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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

‘Teacher of the Year’ race underway Students asked to nominate their favorite professors. STEPHANIE ORNELAS News Editor

Trespassers spotted, campus cracks down

Photo by Mark Sutton, The Hornet

Stay aware: Officers warn all students who are taking late classes to be cautious of their surroundings while on school grounds at a late hour.

Campus safety looks out for potentially dangerous trespassers. Cory Knowles Hornet Reporter

There has been a rising percentage in the number of homeless reported on campus, both during school hours, as well as after. Are the homeless that are on the Fullerton College campus a problem for the students and staff, or are do they go unnoticed? Should we be worried? If it is a problem, what is Campus Safety going to do about it? While there have been no official reports of incidents involving homeless, Sergeant in the Campus Safety Department Jim McKamy states, “Our mission is







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they are here is scary . . .Someone should do something about it.” She was also surprised to hear that this was an issue, saying, “It’s news to me.” “I don’t see a problem with it,” Says student, Edgar Jimenez. “As long as they are mentally stable and not causing any trouble.” The majority of students questioned seem to all feel the same way about the issue. That is, as long as they are not causing any trouble, than it’s really not a problem. Sergeant McKamy also acknowledges the fact that a lot of the homeless are students of Fullerton College themselves. “We have many resources available on campus for our homeless students and we do our best to help them with whatever they need.” The Fullerton College Care-

Open mic and forum shine during Black History Month.

important is this month to the city of Fullerton? If there is one thing to know that by the numbers this month is the most important to Fullerton College and those within. Fellow Fullerton college student Chelena Cabon echoes these sentiments, “it gives the black community the ability to unify ourselves as a whole and an increased ability to establish ourselves.” To say the least Orange County has a complicated relationship with race. As recently as November of this past year, the Los Angeles times published an article noting an African American family forced to leave their home in Yoruba Linda after their tires had been slashed and instances where racial obscenities had been yelled at them. Alysa Fletcher takes a strong surmising, “by in large I believe America is still segregated, there is a strict line of neighborhoods.” Instances like these are a

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bank provides assistance to students, enrolled in no less than five units a semester, with food certificates, fuel cards, and bus passes. “We want to be sensitive to the subject but we also need to look out for our students. We are in charge of their safety and that is first priority. We also understand that we do have homeless students and we want them to know we have recourses for them,” Mckamy added. Although they are only able to assist a limited number of students per semester due to limited resources, many students are unaware of these things available. To donate to your fellow students in-need, or to find out more information on the program, visit the Associated Students Office in building 200, room 222.

Black history forefront upcoming social events NICK ACEVEDO


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to keep the campus safe. If there are any homeless engaging in activities that they shouldn’t be doing on campus, we will escort them off the premises immediately.” To understand the homeless issue better, it is important to understand that there are two different types of homeless that roam the campus after hours. According to an unnamed FCC staff member, “most of the homeless on campus are actually students and they are harmless.” That same employee has seen only a small handful of homeless after hours in the past two or three years. Some students however, don’t feel the same way. When asked if the thought of homeless on campus worries her, Maria, an FC student said, “Yes! The fact that

The race for teacher of the year has finally begun. Students were encouraged to nominate their favorite professors whom they felt affected them most. It can be any part-time or full-time community college teacher. Voters were required to submit a form stating why they think that professor deserves to win. This is based on appearance, ability to communicate and interact with each student as well as the overall experience the students have with that teacher. The Orange County Superintendent of Schools announced the James Hines Orange County Teachers of the Year Foundation Awards Program, where the top five finalists will receive up to $15,000. During previous years, the winner of both Fullerton College is eligible for this program but this year, The winner of Cypress, our sister school will be the only one. Nomination forms will be reviewed by three different committees, first being Associated Students. “I have a professor that has completely changed my life,” said student Lauren Taylor. She added, “I wasn’t even planning on going to college. I thought it was a waste of time until this professor showed me I can do anything I want. I’ll be transferring to Cal-State Fullerton next year and it’s all thanks to her. There are educators out there who deserve this award.”

If you were asleep the first three weeks of the month or live under a rock, you won’t know that February is black history month. First created in 1926 by historian Carter G. Washington, and recognized by the federal government in 1976, this month aims to give note to the history of African Diaspora. When asked what this month means to her Fullerton college student Alysa Fletcher responded, “it further informs us on who we are.” But how important is this month truly to Orange County? Where according to the 2010 census, African Americans comprise only 2 percent of the population. More to the point, how

reminder that the isolated predominantly white community would like to pretend racism is gone forever. This isn’t to say that orange county is a bastion of hate where crimes are committed on every corner or that every person who isn’t a minority is a racist. This is to say that civil rights are still a relevant topic. Student Devinne Ingram states, “To move forward we must know where we have been”. Narrowing the scope now to the city of Fullerton, one cannot help but ask how important black history month is. The city of Fullerton, which for most of the first half of the twentieth century was a sundown town meaning no minorities were allowed out past sundown. Over a ten year span from 2000 through 2010 has seen virtually no growth according to the us census. Mirroring Orange County with the percentage of blacks comprising only 2 percent of the population at roughly 2000

residents. Without speculating or giving an opinion it’s apparent, the city of Fullerton doesn’t attract many new African Americans families to live in their city. When Alysa Fletcher also a resident of Fullerton was asked to the cause for the lack of growth she speculated “its hard for black families to carve out their own spot in a community overwhelming populated by whites and might at times feel discouraged.” To parallel this, an article was published in the O.C. weekly questioning the city of Fullerton as possibly the most racist city in all of Orange County. The point of painting the back ground of this portrait darker than most would like to admit is to show that Fullerton College can truly be the enlightened center of focus.




Forum focuses on Black History The Cadena Transfer Center is sponsoring this year’s 4th annual Black Student Forum. This is a student led forum in which students will be discussing their experiences as Black students at Fullerton College. Topics include academic achievement and challenges; balancing school, family, and work; and getting support. This event will take place on February 20 at 1:30-3pm in the College Center room 226/8. For more information call (714)992-7086

Beat Cafe the home of Open Mic Night In honor of Black History month Fullerton College Black Student Union (BSU) and UMOJA Community is hosting an Open Mic Night called Beat Cafe on February 21 at 4-7pm in the College Center on the second floor. This event is for poets, singers, and musicians to step outside their comfort zone and show their talent to their peers. Coffee will be provided.

Nominate students of Distinction Nominations for men and women of distinction ends February 21 at 4pm. Staff and faculty have nominated a male and female student. The nominations can be turned in to Student Affairs in room 223. Students selected receive honorary membership in Mu Omicron Delta (Men of Distinction) and Alpha Gamma Eta (Woman of Distinction) and will be publicly recognized for their achievements. Students must have a GPA of 2.75, graduate from FC and have at least 27 units.

RISE PRICELESS Women RISE is hosting an all woman’s day event called PRICELESS at the Brea Community Center on February 23 from 9am-12pm. There will be food, performances, and guest speakers. Their them is from a verse in the Bible Psalm 36:7. The breakfast starts at 9am and the program begins at 10am. For more information visit their website at CAICC.NET

Campus Safety’s

Weekly log of crime statistics January 18- February 14 FALL 2012 1. Petty Theft Parking Structure third level. 2. Petty Theft 1200 building. 3. Trespassing (warning) Wilshire Park. 5. Graffiti 800 building.

Construction Site No Access

6. Medical Aid Staff Lot 3. 7. Medical Aid Wilshire Park.

Staff Parking

Construction Staging Area – Limited Access

Campus Quad Construction Site No Access

8. Vandalism 3000 building Berkly Center. 9. Petty Theft 1200 building Men’s Locker Room.

Bridge Access: Temporarily unavailable due to construction

10. Grand Theft 1000 building. 11. Petty Theft 2000 Building msmc-0113-fullerton_msmc-0113-fullerton

Visitor Parking

News Briefs


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Life. Experienced. It’s what makes Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles so different.

There’s so much more to college than


classroom and

Disney goes retro with Dapper Day

textbooks. Life is here, just

Disney is allowing guest to dress in their best for a day in the streets of old town. Guests will come in their formal clothes and enjoy the park with a vintage feel. This was inspired by the original illustrations of the park which often had people dressed in their best clothes in the park. This event is going to be held at the Disneyland Resort on February 24.

