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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A day of rememberance FC pays tribute to the lives that were lost ten years ago.


Photos courtesy of Mark Sutton

Honoring America: These firefighters hang the flag in front of the FC library to remember those lost on 9/11.




September 19

Mural celebration of artist “Gronk” Nicandro at FC OFF CAMPUS

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Fullerton College remembers a former coach and alumni. BRIANNA FLORES NES EDITOR

Colleen Riley, who recently died of pancreatic cancer, was a truly unforgettable woman. Recognized for her many athletic achievements, Riley strongly embraced the college’s saying, “Once a Hornet, always a Hornet,” and had an “optimistic nature,” according to the words of Dean of Physical Education, Dr. Susan Beers. Riley, FC alumni and legendary coach, passed away Wednesday morning from complications from her cancer. Raised in Michigan, Riley and her family moved to California where she then enrolled in Anaheim High School. After graduation, Riley continued her education at FC and pursued a career in sports, something she has always been passionate about.

Coming together: These ROTC students raised the American flag with honor.

FC Spanish publication launch debut The new magazine will be celebrating its’ upcoming launch. ALEX MILLEDGE

A.S./ Red Cross Blood Drives Sign-Ups September 22

Students, staff and faculty gathered around the quad at noon on Monday to reflect on the 10 year anniversary of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Student clubs set up tables in front of the library with displays in rememberance of 9/11. At noon, Fullerton College Veterans presented the flag as FC student Gregory Fletcher sang the “Star Spangled Banner.” President of Associated Students Maria Duque continued with the pledge of allegiance. Dr. Rajen Vurdien, Fullerton College’s president, welcomed the crowd and said a few words about those who lost their lives in the attack. “I know those people have perished for no fault of their own,” Vurdien said. “The only thing they did wrong was being American.” The Fullerton Fire Department also participated in this commemorative event, displaying the American flag on their ladder in front of the Library. “This is a good time of reflection” said Louie Arias, fireman for the city of Fullerton Fire Department. “This is our way of showing our appreciation for the men and women who lost their lives.” Following the introduction was Dr. Toni DuBois detailed speech of what happened September 11, 2001. “I was supposed to travel and be on one of those planes,” said

DuBois, “I was half a mile away from the Pentagon.” Dr. Dubois was asked to put on this event by Dr. Vurdien because she was in Washington D. C. when this terrible event occurred. “Putting together the synopsis, I went through so many emotions,” DuBois said. “This event has always had such a strong impact in my life.” FC students then took the stage to sing “God Bless America,” directed by John Tebay, FC music instructor. Jackie Boll, Dean at Fullerton College, read a poem by Billie Collins titled “The Names,” which described the names of the many people who lost their lives that day. The ceremony ended with FC student Miles Davis playing the trumpet while the crowd reflected on those innocent people who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. “The fact that we take time out of our busy day to have events like this on campus shows how we are really supportive of our country,” said freshman Jorge Ibarra, “It can be so easy to forget what others are going through,” Ibarra said.

Once a hornet, always a hornet

Hornet Reporter

Fullerton College will celebrate the launch of La Antorcha, the college’s new student-produced Spanish-language publication September 20. The online publication will cover on-campus events as well as local and international news concerning the Hispanic community. “We’re not going to just cover local news, we want to cover any type of news that’s of interest to the Hispanic community,” said Andres Martinez, the publication’s Editor in Chief. The campus will celebrate the launch on the quad from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, will be supported by FC clubs clubs such as MEChA, Dream Team, Latina Leadership, Mexican American Engineering and Puente Project. Jarritos beverages will be at the event providing refreshments for students in attendance along with Super Estrella 107.1, who will also be giving away gifts and prizes to students. The event will also be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts September 15 and ends in Mid-October. La Antorcha consists of a staff of 24 students from Fullerton’s Spanish Language Media class, lead by Martienz and Managing Editor,

Patricia Quintero. The idea for the newspaper was conceived by Jay Seidel, lead journalism instructor and faculty advisor for the Hornet newspaper and Torch magazine. “This has been something we worked on for a few years now,” said Seidel. “It took awhile to get the concept and then find the best format. I’m proud of the students that have been with La Antorcha for the past semesters. They were creating for something that didn’t exist, and at that point, an idea. But they did, and La Antorcha started to build.” The new publication gives more opportunities to Hispanic students. Fullerton College is a Title V-Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), which means that the college

receives grants to expand their academic offerings, educational programs and institutional stability. If a school has a significant Hispanic population, the school is eligible to receive these funds so it can create programs to enhance educational opportunities. The launching of the La Antorcha was also to give experience to students in the field of Hispanic media. According to a State of the Media report in 2011, Hispanic media has grown faster than mainstream media due to the increase of the nation’s Latino population and it is one of the youngest ethnic groups in America, whose median age is 27. [See Antorcha News 2]

Courtesy of Mark Sutton Celebrating diversity: These editors share their work with students.

Colleen Riley

Years later, Riley filled a position as athletic coach and, eventually as assistant athletic director. Some of the coach’s many achievements included a state championship and the first community college woman coach to have an article published in Sports Illustrated. In 2005, she was inducted into the FC Athletics Hall of Fame. The former FC student held six Southern California Championships and had a total of four undefeated seasons during her time here. Between 1968 and 1994, Coach Riley earned 540 wins, averaging 22.5 victories per year. Riley also became the first coach in the history of community college women’s basketball to win 500 games. A celebration was held in her honor at Riley court last Saturday, September 10 at 6 p.m. The athletic department has begun accepting donations for the Colleen Riley Scholarship, for any additional information on donations; please contact the athletic department at (714) 9927045.

News Wednesday, September 14, 2011


FC administration addresses accreditation warning and makes appropriate changes

Maintaining accreditation remains a priority JANET GARCIA Hornet Reporter

After its review in March, Fullerton received a warning that changes are required in order to maintain its current accreditation. The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges issued the warning based on the Teams findings and released an action letter in June stating their recommendations for improvement. “I want to reassure everyone that although the college is on Warning, it has not lost its accreditation status,” said President Rajen Vurdien in his opening letter to faculty and students. The school (and district) is preparing a comprehensive Master Plan in response to the ACCJC recommendations to improve student learning outcomes, create a budget model and a program review process. According to Professor Sean Chamberlin, representative on the Master Plan Committee and faculty senate president, a warning status is an opportunity to engage in meaningful, self-critical and honest dialogue about how the college functions. “If we use the results of program review to guide planning and link budget to planning then we’ll be a


much improved college as a result,” Chamberlin explained. One of the biggest challenges the college may face is establishing its priorities among transfer/certificate, basic skills and a vocational education, Chamberlin added. “We’re at a point where we need to prioritize and make hard decisions about the kind of college we want to be,” Chamberlin said. Vice President Toni Dubois, Fullerton’s Accreditation Liaison Officer, stated that it is common to be placed on warning. “It just means we need to improve and enhance our planning,” she said. Through the years the dynamic of accreditation has changed, according to Dubois. In the past the review was done by peers who helped work towards the improvement and it was rare to be placed on warning. “Now it’s the federal government that rates the agencies and the reviews have become more of an audit,” Dubois said. In the most recent ACCJC newsletter are the top deficiencies causing the sanctions for 2011. The top two are planning and financial management, which has seen an increase since 2009. Although financial management has ranked the number three reason for sanction the last two years, it is at its highest with a 62 percent rate. It also lists the names of eight schools placed on warning, which includes Cypress College. Although some have agreed the


warning status was expected in some areas; nevertheless it was still disappointing, stated Dubois. “We are working vigorously to address the deficiencies. I’m confident we will prevail and the warning will be lifted,” Vurdien said. Despite the warning status, the ACCJC indicated that the school’s Library, Academic Support Center, Veterans Services Office and Diversity Committee are commended for the variety of innovative program initiatives in student development, engagement and success. The school was also commended for its tradition of collegial discourse that enables dialogue to occur even when disagreements among participants exist. The Master Plan will be submitted to ACCJC on September 15. A Follow-Up Report is to be completed by March 15, 2012. After which the Team will reassess the school and determine its status based on the new results. Every six years colleges conduct a self study to determine how well they meet the required standards. The preparation to collect evidence can take up to 18 months and include six self study committees which incorporate faculty, staff, administration and students. Information and updates about the accreditation process can be found on the schools website, www.

