is open Monday through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Although we are going through an economic crisis, studens should choose a job that’s comfortable, not convenient. A few words of advice? Go visit the Career & Life Planning Center to broaden your occupational horizons.

Lending an ear: Students attending listen to hard learned lessons by fellow Latino students so that they may know how to be successful in college

Latino Student Forum “From page 1”

“That is why we want to help,” Sanchez said. Each of the panelists mentioned the importance of using all the resources FC has to offer in order to better succeed. Carlos Zelaya does what he can to be involved and takes advantage of things such as workshops. “I don’t want to live

paycheck to paycheck. I don’t want to have to worry about money.” Zeleya said. This event was held to help students embrace their heritage and that is what Maria Duque, A.S. vice president did. “I am a proud AB 540 student,” Duque said. For students looking for an opportunity to connect with leaders in the community, the 1st Annual Latino Student Mixer will be Thursday, Sept. 30 in Room 1440 from 5 p.m. 7 p.m. All students and staff members are welcomed.

The Debate team speaks strongly at CSUF. The results of last week’s competition, leaves the team fired up for more. By Delton Valentine News Editor The speech and debate team competed Saturday and performed moderately, placing in the top ten in the best speaker caterorgy,

Michelle Rodriguez was the top finisher of the group, capturing the title of the 7th best speaker in the speech portion of the competition. “We faced tough terms from past national champion Irvine Valley and [Cal State Fullerton],” said Doug Kresse, Speech/Debate Coach. Next week Fullerton competes at the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association Tourament at Whitter College.

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Yes; 55% 

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A&E Have you listened to Jimmy Eat World’s new album?

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No; 38% 



LOCAL Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Spend a night in October with the undead

they do not know why they are story line in its original form. One difference between the killing,” Newell said. film and the play is that the play “Every zombie is unique, where version contains more fights with as vampires always have fangs and the zombies. there is the holy water. Zombies can “The movie didn’t have as much do anything.” fight scenes, so I added two extra For Newell, his love of zombies By Bevi Edlund Local Editor attacks,” said Newell. came after his adaptation of “Everyone really comes to see the screenplay. the zombies,” he added. “I have grown to admire the They are viciously hungry, As opposed to watching the fi lm zombie movie genre,” he said. frightening, and to them every on screen, the stage version gives On the contrary, Hollywood human is a walking Happy Meal. the audience the strong feeling that portrays vampires as more They are zombies, and are taking glamorous than they are malicious. over Fullerton in the live production they are a part of the action right “They are almost too human, of Night of the Living Dead at the along with the actors. and you forget that they are Maverick Theater. “You feel like you’re trapped in monsters,” said Clark. Adapted from the 1968 film, the house with the survivors, it is l i k e you are a silent participant of Most monster characters such the play is currently in its fifth this horror fest,” said Ryan Clark, as vampires and werewolves have running year. who has played the character of some sort of super natural powers; Night of the Living Dead zombies do not have this written continues to keep its audience on the Johnny since 2008. “You don’t know if you’re going into their characters. edge of their seats. to get attacked yourself.” “There is no advantage to being However, according to Night Recently, there have been a vast a zombie, they are easily defeated. of the Living Dead Director, Brian amount of movies and television You are not facing off against a Newell, adapting the screenplay creature that has been around for featuring zombies and vampires. from film to stage was “difficult but thousands of years,” Clark said. It seems these living-dead not impossible.” “You are fi ghting your neighbors, creatures have become an important “You’ve got to be creative,” peers, people you used to work part in today’s pop culture. said Newell. with, [and] there is a confl ict there “I think people like zombies Newell, who has been directing because you are coming across because you are not attached to since 1983, adapted the screenplay all these creatures who are in fact them. They are mindless creatures; to stage himself, keeping most of the

The Maverick Theater puts on their annual show of a classic tale.

Photo courtesy of Brian Newell

Quite the fright: Zombies return to Fullerton at the Maverick Theater as it hosts the fifth annual showing of Night of the Living Dead, which was adapted from the 1968 film version.

all victims themselves. For those who have seen the Maverick Theater’s Night of the Living Dead in past years can expect to see some new twists. “This is an amazing show to see for

people who are not that necessarily big into theater,” Clark said. “A lot of it is watching the hot mess of zombies bombarding this house, and how people in it get out of it.”