A talk with Mayor Bruce Whitaker You can talk to the Mayor of Fullerton with the monthly Town-Hall meeting with the community. “Talk Around Town” is the title of this monthly event that will take place on February 26 in the Lobby of the Pacific Auditorium at Hope International University. This event is hosted by the City of Fullerton Mayor, Bruce Whitaker.

waiting to be experienced. Mount St. Mary’s College gives you the freedom to take your education well beyond the ordinary, and into real-world adventure you won’t find anywhere else. Join us. Merit scholarships up to $16,000 per year 16:1 class sizes ❇ Full curriculum; graduate on time ❇ Small, private college feel on two stunning campuses in LA

Learn more at


Updated: AUGUST 6, 2012


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Students share domestic violence stories

Health Center educates students on living a healthy lifestyle. Brena Turner Hornet Reporter

This semester there have been more precautions taken against sexual violence on campus. According to Campus Safety and the Health Center they are trying to inform Students that sexual violence can still happen on campus because of incidents that happened in previous semesters. What is sexual violence? Sexual violence can come in many forms; it can occur when someone is below the legal age of consent or when someone feels threatened or intimidated. It is also when one party says no, either verbally or physically.

Be aware that the great majority of sexual assaults involve acquaintances. Dating violence may take place at any point in the dating process. Preventing sexual violence off campus is important too. Be alert when you’re on a date or at a party. Know your alcohol tolerance level and don’t exceed it, never leave your drink unattended, and use the buddy system if you think its necessary. While walking to your car or walking home, walk in a well-lit, public area. Traveling with a friend can be safe as well. Do not blame yourself be compassionate with yourself. Even if your body responded sexually to the attacker, it does not mean you enjoyed the experience or that it is your fault. A few of the students had some things to say about sexual

Photographers gear up for centennial contest Centennial Photography Committee wants you to hit them with your best shot. BRITTANY GONZALES News Editor

Photographers, prepare yourselves for the FC Centennial Photography Contest. This contest is open to all Fullerton high school and college students who believe they have the ability to submit photos skillfully and creatively. This is another way for Fullerton College to prepare for its centennial, which is fall 2013. There will be five cash prizes awarded

to the top photos including photos of the college, past or present, people and things. There will also be one cash prize for a high school student. All prizes consist of $150. An awards reception will be held May 4, where the winners will be acknowledged. You must be enrolled as a high school student or college student in the Fullerton district. The contest began on February 11 and will continue until April 1 at 11:59p.m. To enter, email and include your name, category and name of school enrolled. This is one of the few things FC is doing to celebrate the community along with Faces of Fullerton and Tell us your story. Entries must be submitted electronically.

Black history: Bravery (continued from page 1)

Regardless of whatever your political ideology is, college campuses are more liberal than other places. And in this case it’s for the better. The ability to exchange ideas without lurking judgment on top of unbridled respect for other’s cultures is what the nation seeks to have as a whole. Fullerton colleges’ population is twelve percent African American. Meaning there is a larger voice to be heard that diminishes as soon as you take a step across Chapman. It’s important for civilized discourse to take place. For instance, The Black Student Union is hosting Open Mic Night on February 21 at the Beat Cafe. This event is open to all students who feel they can express themselves creatively through different forms




of art through music, poetry and narratives. “We’ve definitely come a long way. Being one of few African Americans in this city, I feel we need to stand out more and let our voices be heard,” Said student Dominique Bradford. This week on Wednesday February 20 at 1:30, the Black Student Union is holding its 4th annual black students forum. A panel will be discussing certain issues African Americans have faced and how they have learned to become a community of empowerment. As this is something beneficial to not just African Americans but to all. Students will be engaging each other in a “lively and interactive discussion of their own experiences at Fullerton College.”



e Years


violence on our campus as well. Chelsea Remirez, 19, said, “That’s great that Fullerton College is taking sexual violence so seriously, because its something that is continuous so we always need to be aware of our surroundings. Just because we are a Junior college doesn’t mean sexual violence can’t or won’t happen here, because there are predators everywhere, not just on university campus.” Remirez also said “She feels that we should be informed whenever sexual violence happens on campus because we want to be aware and feel safe while on campus”. Remirez is not the only student who feels this way, Avalon Budhoo and Brianna Rocha shared the same views. What to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted, if you are in

immediate danger, get away from the attacker to a safe place as fast as you can. If you are on campus call campus safety by dialing form any campus phone or by calling from any emergency call box located throughout the campus. If you are off campus and a suspicious person approaches you call 911. If the alleged assailant is a Fullerton College student or the assault occurred on campus or District property, reported the assault to Campus Safety. Sexual Harassment is one of the most known and experienced assaults that happens. In a study by health and body 80 percent of students experiences such abuse. It is the most well known sexual assault on campuses in Fullerton. Most students do not report this kind of abuse rather they have friends or classmates report it for

them. Sexual harassment is unwanted verbal sexual advancements or any other unwanted sexual contact such as someone getting close or touching too much. The Health Center and Campus Safety is willing to help anyone if they are willing to seek the help and go into the office. Both offices are open and able to help protect students who are willing to walk through the doors and ask for help. “It’s a hard thing to talk about. You want to be sensitive to the subject but you also want to help,” said health major, Krystina Gonzalez. Students are advised to keep the number for Campus Safety on speed dial in their phones for easy access. “It’s nice to know FC is looking out for its students.”

Think outside the box ~February 13: The first day of Lent~

FC students talk about how they’re celebrating the season of Lent. STEPHANIE ORNELAS News Editor

If you’re someone who practices Catholicism, February is a big month for you. If you don’t, you may have noticed some unusual behavior. Maybe you saw some people walking around with ash on their forehead or maybe one of your friends is unable to eat or drink something they love for 40 days. Wednesday, February 13 was Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. But what does Lent really mean? While giving up meat on Fridays, wearing ash on their foreheads for a whole day and giving up something they love for forty days, Catholics and Christians see Lent as a time of honor and remembrance. For forty days, leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Easter, when Catholics and Christians believe Jesus resurrected from the dead, the community honors his life and death. During this season especially, they honor him for giving up his life for their sins, opening the gates of Heaven and giving them eternity after life on earth. Believers do practices like Stations of the Cross, a mass in which churches go through 14 significant moments while Jesus is carrying the cross up to Calvary, the hill top where he was put to death. “The most emotional station for me when I used to participate in Stations of the Cross was the re-enactment of when Jesus meets his mother Mary, before he dies, station 4,” said FC student Monica Lopez. Lopez attended St. Mary’s catholic



Remembrance: Ash was placed on people’s forehead in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Believers wore it on their heads all day long.

church on Commonwealth. A mass like so is different than a regular catholic mass and more emotional to some. “When I go to Stations of the Cross, I feel like we are re-living Jesus’s death. On station 9, when he falls to the ground for the third time while carrying the cross, I feel like I’m falling with him,” said student, Joseph Elijah. Believers give up something important for forty days, until Easter Sunday, to honor Jesus for giving up his life. “I gave up Facebook. I’m too addicted to something that isn’t even that important,” said student Michelle Bullard. She added that although it’s nothing compared to giving up your life, it’s symbolic that sometimes you have to give things up you don’t want to give. While some gave up unhealthy foods they love, others gave


The Hornet

up going out on weekends and even watching TV, Movies and internet. On Ash Wednesday, people wear ash on their foreheads and wear it all day in the shape of a cross. “I don’t participate in Lent. But on Ash Wednesday, I was taken by surprise because I saw all these people at the grocery store with black crosses on their heads, then my friend who grew up Catholic filled me in,” said student Oscar Salazar. Easter Sunday is March 31. Until that time believers spend their days honoring, still grieving but very thankful. If you’re someone who doesn’t practice Christianity or Catholicism, you now have a little knowledge in case someone you love does.

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The Losing Fight: Administrators Versus Amendments Journalists are well known for their investigating abilities. The challenge of uncovering hidden information and prying tough answers out of those who perhaps would rather not disclose, is a hurdle often enjoyed by those inclined to track and report information. From time to time, the news public becomes invested in the stories that are revealed as a result of the topic, often controversial or upsetting in nature. Most recently, a high school in North Stockton, California had all of the 1,700 copies of their school newspaper illegally seized because of an article on school safety concerns that left the school’s administrators concerned and upset. The Principal of Bear Creek High School has not commented on the issue, but the Editor-in-Chief Justine Chang, has said that the administrators “were embarrassed about what the article exposed.” Chang is referring to the revealed lapses in communications that occurred

at their school during a recent lock down drill. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution has always guaranteed that the Press would remain free from interference by the government in any and all manors, unless the situation arises when safety may be a threat. In Calif., the Associated Press says, “reasons for preventing publication include libel, slander, obscenity or articles that might incite students” and while the school can provide funds and resources for the publications. They don’t own them, any more than they own the buildings, busses or whiteboards. Administrators at the high school are now forced to learn a harsh lesson about journalism. No matter the outlet, the media can trump the authority of any administrators or officials, so long as the safety of the readers is not at risk. Though the rules for high schools, colleges or universities vary, the fact remains that the First Amendment protects all.