September 6 through September 11

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1. Medical Aid September 7 - 1400 building

Spanish publicaton makes its’ debut at FC

[ La Antorcha continued from page 1 ] of Spanish media. The program also works closely Fullerton College has expanded with the Spanish media program and is well represented by many at Cal State Northridge to create diverse groups. Hispanics have transfer opportunities for students grown from percent of the who want to continue their studies population to well over forty of Spanish media. percent in the last six years. The launching of the La “There is such a large Antorcha was also to give community in and around Orange experience to students in the field County that we have been missing. of Hispanic media. According to a It is an opportunity to expand State of the Media report in 2011, the coverage, and with the online Hispanic media has grown faster website, it can reach a global than Mainstream Media due to community,” said Seidel. the increase of the nation’s Latino “Fullerton College has changed population, and it is one of the from a predominately white youngest ethnic groups in America, institution, it was become more whose median age is 27. of a pluralistic college, where you Beginning in 2012, Fullerton don’t have a majority group,” said College’s Communications Dr. Rajen Vurdien, president of Department will offer a Spanish Fullerton College. language media certificate. “It is important for the student The program also works closely body to understand that Fullerton with the Spanish media program College is not a college fixed in at Cal State Northridge to create time, but a college that evolves … transfer opportunities for students we cater to all communities and all who want to continue their studies

Fullerton 7 day forecast

The plan for La Antorcha, according to Martinez, is to expand the staff and keep informing the public about stories of interest. “I am very happy for our students and our journalism program. This is a student-driven publication. Our college provides support, and we are proud that our students have stepped and produced this paper,” Vurdien said. “I’m really looking forward to the coverage that La Antorcha can produce and how this publication will grow in the future. It is such a great opportunity for the student at Fullerton College and for the School itself,” explained Seidel. The staff is looking for section editors for next semester, as part of the JOUR 274 Spanish language media course. La Antorcha will publish articles regularly on its website,

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groups as diverse as they are.”

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Wednesday September 14, 2011


Getting dirty for a good cause

Photo by Margauz Brooke, The Hornet

Through mud, tunnels and barricades: Tryrone Davis from the show “Survivor” finsihed the run covered in mud with other runners closely behind him.

Mud and obstacles cannot stop efforts to raise money for cancer. MARGAUX BROOKE Hornet Reporter

To most, Irvine Lake is usually a serene place where fisherman can go to have a relaxing weekend and reel in some game. But last week, Oak Canyon Park was invaded by thousands of people ready to get down and dirty to raise money for a good cause. The Survivor Stand Up To Cancer “Reality” Mud Run kicked off promptly at 9:00 a.m. with the individuals race. Competitors had to run a 5k through obstacles such as mud filled tunnels, tall barricades, slippery tires, dozens of mud pits to walk, crawl and even swim through,

pesky hurtles to jump over and the finish included endless nets to edge under to achieve freedom. Phillip Calvo, of Costa Mesa, had no idea what to expect. “The race is probably going to be harder than I thought. Initially, I thought it might be kind of easy. But looking at it now, it seems a lot more difficult. I’m not in the greatest shape so I’m not expecting to run the whole way through.” The race had many separate waves where participants were released to the course. They were separated by age and gender for the individuals’ and around 10:00 a.m. the group challengers were ready to give the muddy obstacle course a go. The groups were made up of teams of four. They were either all male, all female or mixed gender. They usually had matching outfits, some of which were quite comical.

Mindy Nguyen of Huntington Beach and her team were styled with Native American headdresses and war paint on their faces. When asked why she participated in the mud run she answered, “It was on my bucket list. I wanted to see if I could do, and I did it.” The course was filled with contestants ranging from exuberant teens to youthful elders. All of which were excited and smiling despite the fact that they were about to get covered in mud from head to toe and become completely exhausted from the run. While some competitors were contending to place high on the leader board, others were enjoying the race in the form of tradition. Donna Zamora of Riverside and her husband were wearing matching red attire and getting ready for the afternoon wave of races.

“We’ve been doing the mud runs all year. This is our third one and we wanted to do this one to raise money for cancer.”

This year’s mud run was the Survivor Stand Up To Cancer “Reality” Mud Run. Some of the participants were participants from previous seasons of actual reality endurance shows such as “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and they were all there to support the great charity. One participant was Tyrone Davis of “Survivor Nicaragua.” “This is a joke compared to Survivor,” Davis said. “Survivor’s real, it’s an endurance thing. I actually did this mud run two years ago but it’s special now because it’s for a cause. So I appreciate it a little more.” Waiting at the finish line were sponsors handing out their healthy drinks to the very thirsty and appreciative runners. First time mud run challenger Mike Florace from La Habra was cleaning up after the race and enthusiastically stated, “I’m going to have a beer!” Teams then headed to the communal showering station to rinse off their mud soaked clothes. A shoe collection box was present at the entrance of the showers for those who wanted to donate their running shoes to those in need. Shoes would of course be cleaned before donation.

Getting Tired: These female runners slowly made their way through giant, muddy tires to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer.

Haunted tours scare locals Historic sites give people the chills with sights of ghosts. MARGAUX BROOKE Hornet Reporter

Beginning today, Downtown Fullerton is getting into the sinister spirit with Haunted Walking Tours. Participants of the event will have the chance to experience the darker side of the city’s history. Reports of spirits, including the late owner Louis E. Plummer and a ghost known as “the angry woman,” are said to have attended the shows featured at a popular site, the Plummer Auditorium. According to Aimee Aul, Museum Educator at the Fullerton Museum Center, the tours were created to promote interest in historic downtown, get people walking and having fun, and learning interesting facts about the city’s history. This year’s tours include a few new locations including the well known California Hotel, now Villa del Sol and even Fullerton’s own Police Department. “Past visitors have felt cold spots and captured weird things on their cameras during tours,” said Aul. “People have also felt like they’re being watched or have seen things out of the corner of their eye.” Admission is $15 with a museum membership, and $18 without. Tours are held Wednesdays and Thursdays starting today until Halloween. They tend to book up rather quickly so it is suggested that those interested take advantage of early registration. The tour is around 2.5 hours long and is approximately 1.5 miles Contact the Fullerton Museum Center at (714) 738-6545.