Night of the Living Dead opens October 1 and runs until October 30. Tickets are available at or at the box office.

Taste fresh foods Fullerton College hosts tradition

There is a healthy alternative to typical restaurant offerings. By Laticia Wernet

Hornet Staff

A trendy organic hole in the wall restaurant is Fullerton’s best keep secret. Rutabegorz restaurant severs organic food for a great price. Most people are unsure about organic food, but after customer Steve Baer stated, “Biting into my sandwich I could taste fresh food.” Their menu ranges from salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, to vegetarian chili. The motto at Ruabegorzs is a healthy alternative to traditional restaurant offerings and that is exactly what you get. After you have finished a meal, you will find that you are feeling

full but in a healthy good way, unlike other restaurants whose food has left us ready for a nap or keep us feeling lazy. Their drink selection ranges from the usually fountain drinks to their different tea drinks. They also have healthy cookies and bars to grab and go for the rest of your day. The restaurant is set up to make you feel as if you were walking into a home. Throughout the restaurant, there are all types of artwork, which sets a young hip vibe. There servers are dressed in there normal street clothes which adds to the home like scene. They are very polite and can meet any of their customers special and sometimes complicated orders with a smile. Rutabegorz get a rating of 10 out of 10 for well tasting healthy food, and great serves. This is one stop in Fullerton that every needs to experience.

FC celebrates Latino heritage month to preserve the culture.

By Jalina Martinez

Hornet Staff

September 15 marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. Until October 15, Americans will celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from various places like Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Every year there is a new theme, and this year’s theme is heritage, diversity, integrity and honor, which is what people celebrate. On September 14, the Latino Faculty and Staff Association at Fullerton College hosted its seventh annual Bienvenidos celebration. The guest speaker at the event

Perks of vegetarian meals Veggie-lovers encourage others to experience their diet. By Mandy Monteverde

Hornet Staff

People from all over the world have alternated their way of living by converting to vegetarianism. Vegetarian Awareness month kicks off October 1. All month carnivores and omnivores are encouraged to learn and participate in this diet. Certain websites and locations are offering free recipes for meal ideas, such as the Humane Society of the United States. To celebrate people are

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

encouraged to dive into a meat substitute platter. When dining out pick an entrée on the veggie menu, for many restaurants offer vegetarian options such as Rutabegorz located in downtown Fullerton. This month Veggie Land in Brea are offering cooking classes such as vegan kung bao, rainbow sushi roll, and many more; there’s a $10 fee per class. Every meat free choice makes the switch to prevent animal cruelty, and saves the environment. “I felt that how they kill and treat the animals was wrong and decided to do my share in what I could by not eating meat,” said Communications student Candace Adams. Undercover research studies such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and Animal Liberation Front, have coverage such as animals being thrown from high trucks to be crammed in tight stalls. These creatures are born and raised for food; furthermore, their living conditions are unsustainable

for a healthy environment. Wildlife and rainforests are being destroyed, every second, one football field of rainforest is destroyed in order to produce 257 hamburgers, says a compassionate eating guide, According to the American Dietetic Association that a vegetarian diet reduces risk of heart disease, obesity, colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and other diseases. Ridding of meat can lower cholesterol; however, there’s still the healthy and non healthy eaters, just like in every diet. And for Vegetarians it is no different, they can run low in vitamin B12 and in iron, so it is important to keep the body running by taking supplements. A vegetarian diet can also be costly, depending on what items you choose to buy. Farmer’s markets and health food stores can sometimes clean your wallet out, but on the other hand, eating right pays for its price. And it can be well worth it.

was musician Art Brambila, whose version of “De Colores” is featured in credits of the documentary Families for Equality, directed by FC librarian, Erica Bennett. “Brambila inspired students to stay in school by telling his life story,” said President of the Latino Faculty and Staff Association, Adela Lopez. Every year, thousands of people celebrate together all of their different cultures during this memorable observation time. Many different events are occuring including scholarships and honors. During the event, eight different scholarships were awarded to various students all from the Dream Team. “Here on campus we like to refer to it as Latino Heritage Month,” Lopez said. “The word Latino is more embracing of the 24 different nationalities.”