The Hornet Publications Local Style and Policy Manual states that the “basic concern [of the newspaper] is the community of Fullerton College,” meaning that our business is your business. The Hornet does not represent the college and therefore reserves the absolute right to publish articles free from interference by college officials, though they do reserve the right to criticise it later. The college does not have the legal right to pull or prevent publications, which may offend, upset or generally disgruntle them. Thankfully according to those whom have frequented the campus as either a student, staff member or community member, FC hasn’t ever tried. The administration has never pressured the Hornet in terms of story choices or by attempting to stop distribution. The FC staff, in contrast to Bear Creek, has maintained a good standing relationship with the newspaper, allowing for all types of issues

to be addressed. Although there may be articles that are risqué, the officials have remained consistent knowing our journalistic rights. If journalists are not free to write about the; observations, concerns, interests and issues of the community, the newspaper would be failing to provide its sole service, providing news for the FC college and city. In censoring the distribution, articles and topics covered by this paper, not only our rights to write would be violated, but the readers right to learn the uncovered information would be compromised. As for the Bear Creek incident, time will tell how the school and its journalists will be affected. In the mean time, the community of this campus will continue to receive the honest and accurate reporting that is deserved and expected. When it comes to the administrations versus the amendments the law is on our side, and lucky for us so is our school.

Date My School breathes new life into young campus YASMIN MENDEZ Hornet Reporter

Is the newest disaster in a slew of online dating websites or a potentially matchmaking goldmine? The words “online dating” often bring forth bad memories of the most current episode of MTV’s new show “Catfish,” in which various romantically challenged people are finally reunited with their perfect online loves which in the end, are hiding a terrible secret. Date My School is a new form of online social dating media that perhaps you have seen advertised on one of the bulletin boards while walking around campus.

Founded by Columbia University business students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer in 2010, Date My School came about as a useful tool to battle the unfair male to female ratio on campus. Since its existence, this effective website has been helping college students to interact not only on campus, but also with other students in surrounding colleges and universities. What makes this site unique is that it is free, unlike many commercialized dating websites. It also has a private membership that requires ‘.edu’ emails to verify only students and alumni are surfing the site. Much like Mark Zuckerberg’s


Shanay Cai

“I don’t think so. I like the spontenaity of dating. I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Age 18 Engineering

Facebook conquest, Alexa and Meyer are setting out to do the same by presenting Date My School as the next tool to help busy college students socialize. By resembling popular social media outlets that college students already use, this site intelligently allows members to post their status updates, and add pictures. The site has launched from top-ranking schools like the University of California Berkeley and Harvard, and is becoming progressively popular among schools around the nation, according to The New York Times. So the question is, will Fullerton College students want to use Date My School to fulfill

Would you use

Andres Martinez

Raymond Holliday

“No. I think dating just based off of the school you attend would be innacurate.”

“No. I would like to rely on old-fashioned people skills”

Age 20 Engineering

their romantic wishes? The answer may lay in joining and answering descriptive screening questions ranging from, “What’s your grade point average?” to “What would you rather: a make out session or a peck on the lips?” Whether you’re looking for your next significant other or a peck-on-the lips date, Date My School is a great new way to open up the horizons to dating and socializing with your alma mater in a unique way that other social medias haven’t tried. This website is a comfortable approach to jumping into the dating scene but only time will tell if students are willing to take the dive.

Age 23 Civil Engineering

Compiled by: Nick Acevedo

Chloe Lockheart

“Yes. I think it would be a fun opportunity to meet new people around campus”

Age 18 Child Development


Wednesday, February 20, 2013



DANIELLE PARMENTIER Offering educational institutions courses to educate

Although, in theory, training teachers to CORY KNOWLES Hornet Reporter recognize weapons on campus may seem like a their faculty and staff on how to handle reasonable tactical approach to safety, there and recognize a potential threat is a life Question: are a number of reasons why the implementation and training of these saving opportunity. Violence in the classroom is not uncommon and courses may have a few holes. educators are notorious for their affinity for working with children, Should our Can arson actually be prevented by understanding the principles educating young minds, and in certain situations, attempting to protect teachers be of fire or, does knowing the common causes of campus fires result lives. trained to in a reduction of planned arson? Is arson even a problem on college As the world witnessed in Newtown, Connecticut teachers can be campuses? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 50 percent of often the line of defense between an attacker and school children but, recognize arson arrests were juveniles and out of all school fires, only 8.6 percent occasionally, they are their targets. weapons on were in non K -12 establishments. Training teachers to identify potential arsonists and concealed An accidental fire prevention plan and a well thought out, practiced weapons may give them the chance to call proper authorities or campus? evacuation plan are more reasonable means of college campus fire safety. intervene before any tragedies ensue. Countless hours and limitless amounts of water are used to soak down Utilizing training tactics can often prevent losing lives and teachers the campus on a daily basis, preventing an arsonist from carrying out their crime of shouldn’t be left out of this loop. passion is highly unlikely. Therefore, spending school funds and manpower to try Training in defense and other safety tactics are not, and should not be, and do so is a waste of resources. compulsory. However, the more people that are educated on these issues and Training teachers, custodial employees, and other staff members to recognize signals, the less opportunities a perpetrator has to begin an assault. possible distressed students with potentially dangerous weapons on their person Educators are often the most senior people in classrooms and the ones in charge is not a bad idea. However, trusting the employees to use that information from a of locking the doors in case of emergencies. To deny them the ability to organize training course to make a conscious decision on how to handle a life-threatening themselves and their pupils into a protected area would be wrong. situation, can also instill a sense of false security. For a minimal monetary cost, gun and other school violence can be prevented. There are professionals that are expertly trained in handling situations like this, And in times the nation has seen recently, it’s clear we cannot ignore the issue at the they are called public and school safety officials. Let’s leave it to them to do their jobs. cost of people’s lives. Hornet Reporter

The new “normal” in the journey through the transfer process NUR SATTAR Hornet Reporter

“At least 50 percent, and perhaps as many as 80 percent of all incoming community college students seek to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree,” according to a U.S Department of Education survey. The recent budget cuts on California Community Colleges have impacted students wanting to transfer in two years in terms of their ability to do so. According to the Community College’s Chancellor’s Office, “colleges have been forced to reduce course offerings to fifteen percent.” The lack of courses offered will greatly decrease the number of options students have. They no longer have the luxury or freedom to enroll in numerous of courses to explore their interests and decide on a major or complete the major they have already chosen. In addition, they no longer have the option of creating a schedule with all

transferable courses they need, in order to transfer within the two year mark. With the lack of classes being offered, students are being forced to accept what is available, not what they want, and in some cases, need to graduate. “Hundreds of thousands of students [have been] turned away, layoffs, furloughs, and increase in class size,” are some of the unfortunate effects of devastating budget reduction according to the Chancellor’s Office. These days a regular community college student not only has to worry about passing their tests and finishing their assignments on time, but if they will be allowed to enroll into a class at all. When a student has no guarantee of getting a class, there is no guarantee that they will complete the required number of units in a timely manner. Many students choose community colleges over four year institutions for a myriad of reasons including because it is easier for them to grasp the material in a smaller environment. Another effect of the budget cuts

was the increase in class size. By increasing class sizes, colleges are no longer the place for students to receive a concentrated and focused education from their professors whom often have over 150 students. Larger class sizes mean professors have less of a chance to tend to more individual students’ needs. This is another lasting determinate in the success of a student in a community college. Although Proposition 30 helped keep classes open and operating, these aren’t enough. General education courses are the basics of transferring but specific major preparation courses are still needed. Another large obstacle is the lack of planning. The thousands of universities that accept transfer students have individual and specific course requirements. Attempting to navigate and organize through all these requirements can be frustrating. There are websites such as that allow students to search for a specific academic major and university and find the list of major preparation courses

they are required to complete in order to transfer there, which can definitely help clarify the process. An even more comprehensive method of acquiring information is to speak to the transfer representative from the university you most want to attend. These methods can prove to be immensely successful in helping to break down the complex process. Another way students can better their chances of transferring to certain four year universities is by participating in the TAG program, which stands for transfer admission guarantee. TAG is offered by seven University of California schools, and students in the program are guaranteed admission to these schools after completing the required coursework and meeting the GPA requirements. This is probably one of the strongest resources available to community college students wanting to transfer, because it can guarantee admission into the school of their choice.