Sweetness of Italy is being scooped to Dowtown Fullerton

Master gelato maker gets creative with unique flavors. JANET GARCIA Hornet Reporter

Downtown Fullerton is home to a variety of places to eat and enjoy the company of family and friends. But on the edge of it all is a one-ofkind café that offers the traditional tastes of Italy. Frati Gelato Café is a family owned business with a big heart for sharing their traditions with the whole community. “Once the customers come through the doors, they become family to me,” said co-owner Anthony LuPriore. LuPriore and co-owner Ron Delay opened the café in 2008. Since then many people have stopped by to enjoy the authentic Italian flavors of gelato and sorbetto made fresh every day. LuPriore is the Master Gelato Maker and he takes his skills to the ultimate level. He creates flavors that range from the classic vanilla to the strangely unique. Some of the most interesting are the basil, black licorice and egg nog gelato. “We have 350 different kinds and I have yet to make one that didn’t sell,” LuPriore said. LePriore believes it is more exciting and interesting to the customer when there are new flavors to try. This is the reason why he changes the flavors of gelato and sorbetto daily. But without fail, their signature flavor Frate, vanilla and chocolate

is always amongst the 18 served. They also offer sugar free, dairy free and fat free sorbetto. Since gelato is made from milk and not cream it contains half the calories and a fifth of the fat compared to ice cream. “I’ve been coming to Frati for two years. It’s one of my favorite places to go in downtown,” said Fullerton resident Jessica Wendel. Many of the customers feel Frati has an inviting local atmosphere for people of all ages. “I’m always greeted with a smile when I come through the doors. You can see they are happy to be part of the community,” said Nathan Frazer, Cal State Fullerton alumni. Frati is also involved with the local schools, donating their time to fund raisers for the sport programs. “We help raise money by selling our food at the local events and I also give a demonstration on how gelato is made for the children,” LuPriore said.

During the hot summer days the small café is packed with locals looking for a place to relax and cool down with a scoop of cold gelato. During the week it becomes an escape for their regulars during lunch hours. It is their dream to continue to introduce the United States to real Italian gelato. They are open Friday and Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. To find out what flavors are being served every day, visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

Frati Gelato Cafe 122 W. Commonwealth Ave Fullerton, CA 92832 714.871.1413

Photo by Dylan Hughes, The Hornet

Made Daily: Customers can find a variety of different flavors each day.



Wednesday September 14, 2011 l


All power in the corporations

Many well-known and large corporations have recently shown political support for specific political candidates and/or parties. When people see a trusted and successful company that they have known for years, they do not expect them to say who they support. People do not want to see companies supporting people or candidates then having their views pushed on them. Customers may feel pressured if a company is donating thousands of dollars to certain political parties or campaigns. The Target Corporation has been under fire a lot because of their political donations and who and how they support certain groups. It came to the public’s attention that they donated about $150,000 to an ad group supporting the

conservative Republican candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer is known for opposing same-sex marriage, which is a very touchy subject in politics since Proposition 8 in California. When a big corporation like Target promotes anti-gay politics, they may gain a big group of non-supporters. Best Buy is also in the same boat as Target because of their past support for newer political candidates, being called contradictions. A lot of tobacco companies have been trying to keep their contributions out of sight. Hiding whom they are supporting will, in their eyes, keep their loyal customers coming back. One way they hide their support is by contributing

to small organizations that are also supporters of the candidate. With that system the money still reaches the candidate but not in such a direct manner. With cigarette companies, they will always have customers because of the addicting affects of smoking, yet they still work hard to hide their political support. Big name companies like Starbucks and Nike are known supporters of President Barack Obamas policies. Also other supporters of various policies from Obama, include Johnson & Johnson, Shell, BP, Levi Strauss and company, Apple, Timberland, Gap Inc. and General Electric. There are also a big group of corporations that support Planned

Parenthood, which many people associate with abortions and birth control. The American Cancer Society, Girl Scouts, Rotary Clubs, the Salvation Army and YMCA, are just a few supporters of planned parenthood. There are countless groups that aim to directly bring down companies that show political support for certain subjects or policies. These groups become well known for the simple actions that they make, like boycotts and protests. Political figures and propositions that directly effect a certain group of people are more likely to be boycotted against mostly from them fighting for their rights to live however they choose.

College students are among most of these anti-polititian groups and are targeted to take place in them. Groups use the younger generation to try to get high school and college students more into politics. Young voters are the most crucial for the future of the American Government. The uproar of attention companies get for giving money to a candidate that has the same values as them has only caused more problems. It is a simple theory that if companies keep contribution so much to one politician, eventually the companies will have all of the power. Companies having power and influence means if banned together, corporations could have the ability to effect who

the Federal government by $351 billion. Company pension under funding was a casualty to record low bond yields, leading to the digression of the US long term rating down one level. Pension under funding has killed the American economy because the money at the end of the day is guaranteed to someone by contract and someone has to pay the bill if the corporation can not. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is in debt $23 billion as a consequence and could possibly go up to $30 or a $100 billion if several major airlines fall. The most likely solution to any of these problems would end up in a severe government bail out. California has been severely hit by the recession, though being the second fastest growing state in the United States. The economy has taken a toll on education, budget, the environment and water. Education has taken an immense toll and is deep need of better funding. California has been prospering in education for the last 15 years. As the enrollment in the community colleges has grown 44 percent, California has become steadily dependent on our educated population.

S o m e students are taking unpaid internships, or end up going back to school, in hopes of passing the time till employment becomes a b r i g h t e r situation. Students are really recommended to research the sector of the workforce they want to participate in, find out statistics to see the availability of these jobs and apply themselves a c c o r d i n g l y, Mark Sutton, Special to the Hornet as well Mission Impossible: College graduates are having the same trouble as anyone finding a job. as be prepared. Va r i o u s studies show that there is around we can only hope that times turbulent times and work 17 percent unemployment in get better, politicians come hard for a better tomorrow. Americans age 20 to 24 to an agreement and we get We must work as hard as our and about 18 percent of our economy pumping forefathers did in the creation employers feel that newly again, with new jobs of our country and keep of graduated college students created and new career sectors freedom secure; as we keep our lack the proper work ethic booming. beautiful nation growing, and discipline. As Americans do best, we and maintain our In the end of this situation, must stay united through these American prestige.

Unemployment is still declining ALYSSA FERNANDEZ Hornet Reporter

The American economy, the fundamental basis of our prosperity, a characteristic in our country that defines us internationally, has halted into a bad recession. Where does that leave us? With the median household income of $46,326 and the unemployment rate at 12 percent in California, we’re left to penny pinch and invest. The times of abundant spending are far behind us, as we spiral down this economic slum, losing our houses, our jobs and our stability. In good fortune, the GDP increased by one percent this second quarter, improving from the first quarters advancement of 0.4 percent. The problems with the American economy are quite simplistic, yet the solution falls into deep complexity. Pension under funding ranks in as the number one debt in the economy, with public debt, weak revenue, overbuilding in coastal areas, retirement, social security and energy following. Pension under funding drains

Reality tv slowly corrupts young minds COURTNEY POWERS

Hornet Reporter

With the growth of reality television, actors are no longer spending countless hours memorizing scripts, getting costumed, or finding the real meaning behind their characters; things tend to be quite different nowadays. The people included in these shows sign up for an intrusion of cameras, crews and too much attention into their lives.

