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Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station – History

1. Who founded the town of Fraserburgh? 2. In what year? 3. What year did the university close? 4. Who is responsible for maintaining Kinnaird Head Lighthouse today? 5. How far is Aberdeen from Fraserburgh? 6. How many people live in Fraserburgh? 7. For how long was the first lifeboat in Fraserburgh kept? 8. What is particularly noticeable about the rescues which took place before 1858? 9. Why, in your own words, did Mr T Dyer Edwards gift the Lady Rothes to the station?

10. Explain fully what happened to the lifeboat in 1918. 11. Why was the service for Second Coxswain James Sim not recorded until 17 years after the event?

12. What did Assistant Second Coxswain John May receive a Bronze medal for?

13. In your own words, explain what the lifeboat was doing when six crewmen were lost?

14. What was the name of the only member of the crew to live through the disaster of 1953?

15. For how long did Frederick Kirkness and Alexander Duthie work to give aid to two fishing vessels in need of help?

16. Identify two features that make the Trent class lifeboat an ideal boat for rescuing people at sea.

17. Explain why these features are useful.

18. Find a word from the passage that has a similar meaning to the word “sank�.

19. In your own words, explain why Coxswain Albert Sutherland was awarded a bronze medal.

20. Explain the use of parenthesis in paragraph 12.

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