Karla Usagi. the Hornet

A vast culture: September 15 through October 15 marks the observation of the heritage of the hispanic decent from around the world.

A RTS & E NTERTAINMENT Wednesday September 29, 2010


Epic music and show at Epicenter Game Inquirer:

A music earthquake happened in Fonatana featuring A-list talent.

By: Minerva Ruelas Hornet Staff

A truly epic weekend was the result of KROQ’s epicenter festival, with over 25 amazing bands hitting the stage, including some of rocks most legendary artists. Over 50,000 people attended this year’s two-day event at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana on Saturday and Sunday. Day one hyped the crowd with performances by Papa Roach, Big Boi, Kiss, and Eminem, to name a few. In over 100-degree weather, The Envy kicked off the show, enabling fans to forget the blazing heat and jam it out. Papa Roach later helped out by running out into the crowd and singing along with fans as they

performed hit songs such as their classic single, “Last Resort”. After nearly a decade of rest, Bush gave enticing performances. Memories were brought back as lead singer, Gavin Rossdale, played an emotional acoustic version of ‘Glycerine’. Eminem blew the crowd away with new and old hits, creating volumes of background vocals to every song as the audience bobbed their heads and sang along. Em performed passionately and interacted well with the crowd by speaking to them. “Who’s ever had beef with their parents?” he yelled, as the hit single, “Cleaning out My Closet” set in. The audience went wild as he continued to perform his classic hits such as “Stan”, “The Real Slim Shady”, “Without Me”, and others. Eminem’s guest band, D-12 performed as well. He ended with an exciting encore performance of

“Lose Yourself”. The night ended with a big bang as KISS amazed the people with extraordinary pyrotechnics. Day two rocked the show with bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion, 30 Seconds to Mars, and the crowd-favorite, Blink-182. Wearing a white leather jacket and skin-tight pants, 30 Seconds to Mars’ lead singer, Jared Leto, had the crowd on their feet the entire time as they sang “This is War”. Bad Religion was another crowdfavorite. Their fun, punk sound had fans bobbing their heads, jumping to the beat, and chanting as stage crew wet the crazy crowd with a water hose. Rise Against stepped up and surpassed all expectations when executing their outstanding and final show for their latest album Appeal to Reason. People jumped and cheered as “Savior” and “The Good Left Undone” played on the lit stage.

Minerva Ruelas, The Hornet

Rise Against: Tim Mcllrath sings with his eyes closed feeling the music while Brandon Barnes slams on his drums.

Music with buttons

Music game guitars can use an amp or TV with a new peripheral. By Matt Lightner A&E Editor

Minerva Ruelas, The Hornet

30 Seconds: Jared Leto raises his hand to hype up the crowd.

The highlight of their performance, however, was when lead vocalist, Tim Mcllrath, sang the acoustic favorites, “Swing Life Away” and “Hero of War”. Finally, what many went to the festival to see, Blink-182 reunited on the main stage and absolutely rocked it like never before. They began the show with “Dumpweed” and, right away, the crowd went wild. “Feeling This” and “The Rock Show” followed and the crowd sang along. Classics like “What’s My Age Again?”, “Stay Together for the Kids” and “I Miss You”, had people in tears. Blink’s drummer, Travis Barker wowed the crowd with two solo performances. In his last performance, Travis Barker was strapped to his seat and jammed passionately as his drum-set platform elevated, spun, and flipped. As they were ending, Tom DeLonge said, “There’s no place we’d rather be than here in SoCal and with KROQ!” After the crowd went wild with “Dammit” and “Family Reunion”, a burst of confetti covered the crowd as Blink said goodbye in their last show to return to the studio and record after 12 years. They truly put the “epic” in epicenter.

Guardians fail to impress with story

The Owl is on the move to save the world in a lack luster adaptation.