Ratings are skyrocketing marriage and million dollar debt to unimaginable numbers overwhelmed him to the point and audiences are obsessed of suicide. with the lives of these new Reports state that Armstrong found personalities. hung himself in his Mulholland The fame that these once Drive apartment and was later ordinary people acquire, in just a found by his roommate. few episodes, can become an allThe upcoming season generated consuming new addiction. worry about being able to get To most, this immersion into through another round of taping. celebrity life can be too much He was reported saying things like, to handle. “They’re just going to crucify me Just recently, reality television this season” and “I don’t know what star Russell Armstrong, from the hit to do. I’ll never survive it.” show “Real Housewives of Beverly Living life for the entire world Hills,” could no longer cope to see and criticize can take a toll with the demanding life style of on a person’s self-esteem and the series. attitude towards the community The alleged stress of his failing around them.

The Hornet

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Many times the casts of these reality shows are captured in intense therapy meetings attempting to work through the issues that have surfaced. For the most part, majority speak of the tension in their families and hostile feelings towards each other when their true colors are exposed during the season. With all of the drama on the screen the audience can deflect from their own personal problems in life. Reality television is a crutch to viewers not wanting to confront their own demons. It becomes second nature to defer from real life ordeals

Jesse Lopez, Nick Rannis, Sara Doyel, Jayme Specker, Mat Specker, Brian Perekra, Kellie Knezovich, Genesis Miranda, Margaux Spell, Kyle Wilson, Monica Acevedo,

and slip into the fantasy world of television. Depending on the nature of the show the followers can feel that these television personalities represent them in a way, causing them to lose their own sense of social skills and true feelings about certain situations. More and more the average person tends to pull back from friends and family and gravitates towards the comforting sanctuary of a solitary life. Society has become so detached from actual surroundings with reality series taking the meaning of real life to an new level.

Mistrial called for Larry King shooting by unclear jury SADIE WEST

Hornet Reporter

Back in February of 2008, eighth grader Larry King was shot to death for his sexual orientation. In other words, he was killed because he was gay. King would wear makeup and nail polish to school in confidence and pride of his sexuality. His shooter who was 14 years old at the time, Brandon McInerney, Tormented and bullied at school, King was declared brain dead on February 13, one day after he was shot twice in the back of the head by McInerney. I am appalled that the jury could not decide whether or not to try McInerney with murder or manslaughter. Subsequently the jury declared a mistrial. As news reports stated, McInerney was exploring white supremacist ideology and did not like homosexuals. I feel that, similarly to the Casey Anthony case, it is quite obvious of his purposeful intentions to have shot King and take his life away. I do not see why being gay, lesbian, straight, or bisexual is of such importance to people. As it states in the Declaration of Independence, we have the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The people of this nation seem to ignore the fact that ones sexual orientation has no importance to the outcome, or result of someones own pursuit of happiness. What one does in their private life has no significance to me, unless it directly affects or pertains to me. This poor boy had his life unfairly taken away because others could not accept him and his way of life. Americans hold strong beliefs in the ideology of justice. They believe in an eye for an eye. I feel that since McInerney took the life of King away simply because he did not like homosexuals, he deserves to spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to the family and paying his respects and dues back. Brandon McInerney should feel guilty, shameful and much pain for his violent acts towards King. I don’t know what’s wrong with those jurors, but there must be issues or momentary brain glitches that they must have had when making their decision to declare a mistrial. May Larry King’s soul rest in peace and may his family receive justice. Until then, people deo not need to agree with but accept that all people are different whether religiously, sexuality, in gender, age or ethnicity.

The Hornet is published as a learning experience, under the guidance of Fullerton College’s journalism program. The editorial and advertising published herein, including Janet Garcia, any opinions expressed, are the responsibility of the student Bhauna Holmes, newspaper staff. Under appropriate and federal court Daniel Edelstein, decisions and california law, college newspapers are free Jeremy Ablang, from prior restraint by virtue of the First Amendment to Courtney Powers, the United States Constitution. Jose Velasquez, Accordingly, information published in Alex Milledge, this newspaper, including any opinions Sergio Gomez, expressed, should not be interpreted to Jessica Wilson, represent the position of the Stephanie Ornelas North Orange County Community College District, Fullerton College, or any officer or employee thereof.

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Wednesday September 14, 2011 l


Hornet reporter

Throughout history, the struggle for equality has been a constant uphill battle for minority groups, whether the issue is race, gender, political background or sexual orientation. It is apparent in California that voters are in a continuous struggle over the legal rights of the gay and lesbian community. On July 14, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 48 stating that the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans as well as other ethnic and cultural groups are taught in public schools. It is no surprise that there has been an up-roar in the conservative community. The Stop SB48 campaign is convincing hopeful voters that this bill is imposing on the rights that parents have about what

Should bill 48 be blocked or continue to teach about historical figures personal lives and beliefs?

their children are exposed to in schools. They argue that the bill is taking away from classroom time and could be used for different subjects. This hot button issue is being talked and reported about everywhere which is causing the facts to be misconstrued. The bill clearly states that the study for social sciences will include the contributions that many cultural and ethnic groups have made that affected the development of California and the United States. The classroom is not a place where students are encouraged to think a certain way about the subject matter but rather an environment that displays the facts of our society, from the past to the current events of today. Factually, people from all origins make contributions to society; it is impossible to defer from the reality that everyone from all walks of life have made significant additions to America. It is only fair that gay and lesbian citizens are awarded the same accreditation for

JOE their achievements as their JAUREGUY straight counterparts. Hornet Reporter Just as minority race groups fought to have their stories told, the gay community is striving to get past the ignorant mind sets of so many people. If murders, rapists and thieves can The state has an obligation to be put into history books for their its people. horrendous acts towards mankind, Even to those whose voices may it is appalling to think that a be too quiet to hear over the roar of group of people cannot the crowd. be recognized for the positive With that in mind, the new law things they have attributed SB48 was enacted to help ensure to society. that contributions of Lesbian Gay A lot of events have transpired Bisexual Transgendered community since this country was founded members to history would be duly whether people agreed with noted in textbooks. them or not. The law already prohibits the The citizens of the United States state from adopting any book that are the history of this country and “reflects adversely upon persons bring a continual change to the way because of their race, sex, color, this society functions. creed, handicap, national origin, The gay, lesbian, bisexual and or ancestry.” transgendered men and women have The new law basically adds left their mark in history and whether sexual orientation to that list. it gets printed into a social science While the inclusion of these book or not, it happened. footnotes is inherently a good To leave out a chunk of what thing, the message being sent is happened in the past is unfair entirely different. and bias. The L.A. Times ran an opinion

g n i v i L y h t Heal Lately, it seems the world is spinning closer and closer to the sun. Each week fall approaches, but the weather is not exactly showing that quite yet. The recent heat wave, reaching temperatures as high as 90 degrees, has made knowing how to protect yourself from the sun even more important. First things first, what is sun protection? The simple definition is guarding your body from the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. The damage of too much sun includes sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer, precancerous skin or premature wrinkles. Many specialists have said at least 15-20 minutes of sun is effective in getting the daily requirement of vitamin D. For darker skin they recommend longer exposure.