Community colleges may only find funding in attendance, not enrollment CARLOS BLANCAS Hornet Reporter

Governor Jerry Brown has a new plan for colleges throughout the state. Traditional funding is based on enrollment which will be changing soon if Brown has his way. The state wants to fund community colleges based on completion of courses instead of attendance, meaning all those slackers that have been seen milling about campus for the past 10 years, smelling of hemp and cigarettes, are finally going to get the shaft--at least in theory. Of course, the reality isn’t that simple, and neither is the proposed plan. The fact is the majority of community college students work long hours and earn (meager) pay, and Brown’s proposals won’t do much to assist either hard-working students or slackers. In fact, it reeks of the kind of free-

market engineering that has so plagued America since the Reagan years. Currently, 90 percent of funding for community colleges is based on the number of students enrolled at the beginning of each semester. As anyone who has ever taken a math or english class knows, the size of a class can drop dramatically by the end of the semester, sometimes by half. According to the 2011 Student Success Task Force (SSTF), only 41 percent of students transfer to a fouryear school. Gov. Brown surely knows this, since his 2012 Student Success Act was based on the SSTF’s findings. In other words, the community college system is virtually guaranteed to lose funding should his proposals go through. This will theoretically “incentivize” schools to produce more graduates,

making the schools efficient. In reality, though, this change will force administrators and professors to push through unprepared students, inflate grades, and cut difficult courses out of the curriculum. Like every attempt to reform public institutions along the lines of the freemarket, it looks good on paper and that’s about it. The money taken from a school’s general funds as a result of the changes will be directed into programs designed to assist students through college. This would be fine, except we already have programs for transfer assistance. So in essence, the plan would take money out of classes that students desperately need and divert it to programs we already have. All in the name of saving money, even though the same amount of money would ultimately be spent.

It makes no sense; unless your plan in the long run is to privatize the community college system (after all, Gov. Brown founded two charter schools in Oakland). Political enthusiasts have a term for this, “starving the beast.” The strategy is simple: you take a viable public program, quietly deprive it of funding, watch it become a dysfunctional problem-child, and then move in for the kill, or, in this case, privatization. Republicans have a hard time doing this (look at Bush’s failed attempt to privatize Social Security), so it seems that the first steps will be left up to the Democrats to get the ball rolling. If Brown’s proposal gets past the Legislature, we can expect something like an Ayn Rand “utopia” on our college campuses, where only the rich get a spot at the table and the rest of us scramble for crumbs.

Campus Shoutout: If you have an opinion, let us know @




Student Feature

Who will be

THE FACE? with

Margaux Brooke

Thousands of girls auditioned, but Fullerton’s own made it Delton Valentine through. EDITOR IN CHIEF

Model and former student Margaux Brooke began her career at the age of 9 years old. After her mother heard of a casting call for young models on the radio, she was signed to an agency, dressed up and found herself dancing in front of a camera for companies such as: Target, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. After many years, jobs and agencies a 22 -year-old Brooke can be found competing on Oxygen’s unique new modeling competition “The Face.” The pressure is high for the girls competing for a chance to be the face of popular ULTA Beauty. However, Brooke’s strategy to win was simple and quite unusual for a woman in her position. “It’s a huge opportunity but I’ve been modeling since I was 9 years old. If anything, my mental preparation would be to just relax and realize that even though this is a huge job, I need to treat it like any other that I would book,” Margaux Brooke explained. Her calm, mature demeanor is probably what sets her apart, along with her affinity for posing an edgy photograph in front of the camera. Brooke is a woman with model ambitions that will likely surprise. Instead of success based on a career of being a “pretty face,” she would prefer to be known for her “quirkiness.” The desire is much in line with the morals of her on-show coach


and worldwide-supermodel Coco Rocha. “The fact that Coco is not a cookie-cutter model is a huge draw. She’s different, weird and does things differently. That’s why people love her so much,” Brooke said with enthusiasm. After passing the initial audition against thousands of girls, the camera and runway tests for the chosen 24, Margaux had to make a decision that anyone in fashion would hesitant at. ~

“I might not be right for everyone, but when someone believes in me I can do anything.”

-Margaux Brooke

~ Hornet: Tell me the thoughts skipping through your head when you have to choose between legend Naomi Campbell and trend-setter Coco Rocha? Brooke: It really wasn’t a choice. I knew if I made it through the first elimination that I was going to pick Coco Rocha. I came on the show to learn from her first and foremost, anything else that I learned from Karolina and Naomi was a bonus. But I will admit having Naomi want me and to have her stare at me while I decided was intimidating. Hornet: The show seems to capture the supermodel judges,

specifically Naomi Campbell, in a softer light. Did it surprise you and the other contestants to see successful women you’ve admired in that way? Brooke: Which clip of the show have you been watching? I will admit Naomi is an amazing woman and is entirely capable of being “soft” at times but when we are competing, which is almost always, her claws are out. She wants to help all of the girls on the show but she definitely wants her girls to win above all else. Hornet: Did you bond with any of your teammates, or even girls on opposing teams? Brooke: I bonded with one girl more than the others, her name is Marlee and she is also a member of Team Coco. We clicked right away, even through the casting process. We are both just laid back, no drama girls, so whenever a fight would take place on another team we would usually go hang out in our room and keep to ourselves. Hornet: Was keeping the secret of where you were from family and friends difficult? Brooke: We were allowed to tell people directly related to us, like I told my mom and my two best friends, whose house I basically live at. If I didn’t they would alert the National Guard about my disappearance, but other than that, no it wasn’t that hard keeping the secret. I really enjoyed doing something purely for myself and not having to worry about other people for awhile.


“Modeling is a passion but it’s also a job, and I treat it like I would any other. Sure, I get to occasionally show friends and family stuff that I’ve been in. But when I’m not working, I’m home nerding out on my computer”.

-Margaux Brooke

~ Having spent a good amount of time in the modeling industry, Margaux is no stranger to rejection. When she first arrived in Los Angeles to sign with an agency, her first choice turned her down for being “too short.” She walked away devastated. unbeknown or to her surprise, later that day Elite Modeling would sign her on the spot. “It was a huge lesson learned. I might not be right for everyone, but when someone believes in me I can do anything. That’s why I auditioned for “The Face”. I had my doubts but Coco Rocha believes in me. That’s huge and amazing and I’m not going to let her down, “ Margaux reflected. Margaux knows that many wonder why she still hasn’t “made it” after nearly a decade in modeling, but she has been a

part-time student while pursuing her career. Besides, L.A. is merely “land of lookbooks and Ecommerce photo shoots.” Brooke says she hasn’t found “balls” to take on New York, but this year she doesn’t have her usual attitude. She’s sprouted a major confidence boost and new challenges are her focus. Even in light of the successes coming her way, Margaux says there isn’t a struggle to stay a humble girl who once attended FC. “Modeling is a passion but it’s also a job, and I treat it like I would any other. Sure, I get to occasionally show friends and family stuff that I’ve been in. But when I’m not working, I’m home nerding out on my computer or going over to my friend’s to make dinner,” Brooke said. “I’m just a normal girl with a really cool job.”

The Face Every Tuesday 9pm Oxygen Network


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hornet

Celebrating 90 Years of Service

Weekly Torch 1939 War For Nation In Few Months Speakers Declare By Kenneth Davis

Special Reporter of Foreign Affairs. San Diego. CALF.-United States will be at war in eight months!