By: Tommy Felix-Neal Hornet Staff

The newest animated feature out of Hollywood is Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, directed by Zack Snyder. The film follows Soren (Jim Sturgess), a young owl with big dreams and much spirit. He and his brother Kludd (Ryan

[Movie Review] Kwanten) are kidnapped and forced to work for “The Pure Ones”, a group of owls bent on dominating all, led by the legendary and terrifying Metalbeak (Joel Edgerton). While Kludd joins their ranks, Soren and a new friend Gylfie (Emily Barclay) escape, and with the help of some new friends they meet along the way, they go off to seek the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, the protectors of their world that Soren

had only heard of from his bedtime stories. He must attempt to reach the Guardians in time to save all races of owls. The script, written by John Orloff and Emil Stern, was adapted from the novel Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. While the concept behind this movie is fascinating, the overall story was boring. Not that it was a bad story. The problem was that the story

Cho has the comedy touch Raunchy humor is given freely to the guests at Margaret Cho’s show. By: Karla Rosado Hornet Staff

Anaheim got a visit from a couple of colorful characters on Thursday September 24, 2010. There were no Mouse ears, but there were plenty of princess outfits. Margaret Cho brings a risqué brand of comedy with Gay themed jokes, speaking against Prop 8, and also talking about her fabulous lifestyle to an overly family friendly region. The opener John Robertson wore different wigs and would do impersonations of the sort of characters that would match the wigs, like a blonde pigtailed wig to play a ditzy teenage girl, a frazzled brunette wig for the jaded woman that lounges in gay bars. Straight men were also part of his impersonations, especially male actors like John Travolta, and he even made fun of gay male

stereotypes as well. A glam rock dance number closed his act, donning a mullet wig he enthusiastically entertained the crowd. Margaret Cho walked onto the stage and the audience cheered

Karla Rosado, The Hornet

Margaret Cho: Cho carries a bag full of goodies for her fans.

loudly. Cho talked about her current spot on Dancing with the Stars and how difficult the judging was, and all the fun dancing she does with her handsome dance partner, Louis Van Amstel. Margaret’s shows are not for the faint of heart. One would have to really have a sense of humor and not get easily offended by jokes about promiscuity and hanging out with drag queens. Korean mom jokes also filled the room, she would impersonate her mother, which not only just Asian Americans can relate to, but any child of immigrant parents who do not speak English well could swear they all have a mother that sounds like Margaret Cho’s. The show was very entertaining; sometimes one would feel wrong laughing at some of the jokes, but only about as wrong as eating a cake when you are on a diet. The show wrapped up when she and John Robertson sang a pretty raunchy song impersonating their mothers.


was so typical. It followed a typical fantasy quest movie format except this time, instead of humans or elves or such, there were owls. True, this format works and, as a story, it flowed well. However, this led a predictable, unimaginative plot. From the moment the movie began, it was pretty obvious how the whole thing was going to turn out. Where it lacked in story, the movie redeemed itself with visuals. The animation on this movie was superb. The owls were very lifelike, every detail carefully thought out, from the flapping of the wings during flight to the stands on every feather. Also, the scenery was gorgeous. LotG:TOoG gets a 5 out of 10.

With the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock releasing yesterday it has become apparent that the music game genre is losing steam. Parappa the Rapper started it all, showing people that music games can be fun. Soon after, Guitar Hero started music games on the path of playing the guitar for points. Now, with a changing industry Guitar Hero has not changed its format. While the game is guitar specific the competition is changing the guitar and upgrading the band aspect. Guitar Hero is going completely towards the original format with its new game. Although, this time around, the game is focused on a heavy metal music style. Rock Band is still changing the line-up of music to a pop focus with the latest hits and some classics. Rock Band 3 is adding a keyboard to its line-up. The keyboard will have two octaves. For those that don’t know, an octave is the interval from one musical note to another. The keyboard will have the option of being played as the fivebutton layout or the full octave layout. Learning how to play piano could be easier then ever before with the new Rock Band. Along with this advancement a real guitar is on the way. Rock Band 3 will have the pro guitar