To keep yourself from looking decades older than your real age here are a few tips. 1. Limit sun time. Most people spend entirely too much time in the sun at the exact wrong time of the day. Peak hours for sunlight are between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. This is important considering no sunscreen can completely block out all of the suns rays. 2. Invest in the invention called sunscreen. Yes, it seems like a hassle, but when used properly it does more than preventing sunburn. Sunscreen blocks out the sun’s harmful UV radiation from penetrating skin. Do not make the common mistake of not applying enough sunscreen to one area. One ounce of sunscreen is recommended

for the entire body. It should also towels, sunglasses, clothing and be applied 30 minutes before going even film screens for your car or outside, and reapplied every two room windows. hours after. Even the water resistant brands require reapplication. 3. Sun protective clothing is When in the market for a good always an easy option for those not sunscreen there are a few factors to willing to reapply routinely. take into consideration. Firstly, there -A broad brimmed hat are two types of ultraviolet radiation -A long sleeve shirt the sunscreen can shield you from. -A long skirt or pants Secondly, the best type of sunscreen to purchase is classified When choosing your method “broad spectrum,” which protects of sun protection, choose the one from both forms of UV rays. you are most comfortable with. For those who enjoy tanning, Remember even in the winter be aware not all tanning products months UV rays can make their way contain sunscreen. pass the cloudy weather. There is Sunscreens are one of the most no safe time in year when it comes convenient ways to decrease to sun radiation. So, start practicing the chances of having sun- keeping your skin sun-damage free damaged skin. The protective early, not just in the summer months. product comes in: lotions, creams, It is all about keeping a little ointments, gels, moistened healthy living in mind.

article earlier this year outlining If the real conditions of why they (normally a quite history are replaced by how liberal publication) opposed the we wish to interpret it, or how new law. our leaders misrepresent it, Nothing to do with sexuality, students lose. Without a wellor money, or some of the educated society, everybody loses, more ludicrous claims people not only the students. are making. While the LGBT community Plainly, they believe that currently champions SB48, in textbooks should be written the long run they should look at by historians and educators, how a precedent like this may be not politicians. used by those outside of their The problem becomes the own camp. way in which history and people Take for example Texas, where are presented. newly politicized textbooks play The Times writes: “People in down aspects of history certain poor countries aren’t supposed people didn’t like. to be shown as poor, lest they be In California so far, the use is stereotyped, and information on benign, but that may not always AIDS in Africa must not reflect be the case in our history of negatively on the continent. the state. So poor people aren’t poor and SB48 may have good intentions Cinco celebrated the elderly Should are physically fit de andMayo at its be heart, but the over-reaching financially sound, according language in the bill could end up in America? to the textbooks — and we clouding students’ understanding complain that students are of history and the reasons for poorly educated.” certain actions. History isn’t about glossing over Looking through rosethe troublesome times in our past, colored glasses skews reality, no it is about learning from matter how well intentioned the our mistakes. maker is.

By The Numbers 1 in 5

Amount of people who develop skin cancer in their lives.

The percentage that the poverty rates have gone up from 2000 through 2010.

11.3% - 15.1% 2000


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Compiled by: Patricia Ditzler, Opinion Editor

What would you like new or improved in the school quad? “I would rather they cut back on these (quad) budgets and add that to the school class budgets.” Derek Tripp, Math Studies

“More tables, more things to help people interact and more activities to make it more interesting.” Hyun-Seok Cheon, Social Work

“More seating, like the tables they have inside, but around because they can be used more.” Abdalmohsen Almousa, Business

“Truth to be told I would just like more shade, other than that it is fine. ” Deeanna Babcock, Undecided

Wednesday September 14, 2011

Photos by Jami Jenner, The Hornet

During Headhunterz Set: Fans raise their hands during the buildup just before the music drops.

The annual music festival invades Oak Canyon Park. DANIELLE HOYT Entertainment Editor

Thousands gathered at Oak Canyon Park in Irvine on Saturday to experience one of Motive’s annual Music Festivals, Atlantis. This year was a bit of a travel from the festival’s previous venue, The Shrine, in Los Angeles. The Electronic Dance Music Festival attracted about 5,000 party-goers from all over who came together to dance another night away. The event was originally set to go on from 5 p.m. - 3 a.m. but a

schedule change was made last minute to abide by changes in the venue policy and to avoid getting shut down. As a result, the festival’s hours were changed from 3 p.m. - 2 a.m. The original three stages were combined into two, closing off a part of the venue. Supporting acts had their performances cut. However, headliners were kept but time slots were not released until the day of. Even at 10 p.m. the line to enter was still pretty long. Some guests had been waiting almost 4 hours to get in, while others waited less. However, it was well worth the wait once inside. Stunning lights and powerful bass surrounded party-goers. With performances from world class DJs

such as Dash Berlin, Headhunterz, Mord Fustang, Cookie Monsta, and others, party-goers were in for quite a wild ride. Mord Fustang tore it up and left the crowd wanting more. He definitely got everyone amped up for Cookie Monsta, who performed right after. Atlantis was Mord Fustangs first performance out in this area and it definitely wont be his last. Many fans had been awaiting Cookie Monsta’s performance since 420 Fest 2010, when Motive had plans to have the DJ perform; however, due to complications with his visa, he was not able to make it into the states to perform. Atlantis was Cookie Monsta’s chance to make it up to fans and his set didn’t disappoint. He laid

New York streets come to OC Westside Story takes the stage at OCPAC. MARK SUTTON Hornet Reporter

You hear sound of fingers snapping through the hall of the Orange County Performing Arts Center as the stage curtain opens, celebrating its 25th Anniversary Broadway season’s opening with the famed Broadway musical, "West Side Story." The traveling show arrived earlier last week and had its first performance on September 6. This American classic is a modern day adaptation of the Shakespearian

classic, "Romeo & Juliet". In the city streets of 1950's New York City we find ourselves between two cultures. Between the Sharks and Jets is where the story unfolds. During the 1950's, Puerto Rican immigrants were making their way into the New York area, causing disagreements between the New York locals and the newcomers to the neighborhood. You have the two street gangs; the Jets of the local New York neighborhood boys, and then you have the Sharks who are the young Puerto Rican boys, who are both fighting for their own territory of the streets of the neighborhood they live in. Our star crossed lovers are the

Puerto Rican girl, Maria, and New York native, Tony. It was a good show overall, even though the test of time was noticed on the cast. Overall vocals and music were well performed. However the performers were not on their marks for the show, there were times where you could see the performer missed their mark by an inch or two and they second guessed themselves. The show will be running through September 19. Next will be Shrek the Musical October 4 through October 16. Followed by the Blue Man Group November 8 through November 20. For more information and a list of full dates and times please visit their web site at

JAYME SPECKER Hornet Reporter

The country legend might best be known for popular hits such as "Check Yes Or No" and "Write This Down." In 2009 he won a Grammy for his album "Troubadour." Straight is known for his ability to write great love songs; he has a way with words. With the title track "Here For A Good Time", Strait goes with an upbeat twist on the modern day love story. The song "Three Nails And A

September Release Dates ON CAMPUS EVENTS Lines and Patterns Campus Art Gallery 9a.m.-11a.m. & 12p.m.- 2p.m

14 19 22

Legends: Theatre Arts Legacy Campus Theatre 7:30pm Artist-in-Residence: Gronk 1400 Building Quad @5p.m.



23 Nocurnal Wonderland NOS Events Center San 24 Bernardino @ 5p.m. 28


I Don't Know How She Does It Drive Straw Dogs Restless The Lion King (3D)


The Spazmatics The Grove Anaheim @ 7p.m.