At the Ninth Annual Conference of International Relations clubs held at La Jolla under the auspices of the Carnegie Institute, this and numerous other facts of momentous importance were added to the already tense realization that United States is treading a perilous pathway. The definite statement that this country will soon become involved in the European turmoil, came from an authoritative source high in official circles. It was substantiated by other observers. SUBMARINE ACTIVITY Opportunity to avoid involvement became remote with the repeal of the arms embargo. This legislative move was brought the war directly to our ports and coastline. It was expected that foreign submarines will lie in wait outside our harbors to prevent shipments to beleaguered nations and this will force the United States Navy to take action against violations of territorial waters. The next step will be a short one. MOBILIZATION PLANS READY The militarists have long since completed plans for the regimentation of every man and woman whose services can possibly be utilized. This mobilization has been planned to include every person physically and mentally capable of action, from the bank presidents to ditch diggers, from prominent socialites to housewives. No one will be excluded. Some doubt was expressed, however, as to whether this mobilized force would be used as an actual fighting unit. The general consensus of opinion appeared to be that we would put all the resources and production facilities of the United States at work for England and France. There would be no business boom or high wages, everything would be under governmental control. Prices, wages, and hours would be fixed. No individual could choose his own work, he would fill a designated position. NAT’L PROBLEMS DISCUSSED Despite the depressing influence brought by the knowledge of the proximity of world disaster , the International Relations conferees continued discussions of national problems and considered plans submitted by delegates for the eventual security of work peace. The establishments of a World Federation was seen as the only solution of the present international difficulties. The system of raising economic barriers against other nations was condemned and is considered the main cause of war and its attendant evils. Free access and trade were advocated. Establishments of a world board for economic control and a stabilized world monetary system together with a world court were considered and definite plans evolved for submission to the Carnegie Institute

The time of year when peoples’ New Year’s resolutions to lose weight begins to fade has arrived. Now it’s time to put your resolution to the test. Normally, as the Food Guru, I direct you towards the most delicious food around. However, if you are serious about getting into shape, I will be telling you about the best places to keep that New Year’s resolution alive and looking good! This week’s location is CrossFit Brea. Although it says Brea, this CrossFit is actually located locally here in Fullerton. The CrossFit program is designed for any level of fitness an individual is at when they join. It is incredibly helpful for those, like me, who have a hard time walking into a normal gym and knowing exactly what to do. Moreover, it is especially helpful for those who have a hard time motivating themselves. CrossFit is a great program for group fitness that applies an abstract combination of kettle bells, cardio, and other types of body-lifting techniques that will keep your body, as well as your mind motivated. They will never guarantee you that you will shed twenty

pounds in a month, or any other ridiculous promises lots of other programs advertise. Instead, CrossFit only promises results towards whatever goals you set for yourself, as long as you commit. The CrossFit program has become a country-wide hit within the fitness community. So if you are up for the challenge and motivated to be the best version of yourself, I highly recommend you check this place out. It is located at 411080 N. Palm Street Suite 802 Fullerton, CA 92835. Remember to always seek what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Have your AA Degree? You Can Attend Law School.

CrossFit Brea 4080 N. Palm Street Suite 802 Fullerton, CA 92835 714-738-1717 Events Diamond of the Tough Masters Event Team CrossFit Academy, Monrovia, CA – February 23, 2013

You can attend Trinity Law School upon completion of your Associates Degree. Go straight to law school. Save time, save money, and get a great education with unlimited opportunities. Apply today FREE!*

*Application fee waiver code: JCA213 For more information:



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Photo by Amber Uddin, The Hornet

A group of lion dancers join together for a traditional performance in Chinatown to celebrate the snake.

Los Angeles community celebrates the year of the snake with local parade. Amber Uddin Hornet Reporter

Thousands of parade attendees of all ages and backgrounds lined the streets of Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Over 125,000 people from all around Southern California flocked to Los Angeles, Chinatown on February 16 and 17 to watch and participate in the 114th Annual Chinese New Year Parade and Lunar New Year Festival. “It was a beautiful Southern California day” said Al Soo-Hoo, a customs broker and lifelong festival participant who grew up in the Chinatown community. The procession displayed martial art performers, Asian musicians and dancers, as well

as several marching bands including one from Beijing, China. The weekend-long festival also featured carnival rides, food trucks, local breweries, fireworks, shopping, live stage performances, and Chinese artisans. “[The Chinese New Year] is probably the biggest holiday in Asian culture […] it’s a chance to start over again and to hopefully bring a year of good luck to you and your family”, said Michael Trang of San Gabriel who attended the Festival with his family for the first time this year. “Gong Hei Fat Choy, Xīn Nián Kuài Lè, Feliz Año Nuevo, Happy New Year everyone”, exclaimed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and English. Villaraigosa served this year as one of the grand marshals of the parade along with Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck and Los Angeles County

Fullerton welcomes its 4th annual Mardi Gras for Autism festival. Carlos Blancas and Chris Vanegas Hornet Reporters

The 4th Annual Mardi Gras for Autism festival helped raise awareness on Saturday, February 9. Owner of Bourbon Street bar and Founder of Mardi Gras for Autism, Larry Houser was pleased with the turnout. He began organizing the festival years ago after his son was diagnosed with autism. “It’s an incredible response,” Houser said. “The purpose is to get families that are not affected by autism and expose them to families that are.” The money is collected by Houser’s Organization “Fullerton Cares,” and sent to the Fullerton School District to fund programs designed specifically for autistic


Photo Courtesy of Jess Block Nerren

Members of the Fullerton Union High School Circus Club provided street entertainment. children. “Last year we made $6,000. This year we’re expecting $10,000,” Houser revealed. One school in particular, Commonwealth Elementary, has seen at least one benefit in the

Sheriff Lee Baca. Los Angeles Fire Chief Emile Mack was also in the parade along with City Council members and other Government figures. For many Los Angeles residents, the yearly festivities celebrate the unity of diverse cultures in the community. “I like going to events throughout the city so it’s just cool to be a part of it,” said Francine Natale, a local resident. The parade also had an international presence including Ballet Folklorico as well as special guests from Japan, Cambodia, Korea and Vietnam. “I love it, I feel a sense of community. Different groups and organizations getting together, celebrating in the hot sun”, said Trang. This year marks the 4,711th year of Chinese civilization. According to the 12-year Chinese zodiacal calendar, 2013 is the

form a new “sensory garden.” The garden will help improve autistic children’s communication and motor skills. Julie Diep, executive director of OC Autism and clinical director of the New Hope Therapy Center, emphasized the purely charitable role of her organization. “We don’t believe in taking anyone’s money,” Diep said while pasting together a multi-colored paper hat. Diep went on to add that all their activities are also free. Elsewhere on the lot, an advocacy group is called Autism Speaks sold bracelets and hats with the help of their Cal State, Fullerton volunteers. The group is dedicated to funding research to find a cure for autism. The festival also exhibited a number of performers including stilt walkers, jugglers, and the band “Dixiedelics.” Finalists form Miss Fullerton and Fullerton’s Outstanding Teen and contestants were also

Photo by Amber Uddin

A young boy takes off his lion costume from a break from the hot sun.

Year of the Water Snake. The calendar has assigned each year to one of 12 animals in Chinese legend. Each of these animals were said to have been participants in a race where each of their personalities and qualities were displayed. “Each animal has its own characteristic. They say that if you were born in the year of the snake, and this is your year, it tends to be a bad luck year [for you]. But snakes have a lot of good characteristics, they are very cunning, smart, and quick witted,” said Trang. The Year of the Snake theme was represented in several parts of the exhibition. Floats were adorned with large serpents and snake symbols. Many other symbolic Chinese animals were present in the parade such as the Dragon, the Lion, and the Rabbit. Natale, who was joyfully setting

off confetti cannons in the street commented, “I love the dragons and when the dragon dancers come through”. According to Chinese tradition, the lion and dragon dances bring good luck. The 15-day New Year Festival began on Sunday, February 10th with the lighting of incense in the Buddhist and Taoist temples for prayer and offerings to deities and ancestors. Following the ceremony, firecrackers were lit and lion dancers filled the streets. Soo-Hoo reflected, “The Chinese New Year is a tradition. It’s a time of change and of renewing with a positive and hopeful new outlook for the coming year […] we would like to have peace, less violence, sufficient prosperity for all, be able to live in dignity and be able to have a good life for everyone.”

Photo Courtesy of Jess Block Nerren

Adrian Vega (left) and twin brother Michael Vega (right) with their respite provider and special needs aide Emily Duncan at the 4th Annual Mardi Gras for Autism

in attendance distributing raffle tickets. One Miss Fullerton contestant, Robin Suarez, 18, took special pride in being able to take part in the festival. “It’s a great cause,” Suarez said. “I love that the whole community

is involved. It’s one of those things that’s rarely talked about.” Mariella Ponce, a South Los Angeles teacher, summed up the event, “It’s awesome.”


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Snake Year of the



Different strokes of beauty


The 5 Fix 1. First Lady Michelle

Obama reveals her new bangs were her mid-life crisis. The new hairstyle celebrating her 49th birthday started trending on social media soon after it debuted.

2. “Josh& Me& BABY

Photos by Sarah Negrete, Hornet Reporter

Dean of Fine Arts Bob Jensen and Artist in Residence Mia Tavonatti in front of the Velata (2007) oil on canvas.