which is essentially a real guitar. There will be a Stratocaster version, which is an actual electric guitar that can be played on the game. Also, Mad Catz has made a Fender Mustang guitar with buttons instead of strings. While, the Mad Catz guitar is an interesting option it is hard to use. Holding tiny buttons instead of the original format or strings is acquired. While both options are a huge advancement on the guitar end the way to learn how to play a real guitar is with the Stratocaster. Powergig is a new music game franchise moving towards the stringed guitar. Both of these options can be plugged into an amp and played regularly. Powergig has its own advancement in the drum department. The Powergig drums will be a sensor pad noticing when you strike the air above the pad. The plastic bang sound won’t be involved. Neither the Rock Band or the Powergig developers have come out and said thier game will teach you how to play. Powergig developers have stated the calouses and finger movements can be learned with Powergig. Rock Band has made similar announcements in the demos that have taken place. The gaming industry has been flooded with music games such as Band Hero and Rock Band spin-offs have been the fillers in between the main title releases. But, with the way Rock Band and Powergig are shifting the industry it may be a good thing to let people catch up to the new style.

Reach for this Halo Master isn’t around for this prequel, but it still plays like the old version.

By: Rodrigo Salinas Hornet Staff

Halo Reach the fifth installment to the halo saga not counting Halo Wars is the final Halo game to be made by Bungie. Halo Reach takes place in the year 2552, years before the original Halo happened. Planet Reach is being invaded by the Covenant. Outnumbered and caught by surprise, Reach is the final battle for most. After the invasion UNSC sends in Noble team consisting of four Spartans, genetically enhanced soldiers. The game play is similar to the previous Halo video games but with new perks and weapons such as sprint, active camouflage, invulnerability for limited time, and a jetpack.

[Game Review] In the previous Halo video games Master Chief had the ability to jump extremely high, now the jump aspect is more realistic. New assassinations are added to the game. The story is no mystery to people entrenched in the lore of Halo, but it is sad. A perk of the story is that it ends with no cliffhanger and no Noble Team finding thier way to another universe. New game modes are added such as Head Hunters where each player is in a free for all match to eliminate the other opponents to take their skull. Another new game mode is generator defense where three Spartans and three elites (alien covenant) are to destroy one another generators. There are three generators located on the map to destroy. Halo: Reach gets a 9 out of 10.

Jimmy Eats the world again

Jimmy Eat World has dropped a new invention on the music world. By: Angie Camberos Hornet Staff

After albums like Bleed America and Futures, Arizona quartet Jimmy Eat World is back with a new album titled Invented. The bands new CD is compared to their first, Clarity. Fans, however, shouldn’t set their hearts out on a Clarity two just yet .This new CD features a whole new style of softer indie-style sound. Formed in Mesa, Arizona in 1993 Jimmy Eat World was first signed to Capitol Records, then later with Interscope Records and have released over 6 albums which have included many hit singles such as : “23”, “Kill”, “Work” “Pain” and “The

[Album Review]

Middle”, which in 2005 became one of the band’s biggest hit singles reaching a number five spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Band members include Jim Adkins (singer/guitarist), Tom Linton (guitarist/vocals), Rick Burch (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Zach Lind (drums, percussion). On Tuesday Interscope Records released the band’s seventh record title Invented. The CD features 12 new songs including the new single “My Best Theory”. The CD was produced by Mark Trombino who also helped the band with their production for Clarity and Bleed American. With the help of Rachel Haden and Courtney Marie Andrews, on back-up vocals for some of the

tracks, the CD expresses a story between two former lovers. The song “Stop”, which is a mellow, slow song lasting about four minutes long, tells a story. Haden and Adkins express a love for one another that was once shared. On the songs “Heart is hard to find”, “Movielike”, “Coffee and Cigarettes”, “Cut” and the title song “Invented”, which is their longest song on the CD running seven minutes and seven seconds, they have Andrews as backup vocals. All the songs on this CD have a different meaning. Overall the CD is very well written and has a lot of great songs. If you have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World since the beginning then you’re definitely going to like this album. Jimmy Eat World is set to play tonight at the Wiltern in Los Angeles “Invented” gets 7 out of 10.