Bush & Chevelle The Grove Anaheim @ 7p.m.



Gears Of War 3 Burnout Crash




Andrew Jackson Jihad - "Knife Man" Boots Electric - "Honkey Kong" Demi Lovoto - "Unbroken" Tori Amos - "Night Of Hunters" Thrice - "Major/Minor" Young Jeezy - "TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition" Never Shout Never - "Time Travel" Apparat - "The Devil's Walk" Big Troubles - "Romantic Comedy" Bjork - "Biophillia" Blink-182 - "Neighborhoods" Candy Hearts - "Everything's Amazing And Nobody's Happy" Chickenfoot - "Chickenfoot |||" DJ Shadow - "The Less You Know, The Better" Dum Dum Girls - "Only in Dreams"

An "Untitled Piece" unveiled at FC by Arist-in-Residence. DANIELLE HOYT Entertainment Editor

Last semester Fullerton College welcomed internationally acclaimed artist 'Gronk' Nicandro to the campus for the traditional Artistin-Residence program. Each semester, an artist in the program leaves behind a piece of artwork to be added to the campus collection. Last semester was a special occasion. It was the first semester an artist's work was displayed on a site other than the art building. Gronk permanently installed a

Photos by Dylan Hughes, The Hornet "Untitled Piece": Gronk's mural displayed in the 1400 building entrance hall.

wall mural in the 1400 Building called "Untitled Piece." An unveiling will be held on the 22nd in the courtyard of the new social sciences building. Art Department Chair, Bill Hayner said,"We are very pleased to get him and have his artwork

permanently installed on our campus. It will be viewed for hundreds of years to come by students." Students, faculty and the public are all invited to the unveiling to celebrate.

Fortunately, Wayne is as lyrically sound as he always has been, giving us a few memorable tracks on the album. However, his songs seem to be either a hit or a miss because of the large variety of song structure. "6 Foot 7 Foot" feat. Cory Gunz is still a fan-favorite, despite being released months ago; however, not every listener is excited about Cory Gunz appearing on the track. "She Will" featuring Drake is a bass-heavy track that has 'Weezy' making some impacting one-liners. "How to Love" is Wayne's acoustic-driven ballad that has remained on the top Billboard charts for months. The final track "Outro" is the ‘catchiest song yet,’ according to fans. Especially considering the track features artists Bun, Nas,

Shyne and Bussa-Buss. This album will likely reach high on the Billboard charts as well as other top music lists. No, it's not the best album, but the few impressive tracks should take this album platinum by the end of the year. This album, despite not meeting expectations, gets 4 out of 5 stars.



George Straight is back again with his 26th album.

out some fresh dubstep tracks that had fans going crazy. Dash Berlin, #35 DJ in the world, is best known for his trance music. Saturday he threw down some of his well- known hits and mixed up his trance sounds with some dubstep tracks which was the perfect change of pace and had everyone moving. This was Dash Berlin's thrid performance with Motive. Headhunterz, whom is a big name in hardstyle, had a set that just made you want to dance and you couldn’t help but move your feet. He switched it up as well, mixing in some dubstep tracks. Dubstep is becoming more and more popular, so these DJs breaking away from their designated genre that they are known for isn’t unheard of anymore. They played their tracks at the exact right time and their mixing skills were good. Everyone left the festival in a safe and responsible manner. People were not allowed to linger in the parking lot for too long after the event, security made sure everyone left. Everyone that attended and the artists that performed Atlantis made Saturday night a safe and memorable experience. Despite all the chaos, Motive still held it together and the event had a good turnout. It was another successful festival for the company. This November, Motive is teaming up with Evolution to bring an event that is a combination of Enchanted and Fuzzy Festival.The name has not been decided on, but rest assured the talent will be immense.


Cross", is about redemption and a need for understanding. This CD has a lot of different underlying messages in it. It’s a classic county album that has the twist and turns about live, love and the American way. You could put this CD on when you’re down and out and it would make you feel grateful for what you’ve got. However, there are eleven tracks on his new album, "Here For A Good Time." He has two songs that stuck out of the whole album. "Here For A Good Time" is a twist on a modern love story. "Three Nails and A Cross," is a view of how one mistake could cause a person a lot of stress and hardship. They were two of the most mov-

ing and poetic songs on the album. The songs make a you feel as though you were there in the room while he was writing the songs. The CD has a lot of different feels to it but the underlining emotion is love for everything and everyone. This album deserves a 3 out of 5 rating.

Courtesy of:

Lil Wayne's fourth album does not live up to expectations. KELLIE KNEZOVICH Hornet Reporter

Lil' Wayne's most popular album, "Tha Carter III," zoomed off the charts, making it the best-selling album of 2008. As a result, listeners had high expectations for his newest album since he was released from prison. With such a high demand for the new music, could this be a sign it's going to be one of the best albums of 2011? Probably not. Sadly, many critics would agree that the rapper’s effort fell short of his fans' expectations; his album left listeners wanting more.

Courtesy of:

Wednesday September 14, 2011


Legends filled with stories


Dodson never to be forgotten Theatre student is remembered by FC art department. JOE JAUREGUY Hornet Repoter

Photo by Heater Plenty, Special to The Hornet

Man of La Mancha: One of the many performances that will be seen during the Legends event that include musical performances as well.

A night honoring everything theatre at FC. JOE JAUREGUY Hornet Reporter

On Monday, Fullerton College alumni, faculty, and current students gather to celebrate connections created over the past 50 years at the Bronwyn Dodson Theatre. The event is being sponsored by the FC Theatre Arts Department and Fine Arts Division. Robert Jensen, the Dean of Fine Arts, describes the night as a “celebration of storytelling” and spoke of the “inspiring and uplifting” mood they are trying to imbue the night with. Alumni Stephen John and John Infante approached the dean with the idea for an event that could

showcase the connections made at Fullerton College. They wanted a night that would show current students the value of the type of education and networking that can be obtained at FC. Too many, the faculty believe, did not know the stories of their peers’ successes and legacies. John had been sitting on the patio of the Brownwyn Dodson Theatre when a teacher taking a student on a tour of the campus pointed to the brass letters naming the building. “I don’t know who she was,” he said, “but they named the theatre after her.” “We want to do a better job of telling the story,” said Jensen. The night will begin with a tribute to Dodson herself. Whose life was cut short on her way to class at FC 20 years ago. A collage of musical and theatrical performances, will

showcase the threads that have connected Fullerton College alumni over the past years. Video testimonials are even being sent from across the nation from those who cannot attend and current theatre and fine arts faculty were interviewed for a video project as well. All proceeds from the night are being used for a new scholarship was also proposed by John and Infante. The Alumni Legacy Scholarship will recognize new talent in the arts at FC. The scholarship will be given to the most promising newcomer, someone who can “pass on the torch” said Jensen. The intent is for a student to receive the award at the end of his or her first year and use it to further the spirit of the theatre and fine arts division of FC. “I’ll be going,” said theatre

major Victoria Whitaker, sitting outside the Dodson Theatre with a group of like-minded students. The consensus among the group was the night would be filled with interesting and worthwhile performances. Cayha Kimmel, another theatre major, knew the significance of the date and Dodson’s attachment to it.