The newest artist-in residence introduces her collection to FC. Brittiany Gonzales Asst. News Editor

Mia Tavonatti’s opening reception, held in the art gallery Thursday February 7 introduced the college and community to the artist with a 20 year career. Tavonatti has chosen 14 of her pieces for display in the Art Gallery Room through February 28 as part of the artist in residence program. Tavonatti revealed her inspirations from her exhibition came from her time living in Greece. “They are self portraits,” Tavonatti said. Her intention with art is to reveal beauty’s true nature and the transformative power it possesses. “I tried to bring the spirit or emotion, the physical aspect and how they come

together,” she said. The intention is to give students The artist will also demonstrate insight into their craft and successful techniques in painting and glass careers. mosaic and a lecture in the Wilshire Auditorium February 27 at 7p.m. Growing up in an artistic family, Tavonatti has been painting since she was 17 years old. Her father was an art teacher and her parents both owned an art gallery. “I took an art class my freshman year of high school,” Tavonatti said. “People told me I shouldn’t pursue art as a career because I wouldn’t make a good living, but here I am.” All events of the program are free and open to students and the public. The college’s artist in residence program created in 1972 is arranged by the Art Department, and invites renowned professionals to exhibit their work. A group of students and faculty look on at During the decided time the Tavonatti’s work. artist participates in a lecture and multiple demonstrations.

Movie Review

Yippee Ki-hey maybe we should stop now The action franchise drops the ball on the latest installment. It’s been almost thirty years since the original Die Hard was released and changed the way action movies were made ever since. This brings us to “A Good Day to Die Hard,” probably the worst film of the franchise, but that’s what we get when the director of Max Payne takes the lead of such a cherished franchise. The plot seemed simple enough: an average New York City cop stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time, who has to kill the bad guys and cause a few explosions. This formula has been stuck with us for all 5 movies, and it’s served us well enough. Rather than using a theme that works so well for the others, the plot seems really dumbed down and too quick to the point. The wrong place this time around


happens to be Moscow, Russia and the wrong time, is while John Mcclane’s (Bruce Willis) estranged son is on trial. Without exposing much, nothing is what it seems, but it is up to John to step in, take lead and kill the bad guy. Just like the other movies, John is teamed up with an unlikely partner. Rather than it being someone not his equal, John is teamed up with his very own son. His son is pretty much his equal and at times, seems to pick up the slack for his father who has become more of the brains than the brawn. Despite all my criticism though, I thought the movie was entertaining. We go to the movies to escape the mundane moments of life, and this movie clearly does that. The movie is kind of over- thetop, but when you let go and have fun, it’s a ride - a ride we have to pay nearly $20 for, but do it anyways. This movie might be the last of

the series, seeing how Bruce Willis isn’t getting any younger, so I say don’t just take my word and pass on the movie. Go see it for yourself and be the judge.

“A Good Day to Die Hard”

20th Century Fox Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney Rated R

3 out of 5 stars

makes three!!! # mylovelybabybump” Fergie tweeted to confirm she and her husband actor Josh Duhamel are expecting a child. She also tweeted a photo-shopped portrait of toddler-aged versions of both of them.


3. The Jonas Brothers

finish filming music video “Pom Poms,” the first official single in 4 years off their upcoming album.

4. Sony music executive

and legend Clive Davis reveals he is bisexual on ‘Katie’ to promote his memoir “The Soundtrack of My Life.”

5. Reports say Khloe

Kardashian will not be asked to return for hosting duties on “X-Factor” season 4.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Oscar Buzz

Amour Argo Beasts of Southern Wild Django Unchained Les Miserables Life of Pi Lincoln Silver Linings Playbook Zero Dark Thirty

Best Picture

Actor in leading role Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln Hugh Jackman Les Misérables Joaquin Phoenix The Master Denzel Washington Flight Actress in a leading role Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook Emmanuelle Riva Amour Quvenzhané Wallis Beasts of the Southern Wild Naomi Watts


The Impossible

Animated Feature film Brave Frankenweenie ParaNorman The Pirates! Band of Misfits Wreck-It Ralph Actor in supporting role Alan Arkin Argo Robert De Niro Silver Linings Playbook Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master Tommy Lee Jones Lincoln Christoph Waltz Django Unchained Actress in supporting role Amy Adams The Master Sally Field Lincoln Anne Hathaway Les Misérables Helen Hunt The Sessions Jacki Weaver Silver Linings Playbook

What is YOUR pick for this years Oscars? 11



Fall 2013 Trends Report Notes from New York Fashion Week

Robert Gallardo

Entertainment Editor

Lights on, music bumping, champagne pouring, guests buzzing, clothes changing, models queuing, and runways being worked. Down struts the glamazon to her inner badass as the energy of the atmosphere and glory of fine-made clothes costing an entire month’s rent, and then some, propel her. As editors, buyers, writers, and stylist plan their entire year, New York Fashion Week is the sacred gathering of all the fashion moguls that cannot be compromised. Miss the shows, and your opinion becomes irrelevant. With each new show, designers showcase their best-foot forward of how they interpret where fashion will move in the upcoming season. With each designer comes a new story for his or her showcase, but dissect just a little further and suddenly common trends are present throughout the entire week. Granted, textbooks and classes are expensive enough for even the most successful, working college student, so included in these recaps are the fast-fashion shops you can find these trends now. After all, no one has complained about spoton fashion and saving a few dimes in the process.


ptical llusions

Jeremy Scott

V W ictorian


Zac Posen

embroidered details on a grey parka paired with skirt that fell right below the knee and a


Wes Gordon


Jeremy Scott, expert of designs that border, if not exceed, eccentricity, was no stranger to utilizing illusions to drape a floorlength, checkered taffeta skirt, and a red-and-black spiraled menswear coat. Marc Jacobs took the route of classic shapes, and with the smallest tweak and massive repetition, created patterns that mimic life’s endless circle of tribulations. His designs involved a classic turtleneck onepiece dress, a top and trousers all constructed with simple seams. J. Crew, also embraced

the simplicity of shapes with their triangleknitted sweaters, simply tucked into skirts to add an additional layer of class. Topshop, the British fast-fashion house that quickly revolves through trends, is newly opened at the Grove in LA, and is now available at Nordstrom. Optical illusions is available in both their scratch graffiti midi dress and their ‘geo spot’ print body-con dress.

J. Crew


The current environment has become entirely saturated with new technology; the newest and best options available every weekend. Although these new choices for cell phones, computers and tablets are meant to liberate users from the prehistoric cord, they have become constrained by their constant use of technology instead, causing withdrawals from all social connectivity mere hours after use. The reference to the Victorian Era and its glorified use of corsets only solidifies the idea of the user chained to their machinery. Marchesa took the romantic view of the Victorian era by

ur for

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Illusions are an undeniable part of everyone’s lives. Be it recent campaigning of officials and what they claim to advocate for, past law enforcers who are adored by all until they snap and act, an ex’s charade of changing their persona to win you back, or a calendar’s prediction of universal doom; never will there be a moment when a situation is raw for what it actually represents. A handful of New York designers grasped this daily struggle and used it for inspiration this Fall.


lavender-colored satin dress draped and folded around the hip to emphasize an hourglass

Known as the classic symbol of social status, fur has transcended the decades of everchanging fashion. Although controversial to many for its method of production, many privileged consumers have taken the instinctual approach of using fur for shelter, with the twist of displaying their taste. It has maintained a sense of tradition, but self-expression has taken front seat with all forms of clothing, allowing for the wearer to personalize their wardrobe. Fur is no exception this season, as Carolina Herrera showed by adding trims along the collars and double breast seams on her coats. Along with her finely detailed coats, Herrera complement her

Oscar de la Renta

figure. Zac Posen, who is well known for his red-carpet-worthy

outfits with high-waist fur capes. Wes Gordon tailored his approach towards the more outgoing audience, with pastel colored fur scarves and wraps that will surely draw the attention of all envious friends. But for those not brave enough to venture far out into the realm of extreme individuality, Gordon ventured into long hair wraps which pairs perfectly with any blazer. For the many who feel the moral responsibility to treat animals in a humane way, science has provided the opportunity to indulge in the same pleasure of looking great without hurting animals. Nordstrom is the absolute destination for those who wish to look fashionable without

work, also found the romance in Victorian patterns, draping a neon yellow dress, gathered at the hip in pleats that create cascades of ruffles. As for the most respected man in elegance, Oscar de la Renta embodied exquisite detail with gold-embroidering on a waistcinched coat and a boldly, white embroidered detail on a black circle skirt dress. To achieve an affordable romantic look, Urban Outfitters offers several dresses, such as their Kimichi blue Camilla medallion lace dress, as well as their Elliatt embroidered Athena high/low maxi Dress.