Hornets force three turnovers in win Wednesday September 29, 2010

Kelvin York rushes FC to bounceFlorida’s forecast:Rainey back victory . By Kaiber Takamiya

By Ramiro Delacruz

In just five years, University of Florida Gator head coach Urban Meyer has turned the program around, winning two national championships. Recruiting around the country, Meyer is able to bring prolific and talented players to build his championship caliber teams. As long as they want to go to the University of Florida, Meyer will use his special admission to enter them into the college as athletes. These players that he brings in will work hard and try to make it to the NFL. However, these extraordinary players that Meyer recruits are usually not phenomenal off of the field. In Meyer’s five years there, there have been 31 arrests between 25 people. The most out of any college athletic team. The arrests include, robbing a liquor store or driving under the influence. Wide receiver, Chris Rainey has been the latest of these arrests. Rainey was arrested on Sept. 14 for aggravated stalking. After having an argument with a female acquaintance, Rainey sent her a text message reading “Time to die.” After he had been arrested, Rainey played Saturday in the game against Kentucky. There should be penalizations against this team. The NCAA should penalize Florida’s football program because it hurts their image. Florida recruiting and keeping criminals does not look very appealing to college athletics. Unlike most colleges, Florida’s athletic department does not give itself penalizations, such as suspensions, because all it cares about are the wins and championships, not their image. The penalizations and sanctions should have been put on when the first arrests came out and Florida still played the players. If the NCAA penalized Southern California’s Reggie Bush and his team for illegally accepting money, then it would make sense to do the same to Florida and its players. Being a poor college student, most would have taken the cars and money that Bush was offered. Robbing a liquor store and getting a DUI is worse than being greedy, most would agree. Therefore, the NCAA needs to take care of this epidemic. If the NCAA really does care about its image to its loyal fans and viewers, it needs to put sanctions and other penalizations on Florida. It also isn’t fair to the other teams that have or have had penalizations put on them for illegal activity that isn’t half as bad as a player robbing a liquor store.


Sports Editor

he Fullerton Hornets were looking to bounce back after being stunned at home by LA Pierce and the Golden West Rustlers helped them do just that. A week after losing in overtime, running back Kelvin York rushed for 113 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown, cornerback Adrian Lopez recorded two interceptions and the Hornets walked away with a 37-12 Victory over the Rustlers. “We had a good week of practice and everyone was focused,” said York. “The loss was very disappointing and everyone stepped up.” After four weeks into the season, York is currently leading the Southern Conference with 556 yards on 70 carries. His unprecedented 7.9 yards per-carry is also tops in the conference. “My offensive line does a good job of blocking for me, all the credit goes to them,” York said. “Without them none of those yards would be possible.” The Hornets (3-1) defense was

daunting against the Rustlers (1-3) ground game allowing a season-low 17 yards on 20 carries. The Hornets also came up with four sacks and caused three turnovers. Damon Brinson recorded two sacks and defensive back Lopez helped the defensive unit come up with three turnovers. “We were a defensive family and we played team ball,” said Sophomore Aaron Garbutt. Garbutt led the Hornets with five interceptions last season. Regarded as one of the most talented corners in the Southern Conference, Brian Crooks, Hornet Defensive Coordinator has utilized Garbutts athletic ability all over the field. “There are players who will just play the game and then there are players who will play anywhere to help their team to get a victory, that is Garbutt,” said Mark Pavlovich, Hornet radio play-by-play announcer. Willie Downs caught a 15-yard touchdown pass from Darius Banks for the first Hornet score of the game capping an impressive 12-play 75 yard that lasted 6:31. Banks also orchestrated a 15-play drive that went 92 yards and ended with a 17-yard Geoff Norwood touchdown run giving the Hornets a 14-0 lead going into the half. Downs, who missed the game against LA Pierce, finished the game

with four catches for 58 yards and one touchdown. The Rustlers struck back with a quick score in the third quarter. Chris Spencer caught an 8-yard touchdown pass from Vince Peraza, the extra point attempt was blocked cutting the Hornet lead to 14-6. Marquez Richardson blew the game open with a 25-yard interception return for a touchdown late in the third quarter giving the Hornets a 28-6 lead. “We came together as a defensive unit and helped one another cause havoc on their o-line,” Garbutt said, on how the Hornet defense caused a lot of confusion for the Rustler quarterbacks. “We took away passes when they tried to throw.” It didn’t matter who was under center for the Rustlers, the Hornets intercepted passes from two of the three Rustler quarterbacks, also sacking two of the three. The Hornets are tied with Mt. SAC for first place with a plus six turnover margin in the Southern Conference. The Hornets will host Allan Hancock College Saturday at Fullerton District Stadium at 6 p.m. “We need to keep up the intensity in practice and remember how we never want the feeling of week three to return,” Garbutt said about what his team needs to do during the course of the week to have a chance to improve to 4-1.