Monday September 19 at 7:20 p.m. Adults: $15 Students: $10 Under 12: Free Use the QR code to watch the interview with the Dean of Fine Arts Robert Jensen

Former Fullerton College student Bronwyn Dodson, like many students today was riding her bike to class, when a traffic accident terribly claimed her life 20 years ago on September 19, 1991. An outpouring of affection followed her passing and so did the naming of the theatre in her honor. The twentieth anniversary of Dodson’s death will be remembered at her namesake theatre at Fullerton College with Legends, a celebration of storytelling. Dean of Fine Arts Robert Jensen, a professor at the time of Dodson’s death, knew her personally. A theatre major, Dodson did a little of everything. “She was a lighting designer, she was an actress, a director, a production manager, a scene painter, a costumer, a makeup artist,” said Jensen. “It meant a lot of us got to work with her.” He spoke regretfully of her tenure at the college because he felt “She became so invaluable to us, she stayed too long.” Because of that regret, the department created an in-house counselor position designed to move students through the community college system quicker. Mela Hoyt-Heydon became a



“Dead Island” is the newest game by Techland. An island full of zombies with only a handful of people alive trying to escape does sound like fun, but some of the game problems make it hard to really enjoy it. The story in “Dead Island” is very confusing to understand because of how little they actually tell you about it. To put it simply, a group of four people are, for some reason, unaffected by whatever it is that is making the inhabits of Banoi into zombies. As the game continues, the story makes even less sense because

characters I’ve ever seen in a game. Driving in the game is hilarious because of the fact you can only look 90 degrees left or right, so backing up is almost impossible. You can do it, but you are guaranteed to hit something. There is almost no reason to gain levels, expect for the very useful skill points, because the enemies also level with you. If you were to go back to the beginning of the game, the enemies there will also be whatever level you are. There is never a point in the game when you actually feel stronger than the enemies you face. The game does have a four-player co-op, which is exactly the same as playing alone expect with people. “Dead Island” is fun and addictive even with the lack of story. If open world games, then you should definitely check out “Dead Island.”

Fashion's Night Out was in

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of the randomly places story cut scenes. The game feels like you’re watching a TV show series where you miss a few random episodes. The gameplay is the only saving grace to the game. It's all about punching, hacking, slashing and shooting your way through thousands of zombies. Grab a machete and slash zombie’s heads right off or walk around and punch a zombie to death, even though that wouldn’t be advised. “Dead Island” is a pretty basic Role Playing Game. You run around meeting people who give you basic quests like, “Find this item” or “Kill that thing.” Doing almost anything will earn you experience, which after awhile will level you. While the gameplay is fun, almost everything else about the game is frustrating. The character models are some of the ugliest

U N I V E R S I T Y®


Dead Island is unusually alive The only game that combines fun with frustration.

department advisor, helping students develop plans to transfer to their desired schools. Dodson “We rewrote the school’s policy on naming facilities after people” said Jensen. He described a grassroots campaign, with more than 800 letters in support of the name change flooding into the department. A scholarship fund was also created in Dodson’s honor. The Bronwyn Dodson Scholarship Fund awards the most wellrounded graduate of the theatre arts department each year. The fund was created by the college and with the help of Charles, Vicky, and Alyssa Dodson. It has helped further the education of nearly 40 students since its creation 20 years ago. Dodson's legacy stands as a testament to the power of a single student. While she may not have known it, her story attests to the abilities of students everywhere. Even in death, her name lives on at Fullerton College. “From my somewhat informal research it appears to be the only theatre in America named after a student” said Jensen about the Dodson Theatre. The spirit of Bronwyn Dodson still lives on, in all the hardworking students who prove that community collegians can do the extraordinary.




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University makes that possible with. . . Photos by Kelsee LaRue, Special to The Hornet

Filled with celebrities, food, drinks, and fashion, Fashion's Night Out ruled Los Angeles last Thursday night. Taking place in major cities all over the world, FNO is one of the biggest fashion events of the year, marking the kickoff of New York Fashion Week. Maria Shriver and friend at Diane Von Furstenburg Stores decked out for the occasion Mannequins at Vivienne Westwood display the newest collection.

COSTA MESA CAMPUS 3390 Harbor Boulevard 714.429.5100 The University of Values

8 0 0 . N AT. U N I V | g e t in f o . n u . e d u/t ra n s f e r

Soccer kicks up their game

Wednesday September 14, 2011 l

the Hornets (1-2-1) were easily defeated at the hands, and feet, of San Bernardino, and two weeks after a tie with Oxnard. The win was their first of the season, but it wasn’t the first sign that good things were to come. The Hornets had a whole week to practice for their game and put a lot of work into the matchup. “We put together four really good practices coming into this game, so I felt really good that we were going to do really good this game,” Fullerton head coach

Pamela Lewin said. The Hornets stung first in the early minutes of the game, when freshman forward, Madisen Winder, headed in the ball past the goal keeper, thanks to an assist by midfielder, Andrea Torres. With the score at 1-0, the Eagles answered back with a score off of a rebound of the post to tie the game at one apiece. In steps Kiley Rodriguez, who along with the rest of the team, kept up the intensity and minutes before the end of the first half, Rodriguez

scored to break the tie. With the score in favor of the the Hornets, coach Lewin kept the motivation coming. “I told the team that I thought they were better than the [Eagles] and they just needed to prove it,” Lewin said. Two minutes into the second half, Fullerton was awarded a penalty kick on a hand ball by the Eagles. The Hornets buzzed in Torres to take the kick. Torres came to take the kick and put the ball in the corner past the

goal keeper to give the hornets a 3-1 lead. Torres finished the game with one goal and two assists. “That’s just my position, that’s just what I do, I just pick up my head and see who is open and pass them the ball,” Torres said. The Eagles never had many chances to score and missed an easy chance when the Eagles player kicked the ball over the net on a wide open shot. Rodriguez kept the heat on when late in the game she scored another goal to put Fullerton up, 4-1. “We knew we were better than them, we just had to take that and transfer it on to the field and show them that this is our home field,” Rodriguez said of the victory. A couple minutes later, Winder, put the ball past the keeper for her second goal of the game. “Passing and communication was the key to today, passing from the inside and the out and crossing helped us today,” Winder said. Rodriguez came close to a hattrick but injured her leg on a play late in the half and was pulled from the game. “I just stayed calm and do what I do on the soccer field,” Rodriguez said on her strong performance. There are still things the team needs to work on for the season. “We need to make better decisions about who to give the ball to, we need to play a little bit quicker, and we still need to work on finishing plays.” said Rodriquez. Fullerton looked to keep the momentum alive against Rio Hondo this past Saturday, but fell 3-0 to the determined Roadrunners. With that loss under their belt, they look to redeem themselves once again against Orange Coast. Fullerton hosts their next game against Orange Coast this Friday; first kick starts at 3 p.m.

The second half of the game started with a show. On the opening kickoff, the Hornet kick returners opened with a fake reverse and ran it back for a score, but were called back due to an illegal block. The illegal block to the back wasn’t the only penalty on the play; a flag was thrown against the Pirates. The penalties offset each other and the Hornets opted for a re-kick. The Hornets proceeded to run the same play, a reverse with wide receiver, Keyon Lee, and scored an 80-yard touchdown run. The Hornets’ defense gave their offense great field position, and they took advantage of the opportunities and later in the third, kicker Jesse Sandoval kicked a 37-yard field goal to put the Hornets up 24-0. Seven minutes later, Aaron Turner blocked a punt that defensive back Travon Garret picked up and ran it in for a score. The Pirates only answer in the game came with a 52-yard pass from quarterback Chase Smith. While the score showed otherwise, the game wasn’t as convincing of a win that the Hornets’ coaches would have liked.