Carolina Herrera

harming animals, and the price tag. Topshop offers an exquisite faux-fur hat, along with a faux-fur lined metallic coat to

Wes Gordon

keep the penny-pinching crew satisfied.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

By Jeremiah Girard

HORNET International Olympic Committee decides Hornet Reporter


to drop wrestling from the Olympic games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted on Monday to drop wrestling starting in the 2020 Summer Games, to make room for the a new event. The ruling came as a shock to many people who were expecting modern pentathlon to be the sport excluded. Modern pentathlon is made up of: pistol shooting, fencing, 200 m freestyle swim, show jumping and 3 km cross country run. While some people may take these events very seriously, they do not prove much athletically. The Olympic Games are a series of competitions designed to prove athletic dominance among the countries of the world. If you ask me, wrestling would be one of the first sports I would go to to prove dominance. The first Modern Olympic Games that were governed by the IOC were held in 1896. Wrestling was on of the events in the first games, and have been in ever since. Olympic wrestling has created some of the most dominant olympians of all time. In the 1996 Atlanta games, US wrestler Kurt Angle won the gold medal at the heavyweight division, despite two fractured

vertebrae, and a herniated disk. To this day, his triumph makes for one of the greatest stories of triumph ever in the olympic games. Michael Phelps just set the record for the most gold medals won at the most recent olympics, but many believe that he is not the most dominant olympian. Many will make the case that Russian wrestler, Aleksander Karelin deserves the distinction. He put up the most dominant streaks in the history of wrestling. At one point, Karelin went 13 years without losing a single match. Within that streak, there were six years that he did not allow a single point in a match. Within that streak, Karelin won gold in the 1988, 1993, and 1996 olympic games. He finally lost a match at the 2000 games and had to settle for a silver medal. Also, if you take a look at the IOC’s website, one of the roles of the IOC is to “To encourage and support the development of sport for all.” If wrestling does not win their petition and is in fact eliminated from the 2020 games, the

Eagles soar over Ontario’s reign Colorado proves to be too much to handle for the Reign after 6-3 win. JEREMIAH GIRARD Hornet Reporter

The Ontario Reign fell to the Colorado Eagles, 6-3, Sunday afternoon, in Ontario. The Reign were killed by penalties, and gave up four goals on nine power play attempts. The problems stared early for Ontario (35-13-3-2). Just 8:43 into the game, Everett Sheen went to the penalty box for a two-minute hooking penalty. The Eagles’ Michael Forney capitalized on the man advantage and netted his 24th goal of the season just 30 seconds later. Just a minute after that, Justin Pender went to the box for a 5 minute major boarding penalty. Colorado capitalized on the advantage with two goals. First, Kevin Ulanski scored his first of two goals on the night, which was assisted by Joey Sides and Trent Deaavettila. Then, three and a half minutes later, Sides netted another power play goal, with Deaavettila and Ulanski picking up the assists. Late in the period, Ontario’s Brodie Sheahan scored his ninth goal of the season, to cut the lead to 3-1 going into the first

intermission. Assists on the goal went to Cameron Burt and Mario Lamoureux. The scoring settled down a little bit in the second period. Just 3:35 in, Kyle Kraemer scored his 19th goal of the year, and first of two on the day, to cut the deficit to one goal. Then the penalty bug struck again. C.J. Stretch was hit with a questionable kneeing penalty and sent to the penalty box for two minutes. Ulanski scored his second power play goal of the day on a beautiful pass by Steve Haddon. Sides also got another assist on the play. Early in the third, Kraemer made things a little more interesting, scoring another goal on a tip in off of a shot by, Reign captain, Derek Couture. The Reign are running with a depleted goalie tandem, with both of the goalies from the beginning of the year being called up to the AHL. The lack of experience at goalie showed through in this game. With the score at 4-3, and momentum on the Reign’s side A.J. Hau took a shot from a bad angle, that bounced off Reign goalie, Dustin Carlson’s, pads and in. The Reign will now play host to the Stockton Thunder this Wednesday night.

complete opposite will happen to the sport of wrestling. As it stands now, when a dominant wrestler leaves college, they either start training for the olympics, or try to make a career in professional MMA. If the olympics are eliminated, there will only be one option, and many wrestlers do not even have the desire to go try a completely different sport. If there is no place for wrestlers to compete professionally, then desire to compete in college will go down. This has already been shown by the recent dropping of a wrestling program by Cal State Fullerton. If wrestling programs are dropped from colleges, then high school wrestling will also be effected. Why even try to joing the wrestling team in high school if there is nothing you can do with it. It would be a shame to eliminate a sport that teaches so many people about discipline and hard work completely. The IOC has made a huge mistake with this ruling, and if wrestling does not win its petition, the sport may be eliminated completely soon.


• Connor Bednarski - Stony Brook • Josh Duncan - UC Davis • Collin Floyd - Western Missouri • Nate Frierson - Morehouse • Najee James - Morehouse • Nick O’Toole - West Virginia • Micaiah Satterwhite - New Mexico Sate


TENNIS Women’s

The Lady Hornets are off to a 2-2 start after a loss to El Camino College Feb, 12. Their matches have been postponed these past two weeks but on their first win of the seaso, they were able to shut out Cuyamaca, 9-0, on Feb. 5. FC freshman Sarah Anderson won in straight sets 6-0, 6-0 as did freshman Cailin Mitchell. Sophomore Victoria Vo downed her opponent 6-0, 6-1, and freshman Jenna Futch won 6-1, 6-3. won 6-1, 6-3.


The Hornets (2-1) were not good hosts as they pummeled the Victor Valley Rams, 8-1, last Tuesday, Feb. 12. Hornet singles players Tim Laguna, Jake Altshuler and David Vu won their matches in straight sets 6-0, 6-0. Matt Mulrooney won 6-7, 6-3 and Mike Garcia won 6-1, 6-4. In doubles, Kyle Bastardi and Mulrooney won 8-2, Laguna and Aly Douangphachanh won 8-2, and Daniel Cha and Julio Montalvo won 8-1.




Baseball aims for season of home-runs Hornets baseball have high expectations for this upcoming season. JEREMIAH GIRARD Hornet Reporter

The Fullerton College Hornet baseball team has just began their season, and they look to improve on a tough season last year. The Hornets finished last year 13-22-1, but lost eight games by one run, so that easily could have been different. “We are not a really powerful team,” said Hornet head coach Nick Fuscardo. “We are athletic, and we are fast.” This year’s team has a fine balance of newcomers, and veterans and seems to be a deep team throughout. Power-hitting first baseman, Garrett Donahoe, will be returning to the diamond after taking a year off, and will definitely add some pop to the line up. Donohoe was an all conference player in 2011, before taking last season off. The team is very excited to have his huge bat back in the heart of the lineup. Donohoe is batting in the fourth spot, with Santa Ana College transfer, Uriel Salinas, batting in the three hole. If Fullerton can get men on base in front of them, they can do some damage.That should not be a problem, with Dakota Wix in the leadoff spot. Wix, who is a transfer from

Cal State East Bay, is off to a torrid start to the 2013 season. “He has gotten at least two hits in each of his first three games,” Fuscardo said. “The kid can flat out run, and is quite the catalyst for us.” The team is also expecting a lot out of a transfer from Long Beach State, Erik Lewis. He is a left-handed bat that should add some depth to the already deep batting order. “We got a great returning player, named Ryan Joyce,” Fuscardo added. “If he can hit the ball consistently, he can make some money in this game.” Fuscardo believes that Donohoe and Joyce both have great potential at the next level, and may even be players to look for in the MLB draft. Fuscardo is also very happy with the depth of the pitching staff, and feels like they are extremely deep in the starting rotation and bullpen. “We have Jeff Curran, who is a very solid left-hander,” Fuscardo said. “He can run it up there in the middle 80’s, with a good breaking ball.” Curran got the first win of the season for the team, and figures to be the “ace” of the starting rotation. “We have a returning redshirt player named Juan Berumen,” Fuscardo added, “He has been a pleasant surprise for us, and can be really good this year.” Freshman pitcher Jacob Miller

Courtesy of Sports Information

Jeter-esque defensive game: Fullerton’s sophmore shortstop, Fernando Escobar, makes an incredible play, throwing on a jump, off-balanced to get the Victor Valley runner out in a 2-1 loss at home, last Tuesday. The Hornets look to continue using their superb defense as they’re off to a 5-2 start this season.