Pay Dirt: Running back Kelvin York finds the end zone mid-way through the third quarter. York has rushed for over 100 yards in every game this season.

with everyone’s performance.” The women are currently ranked 11th in Southern California and the men are right on the bubble after their performances.

By Kaiber Takamiya Hornet staff

Fullerton’s men’s and women’s cross country teams participated in the Golden West Invitational on Friday. The women placed fourth out of 15 teams, with Mt. SAC, Orange Coast and Riverside being ahead of them. Sophomore Taylor Goto lead the Lady Hornets with a time of 21:23 and taking sixth place. “I started in the back and moved my way up and I ended up in sixth.” said Goto about her race. “It wasn’t until the hill (at the start of the third mile) that I saw the leaders and saw how close I was to them.” Freshman Nicole Brennan was one second behind her at 21:24; good enough for an eight place finish. Freshman Rosa Mata also finished in the top 20 at 16th place. Rounding out the scorers for the Lady Hornets were Bianca Lara and Samantha Gastelum who finished 40th and 56th respectively. The men finished fifth out of 11 teams, with Riverside, El Camino, Mt. SAC ad Orange Coast finishing ahead of them. Sophomore Luis Avellaneda was the top finisher for

“I was happy with everyone’s performance.” - Gina Bevec FC Head Coach

Kaiber Takamiya, The Hornet

Golden West invitational: Nicole Brennan (left), Luis Avellaneda (center) and Taylor Goto (right) show off their hardware.

the Hornets with a time of 22:42, which was good enough to take 15th. “Right when I got on the starting line, I knew it was going to be a tough race,” said Avellaneda. “I had to be strong, especially in mile three because that is where you feel all the pain. I just reminded myself why I should keep on going on and pass more people. I also saw my teammate Danny [Gonzalez] behind

me, which pushed me to the finish.” Gonzalez finished four places behind Avellaneda at 22:56. The other scorers for the Hornets were Randy Fierro, Angel Martinez and Xavier Bode who finished 34th, 45th and 48th respectively. “I think we did a pretty good job considering we went in with a plan of doing a pack run,” said head coach Gina Bevec. “I was happy

Aaron Perseke, The Hornet

Cross country places in top five Fullerton came out with three medalists at GWC invitional.

“I feel like we need another guy that can place in the top 25 and get our four and five closer to the front of our pack; if we can do that, we have a better chance at what we want to achieve right now,” Bevec said. “For our women, I am very pleased with my one, two and three. Obviously we need that four and five. That’s something we are working on right now. Today our one through five gap was 20 seconds better. I believe we can get the gap down to 80 seconds or even better.” Fullerton’s men’s and women’s cross country teams will take part in the Howard Brubaker Invitational held at Irvine Park on Friday. The first race is at 9 a.m.

THIS WEEK IN HORNET SPORTS Football vs Allan Hancock 10/2 6 p.m. Men’s Soccer vs Golden West 10 /1 3 p.m. @ Irvine Valley 10/5 3 p.m. Women’s Soccer @ Golden West 10/1 3 p.m. vs Riverside 10/5 3 p.m. Women’s Water Polo @ Cuesta College Tournament 10/1-10/2 all day Men’s Water Polo @ Saddleback 9/29 3p.m. Women’s Volleyball @ Citrus 9/29 6 p.m. vs Saddleback 10/1 6 p.m. Cross Country @ Irvine Park, Brubaker Invitational 10/2 9 a.m. Women’s Golf IVC/SDBK/SAC/FC, Oak Creek 9/29 1:30 p.m. IVC/SDBK/SAC/FC, Chino Creek 10/4 9 a.m.

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Fall 2010 - Issue 5  

Issue 5 of the Fall 2010 semester

Fall 2010 - Issue 5  

Issue 5 of the Fall 2010 semester