“We didn’t establish anything tonight. The only thing we established tonight was defense and special teams,” Head coach Tim Byrnes said. “We have a long way to go on offense.” The Hornets’ defense combined for two interceptions for 34 yards along with two forced fumbles. The Hornets also exhibited good red-zone defense with the standout sophomore defensive lineman, Chima Ike, who was credited with a sack in the game. The defensive line was a big part of why the Pirates were able to convert only once on third-down conversions. While the defense played well, the general health of the team was a problem. Injuries were a major factor to the pace of game the Hornets tried to establish. “[Injuries] they’re killing us. We lost four offensive linemen in the last week and if you lose four offensive linemen you’re going to be in some trouble,” Byrnes said. The Hornets had to craft a game plan that helped relieve some work for some of the starters to preserve team health. They shuffled their quarterbacks around. Freshman quarterback Conor Bednarski

went 5-12 with 73 yards, while sophomore Matt Goggans came in and went 4-8 for 42 yards. “We have played very good on defense and special teams, but offensively, we are very disappointed,” Byrnes said. For the game, Fullerton was able to convert 5-15 times on third-down

conversions. Since there was a lack of first downs, the Hornets relied on good field position from their defense and converted three out of four trips to the red-zone. The Hornets will host L.A. Pierce College at 7 p.m. this Saturday, the third game of a four game home stand.

two aces and forty assists, followed by Chanel Gardner, sophomore, who had nine kills and four blocks on the night. “It was good that we got a win, and it was good to get out on the court to see what he had,” head coach Eddie Rapp said. Though the Hornets won both the first two sets, Palomar stayed competitive in each set and in the third set broke through to win 23-25. The matchup was close throughout and it wasn’t surprising when the Hornets finished off Palomar 25-21, in another close set. Assistant Coach Jason Dillard graded the team’s performance for the night. “Since it’s the beginning the year, we’ll give them a B.” coach Dillard said.

Coach Rapp agreed, “B for beginning of the year.” Rapp also said that there are a lot of things that need improvement. “We need to work on our serving into the areas we want to serve. We need to work on our block.” Some notable players of the night were Sigourney Rockmore, sophomore, who ended the night with nine kills, and Kara Stark, freshman, with 12 kills. Coach Rapp uses a tough style with his team, but said that being tough will be key to the Hornet’s success this year. “Being tough, fighting back, and not being afraid to take to our opponents.” The Hornet’s next game is at Cerritos today at 6 p.m.

Photo by Dylan Hughes, The Hornet

Soaring high: Freshman forward Kiley Rodriguez stands in the heat of action as the ball soars over the opposing San Jacinto goal keeper’s hands.

Hornets find redemption after slow start to season. SERGIO GOMEZ Hornet Reporter

In dominant fashion, Fullerton’s women soccer defeated the Mt. San Jacinto Eagles, 5-1, this past Tuesday, September. The win comes a week after

Hornets strike treasure in sinking of Pirates Fullerton beats Ventura with strong defensive effort.

ALEX MILLEDGE Hornet Reporter

With their quarterbacks trading playing time and injuries affecting many parts of their lineup, Fullerton was able to pull out the win last Saturday night against the Ventura College Pirates 31-7 at Fullerton Municipal Stadium. On the their first drive of the game, the Hornets (2-0) opened with a touchdown pass to freshman tight end Dakota Mosley, a six yard connection. The big news on the play was not the touchdown, but the plays that happened beforehand. Sophomore running back, Kelvin York, set up the drive with a couple carries to bring the Hornets into the red zone, but was pulled from the game early due to a swollen knee. With York down, the Hornets kept their spirits alive and would go on to score again on a three yard touchdown run to widen the score to 14-0 to going into the half.

Volleyball survive Comet strike Women’s volleyball come away with a solid victory. ALEX MILLEDGE Hornet Reporter

Fullerton’s women volleyball squad claimed victory last Wednesday night over the Palomar Comets of San Diego, three sets to one. The final scorecard against the Comets concluded at 25-19, 25-23, 23-25, 25-21. The Hornets showed aspects of dominance early in the matchup as they won the first two sets. Sophomore Samantha Adams paved the way for the Hornets with

Courtesy of Sports Information

Breaking free: The Hornets consistently broke the game open with big plays.

Men’s Water Polo

@Santa Ana College

September 14 @ 4 p.m.

Men’s Soccer

vs. San Bernadino College

September 16 @ 4 p.m.

Women’s Golf

@ Cuyamaca vs. IVC/SAC/SDBK

September 19 @ 11 a.m.

Wake up, football is back JESSE GHAWALY Sports Editor

The chaos that surrounded the NFL labor disputes is in the very, far away past. What was that lockout about again? On the anniversary of 9/11, with hundreds of red FDNY hats and flags the size of football fields taking over week one, the general public has forgotten that the NFL season almost never began. The image of the NFL never took a hit, even though some of its standouts are sidelined for weeks. Kansas City Chief’s defensive star Eric Berry is done for the season, while the entire St. Louis Rams squad seems to be sidelined with injuries after a week one drumming from Philadelphia. Though the many injuries of the football season have just begun, the season is up and away, just as competitive, just as interesting. The biggest story surrounding the NFL this weekend was its very promising future. Cam Newton. AJ Green. Mark Ingram. Each rookie had a profound moment in their first game as a professional athlete. Green had a 41-yard grab that helped fuel the comeback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Ingram played most of the game alongside Drew Brees, but was stuffed at the goal line with his team one inch away from tying the game. And then there’s Newton who made a first impression for the records. Newton threw for 422 yards as he threw himself atop the rankings for most yards thrown in an NFL debut. The league is definitely in good hands, the rookies are here to play and ready to save us all.

ALEX MILLEDGE Hornet Reporter

Did week one of the NFL season transpire like the masses thought it would or were we all not ready for the reality of football’s return? Leading up to this football season, this season had all the factors to be one of the most important opening weeks in NFL history, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and in the wake of an NFL lockout defused by a new collective bargaining agreement. All drama and chaos aside, the real question is: what will the Indianapolis Colts do with Peyton Manning out indefinitely? In a world when reporters always ask about quarterback situations, the question dawns heavily on the Colts’ front office. How will the Colts win without Peyton Manning, whom they have relied so much in the last 13 years? Will they keep Kerry Collins, who fumbled one too many snaps in the season opener, or will they look elsewhere? The Colts’ front office needs to make the choice. The rest of the NFL saw some great action in week one. But none better than the Sunday night football game, the New York Jets versus the Dallas Cowboys. The Jets got the win on the anniversary of 9/11, but the Cowboys had the game all but won in the fourth quarter Sunday. With a 14-point lead and on the verge of a week one win against the Jets, Tony Romo, Dallas’ quarterback, overplayed. With two fumbles and a key interception in the fourth, the Jets launched a 17-point rally to win 27-24. And for the record, the Cowboys are 248-1-1 with a lead of 14 or more in the fourth quarter. After week one, uncertainty remains. One thing is certain, though, the Cowboys need a win as soon as possible.

The Hornet 2011-12 Issue 2  

The Hornet, the voice of Fullerton College since 1922. Publication date Sept.14, 2011

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