has showed great potential but Fuscardo is not exactly sure what his role will be on the team. “He can really run the ball up there, and even touch 90, he may even close some games,” Fuscardo added. It will be no easy task for him to gain the closer job. The Hornets are pretty set there it seems with Sean Michael, who

Softball crush Chaffey Hornets softball enact the mercy rule after a 12-1 beatdown of Chaffey. JEREMIAH GIRARD Hornet Reporter

The Hornets softball team picked up their first win of the season as they defeated Chaffey College, 12-1, at home, this past Tuesday. The game ended after five innings due to the 10-run mercy rule. Shailee Boehmer picked up the win for Fullerton (1-4), to improve her record to 1-2. She pitched the full five innings, giving up one run on

three hits and striking out five batters. Morgan Hoare took the loss for Chaffey (2-1) as she got hit around hard for 12 runs on 14 hits, in 3.1 innings. Nicole Chapman was the offensive star for Fullerton. She went 2-3 with a walk, two runs and three RBIs. The Hornets only had to bat in four innings and scored at least one run in three of the four. The big inning offensively came in the bottom of the fourth, when the Hornets scored nine runs on nine hits. At one point, 11 batters in a


(3-0, 2-0) at Cypress Wed. Feb. 20 3:00 p.m.


Feb. 22 vs. Saddleback College, 2 p.m.

Feb. 22 vs. Allan Hancock College, 2 p.m.

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Feb. 22 @ Orange Coast College, 7:30 p.m.

Feb. 22 @ Orange Coast College, 5:30 p.m.

Feb. 21 vs. Orange Coast College, 2 p.m.

Feb. 21 @ Orange Coast College, 2 p.m.



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Men’s Sports

Softball Basketball

be joining the ranks of alumni who believe, it was so worth

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apparent that the team needs to play good defense to win. “They key is going to be playing smart and disciplined,” Fuscardo said.“We won our first two games and only had one error, and then we made three in the first loss.” They are off to a hot start, 5-2, so far and look to keep it going.

row reached base safely. Six different players had atleast one RBI in the inning. The Hornets will now hit the road as they take on Cypress College today for their second conference game of the season.

Upcoming Hornet Events

Women’s Sports

has saved two games in two tries, so far this year. “We are kind of pitching in reverse this year,” added Fuscardo. “We threw some big arms in the back few innings, and need the starters to just give us five to six solid innings.” The Hornets defense will be huge for them this year. In the first few games, it has been

Irvine Graduate Campus Information Session: Wed, February 27 6:30 pm Wed, March 6 6:30 pm

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2/6/13 5:22 PM




Hornets’ losing streak reaches six games after loss FC women’s basketball team loses a close one to the Gauchos, 57-56. GREG DIAZ

Hornet Reporter

Fullerton College women’s basketball team blew a chance to end its losing streak in a heartbreaker Wednesday night, falling to the Saddleback College Gauchos at home, 57-56. Turnovers and a questionable foul call marred a late rally by the Hornets to get themselves back in the game. With the Hornets (6-18, 2-8 OEC) holding a five point lead with under a minute left, Saddleback guard Myishia Watkins hit a diving layup and got sent to the free throw line. Off the free-throw miss, freshman guard Andrya Ventura was called for a foul fighting for a rebound, sending the Gauchos (14-13, 5-5 OEC) back to the line. Two more free throws made it a four point possession for the Gauchos to bring them within one. After trading free throws and the lead, Watkins hit a layup which gave Saddleback a one point lead with 8.2 seconds to play. Hornet guard Tatiana Scott drove the lane but couldn’t hit the game winner. Forward Amber Washington grabbed the miss, her seventh

offensive rebound of the game, but her put back was waived off by the officials as time expired. Hornets coach Mary Hegarty was disappointed by the late whistles from the referees. “I thought it was sort of taken out of our hands a little bit with some of the calls down the stretch,” Hegarty said. The coach praised her team after the game for battling back after getting down early in the game. The Hornets were down ten with just under seven minutes to play before going on a run to tie the game at 46. Ventura sparked the Hornets off the bench scoring six of the Hornet’s points during the run, including the game tying three. She finished the game with 13 points and nine rebounds in just 13 minutes of play. Hegarty’s team came out in the second half trying to work the basketball down low and get easy points. Amber Washington had a strong game for the Hornets in the paint, scoring 17 points and pulling down 16 rebounds to notch her fourth double-double of the season. Rebounding from a rough first half, Scott started attacking the lane in the second period, getting to the free throw line and allowing easy offensive rebounds by her teammates. The Hornets grabbed 15

Gauchos beat up on the Hornets FC men’s basketball team has no answer for the Gauchos and fall 71-53. CORY KNOWLES Hornet Reporter

The Fullerton College Hornets’ men’s basketball team had a hard time keeping up with the Saddleback Gauchos’ momentum as they scored the lowest point total of the season in its 71-53 loss at home, this past Wedensday night. In need of a victory to make the playoffs, the Hornets (12-13, 4-6 in OEC) couldn’t find a way to put the brakes on Saddleback’s magical season. Assistant Coach, and team Chaplin, Patrick Singleton expressed confidence going into tonights match up against the first place Gauchos. “We almost had them last game.” Singleton said. “This is a must win game, we must win out.” The Hornets had a very early 3-0 lead in the start of the first half, but soon fell victim to the Gauchos’ shooting abilities, and weren’t able to regain the lead for the rest of the game. The Hornets came out of the half with a fierce 6-0 run, that sent the opposing coach on a brief profanity-laced tirade. Fullerton couldn’t maintain

that energy after five fouls were called against them within a 45 second span in the middle of the second half. Although the Gauchos’ bench outscored the Hornets’ bench,when asked about the loss, Hornet guard Chris Lewis, who put up 13 points, contributed a portion of the loss to their poor free throw shooting. “Free throws,” Lewis said. “Our free throw shooting percentage.” Saddleback shot 51.1percent from the field and 47.1 percent from behind the arch, shooting 8-17 to Fullerton’s 2-14. At the same time, the Gauchos restricted the Hornets to just 30.1 percent from the field with a defense tonight that seemed to fluster the Hornets into making nine turnovers. Hornet Guard Julian Caldwell, who led all scorers with 16 points, was understandably upset after the tough loss. “We got beat, we played hard, executed to the fullest,” Caldwell said. “We just got beat.” The Hornets have two games left this season and want to wrap the year up on a positive note. Up next, the Hornets will play host Irvine Valley College this Wednesday. Tip-off is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

Courtesy of Sports Information

Struggling down the stretch: Fullerton’s women’s basketball head coach, Mary Hegarty, looks on as the Hornets blow a chance to end their six game losing streak as Saddleback College has a crucial foul call go their towards the end of regulation to edge out Fullerton, 57-56, at home this past Wednesday night.

offensive rebounds after halftime, five of them by Washington. “We worked hard to fight back to make it a close game,” Scott said. “There were some bad calls down there, but nothing you can do about that.” The Hornets dug themselves a hole early in the game, falling behind 19-8 after turning the ball over on five straight possessions. Turnovers were an issue all night as the Hornets committed 30 in the game, almost nine more than their season average. “We just played horrible in the

first half,” said Ventura. “We just wanted to focus on playing as a team and swinging the ball [in the second half].” Next up for the Hornets is their last home game of the season, as they host Irvine Valley College this Wednesday night. Tip-off is at 7:30 p.m. “The sophomores, it’s their last game in the Hornet’s Nest,” Hegarty said. “We got to just bounce back and do it again., Play hard and get that ‘W we’ve been trying to get.”

Hornets (6-18, 2-8) Gauchos (14-13, 5-5)

1 2 FINAL 25 31 56 31 26 57

SCORING: H—Amber Washington 17, Andrya Ventura 13, Tatiana Scott 12; G— Myishia Watkins 17, Karla Roacha-Cota 11. REBOUNDS: H--- Washington 16, Stephanie Drayer 9, Ventura 9; G— Whitney Braeutigam 7, Roacho-Cota 5. ASSISTS: H— Scott 7; G---Watkins 7, Yoemma Esparsa 4.


(18-10, 7-3) at Home Wed. Feb. 20 7:30 p.m.

This momenT began wiTh a choice.

He chose to make a difference. Chose to get a degree. To learn new skills. And it was all made possible by the National Guard. Education BEnEfits • skills training • Part-timE sErvicE

Contact Sergeant First Class Devin No at 714.224.8081

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1/15/13 11:31 AM



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